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Hiya! i'm your basic pony-lover. Yet I really love making/reading corrupt/evil/hypnotised pony fics XD


This is a crossover of My Little Pony and Fairy Tail. Fluttershy takes on the part of Lucy, a young mage who is striveing to join a guild called Fairy Tail. While in a small port town she meets natsu (Braeburn) and his weird cat (Ace) who are searching for a person named Igneel, but instead meet a strange man claiming to be 'Salamander', so its up to Fluttershy to figure out what really going on between the strange duo and the even stranger stallion!

(This Descripiton will progress with the story)

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 16 )

Interesting. Needs a bit of work, but it's pretty good.

1085824 I'd suggest making Fluttershy act a bit more like herself.

1087185 I am planning next time, this one was just supposed to show the elements of the original show, the next episode will have more Fluttershy

1130457 Do you think breaburn was a good idea for Natsu?

1131336 I think it was a pretty good choice.

If you are going to make an adaption, make an adaption, not a direct, nearly word for word rehash. Remember pegasai have wings.

1699689 Sorry, I've been working on it

1699689 Hye, I've finally gotten the note I wanted out, and episode 2 is in the process

A lot of these actually make sense. Nice work.:pinkiehappy:

It's not bad but it was not good either. I am not a Grammar Nazi or anything but you need to capitalize your letters and you need to make a new paragraph when somepony is talking. I like Fairy Tail, in the summer I read almost all the chapters from 1 to the current chapter, and watched the anime minus the fillers. I think it is just me but I think you would do a little better with more new ideas to the mix with the current plot with Fairy Tail. The reason why I say this is because the plot line is too predicable if you start from the begging.

But I will give this a thumbs up and see were this go's

Actually, I was about to post that on my last post but you cleared it up. Some, I can see but with Rainbow Dash I can see as Lexus or Erza in my opinion because they kind have that attitude were you p*** me off your going to get a whole lot of hurt but that is just me. Now, TS I would have never have thought of that. I would have thought that she would represent Master Mavis.

2120246 Wow! I never thought of those, I might have to make some cast changes XD
And I know, that one sucked, I might try going off into my own stories, but still linger with the plot to, if you know what I mean?

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