• Published 15th Jun 2019
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The Long Road: Recovery - pabrony83

After beginning hormone replacement therapy, Twilight begins to return to her former self.

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Moving Day, Part One

"Twilight! Have you seen my vest anywhere?" I shouted as the moving truck arrived at the apartment. "Twilight?"

A muffled noise from the study, followed by a crash, put me into panic mode. I waddled through our soon-to-be-former apartment as fast as I could to investigate what the heck happened. I peeked into the darkened room, finding that a stack of boxes had fallen down.


"I'M OKAY!" Twilight shouted as she pulled herself up with her cane.

"Um, Twi? Why do you have that possessed look on your face?" I asked.

"Possessed? I'm not possessed. I'm okay. Just many, many big projects to work on. Super important projects. Nothing that would involve technology," rambled Twi as her right eye twitched rapidly.

I looked at her in a mixture of confusion and fear. "What the hell did those estrogen patches do to you?" I asked weakly.

"Nothing!" she said, sing-song. "I'm still the same lovable nerd than I've always been. Absolutely nothing wrong with me."

I raised an eyebrow skeptically. "If you say so."

Twi limped her way over to me, dropped her cane and literally fell into me. "Oh no. I've fallen and I-"

"Don't you dare finish that," I interrupted. "And be careful. I don't want to be having an emergency delivery two weeks early."

"Oh sorry, Sunny. I just feel so full of energy." She then got as close as she could to my ear and whispered, "And I'm feeling kinda horny right now."


"Mhmm," she affirmed, still whispering. "The desk doesn't have anything on it at the moment."

"Geez, Twi. I'm gonna need to talk to your doctor about lowering your dosage," I said as she traced my nipples through my shirt and bra after resting her head on my enlarged stomach.

"Really? And just why is that?"

I rolled my eyes. "Because you've gotten laid eight times in the last three days," I explained. "And that's not counting the number of times a day you've been masturbating since going on the hormone patch."

Her eyes began to waver slightly. "But I thought you loved me."

I pulled her up and hugged her. "Twi, I do love you and I'm glad our love life has returned but-"

Twi moved closer to my ear once more. "I'm not wearing any panties and the bathroom is empty," she whispered.

"Let me open the door for the movers and I'll be there in a minute," I relented.

"Are you satisfied now?" I asked as we exited the bathroom; both of us sweaty and reeking of sex.

"Quite," said Twi with a goofy smile. "Well, until we get to the new house."

I stopped and grabbed her ponytail. "Hold up. Are you serious?" I asked in disbelief. "After all that, you're still…?"

"Yep!" she finished with an ecstatic look on her face.

The movers are gonna think we're perverts with the way she's going, I thought as we resumed looking for my vest. "So where are we getting lunch since all the food is packed up?"

"I thought we could just stop at the store and pick up some chips and deli sandwiches," she said as she shifted a couple of light boxes around. "And some Reddi-Whip."


"Here it is!" Twi said, holding my vest up. "It was under my mystery box on the couch."

"Thanks," I said, taking my vest. "Now answer my question, please. What the heck do we need Reddi-Whip for?"

Twilight didn't answer. At least, not verbally. She looked me in the eye, bounced her eyebrows and gave me the most seductive wink I had ever seen.

"You...you're kidding, right?" I stammered. "Please tell me that you're kidding."

She just stood there shaking her head with a shitty grin on her face.

I facepalmed as a small, almost evil giggle came from Twi. As I was shaking my head, I felt a finger tap me on the shoulder.

"Mrs. Shimmer? May I talk to you about something for a moment?" One of the movers asked me.

"Sure." I turned to Twi. "I'll deal with you in a few minutes."

The mover, who introduced herself as Wordy Whispers, and I walked to the kitchen where she pulled out her phone. After a few taps on the screen, she turned it around and showed me a photo.

"Wh-where did you get that?" I stammered as fear suddenly gripped my chest.

"My apologies," Wordy said. "There was a slight detail about myself that I forgot to mention. I'm a regular contributor to the Canterlot Enquirer."

"Th-the tabloid?"

"Yes, the tabloid," she affirmed with a smirk. "I've got a proposition for you. You help me out with my story and I'll delete this. If you refuse, I'll use this as my story."

As the fear continued to tighten around my chest, I somehow squeaked out, "Wh-what is your story a-about?"

Her smirk continued to evolve into a sly - almost evil - grin. "I learned that a couple of months ago the bassist for The Rainbooms quit."

"Yeah. So what?"

"So, the reason I heard for her quitting was that she broke up with her girlfriend," Wordy replied.

Before I could confirm or deny what she said, I heard a shuffling of feet accompanied by a cane hitting the floor. Thank Celestia, I thought. Maybe Twilight can help me get this woman off my back.

"Sunny? What's going on in here?" Twi asked as she hobbled into the room. She paused at the doorway and stared at Wordy. "You! I know you. You're Wordy Whispers."

"Glad to see someone recognizes me," Wordy said to me sarcastically.

"You're the reason I'm uncomfortable around unfamiliar males!" Twi shouted as her face turned red with rage.

"What?" Wordy and I said in unison.

Twilight pointed her cane at the gossip and elaborated. "She posted a picture of me on her Trotter account from when I was transformed into Midnight Sparkle, just a week after the Friendship Games. The photo was taken at such an angle so that it was more like a down blouse porn photo. For weeks I had guys come up to me and tell me how hot I look and that they started masturbating to it."

"Hold on. That pic was you?" Wordy asked.

"Yes, it was about me!" Twi shot back. "Let me ask you something. Do you have any clue what it's like to have one of your classmates sitting behind you, knowing that he masturbates to a softcore porno picture of you?!"

"I-I, uh, can't say that I do," Wordy stammered as Twi got up in her face.

"Well, I do know. Alright? Every <censored> day I felt like this guy was staring at my ass, trying to get a glimpse of my panties," Twi said as her tirade continued. "I would go home after school every day and hide in my room until bedtime."

I grabbed Twi's shoulder in an attempt to calm her down. "C'mon, babe, let's get you-"

"No, Sunny!" she shouted, shrugging my hand off. "I am going to get this out." She turned back to Wordy. "The only reason I was able to feel comfortable in a romantic sense is because of how Sunset showed her love and friendship; something you obviously know nothing about."

"I'm really sorry, Twilight-"

"That's Mrs. Shimmer to you," Twi interrupted, touching her nose to Wordy's.

"Excuse me, Mrs. Shimmer," Wordy corrected. "I am truly sorry for my indiscretion of that post. If I'd have known-"

"That's right! You didn't know!" Twilight continued to shout as I pulled her away. "You just post whatever comes to your mind and not think about how it will affect others. Just like you're trying to do now."

"H-how do you know what I was trying to do?" Wordy asked.

"Isn't it obvious? I walked in here, saw you showing Sunny a picture, and she was white as a ghost. I put two and two together and realized you were in the middle of blackmailing her," Twi said as I struggled to keep her at bay. "What is that a picture of, anyway?"

"It's a pic of us getting freaky before graduation last year," I told her. "She was going to release it to the public if we didn't sell out Dash and AJ with the details of her breakup."

"You were going to release a hardcore, lesbian porno of us?" Twi asked.

"Well, um, no. Not really. It was mainly for blackmail purposes," Wordy admitted.

"Hey, hey, hey!" I shouted, finally getting in between them. "Babe, how about you go cool off in the living room. Wordy, I'm going to make you a deal, okay?"

She bit her bottom lip and nodded her head.

I put my hand on my hip and grabbed her phone. "I will pretend that this entire conversation never existed and refrain from informing your supervisor about it if you delete this pic from your phone...now."

She stared at the stern look on my face and hesitantly took her phone. She looked at the screen, then to me before tapping the delete button on the screen. "Th-there," she said, shaking.

I verified that she had indeed deleted the pic before allowing my mood to lighten up. "So now that everything's back to how it should be, how about we start over? Okay?" I said, wrapping my arm around her shoulders.

"I...I'd like that," she whispered.

Author's Note:

Wordy Whispers is an OC from my good friend, Quillian Inkheart. He's an Octi-Scratch shipper with some great works, which include Between Bassdrops And Bowstrings and Legacy. So please give his works a look and leave a comment or two.

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