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We all knew it was a bad idea. We all knew that trusting someone who would go the most extreme lengths imaginable to get their revenge on a world that never wronged them would prove fatal. But no one listened. No one saw the red flags and they turned chrimson until the blood stained the floors below the rafters. And for Ten long years, Equestria and all of her neighboring lands have paid the price dearly for this.

Applejack has been wandering these lands for a decade, lost, without her friends, without her family and without her purpose. On that day, Starlight stripped her of everything she knew, leaving a bare battered template for the world’s evils to grow on and fester.

As she faces her final judgement, a spark of rebellion and a glimmer of hope, sends her on a search to find the elements once again, so that they may reignite the Dark Star.

So this was actually a story that me and my friend Gpizano have been Role Playing with since about January and have been slowly adding on as the months went by.

Cover Art: Gpizano

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