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I'm just a part time writer who enjoys a good story, and wants give those good stories his own patented equestrian twist


The last thing Twilight Sparkle was expecting after following Sunset Shimmer through the magic mirror was to end up in an alien world as some kind of hairless biped. A close second just added to that list was that Sunset needed her crown for a legitimate reason. Now stuck in a city plagued by drugs, prostitution, and gang violence, Twilight must ally herself with the mare she once thought her enemy and become a member of the crew of gangsters she now calls her friends. It'll be a lot of hard work and will require a lot more bloodshed then the princess is comfortable with, but if she wants to get her crown back and survive long enough to tell her pony friends the tale, she'll need to learn what it truly means to be a Saint.

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Welcome to the Row

Welcome To The Row!

not sure if fits to story but i got this in my head as soon as i saw the chaper title

Before I read....

Saints Row crossover?

Not familiar with Saints Row. Heard of it, never played it.

ya know tirek hasnt happend yet right?

Think of a less serious GTA that embraces street thug culture

I actually didn't realize that until you mentioned it just now. :twilightblush: I might need to edit this chapter a little bit, you have any suggestions?

Twilight could have learn about Tirek through legends or research after her encounter with Sombra, which was done in preparation of future threats

There could be a landmark within equestria that could be associated with Tirek's rampage, such as a chasm or the ruins of a settlement

It is an alternate universe, so there can alternate means for Twilight to learn about Tirek

Oh man, I'm looking forward to this...

I hope Sunset is the leader of the Saints.

huh:applejackunsure: did not know that was a thing
:pinkiesmile: not complaining tho

This sounds really good. I can't wait to read more. Keep up the good work.

The wait has been rewarding.

I hope there will be more story. I'm curious how Rainbow and Shining reacts when Sunset tells them who Twilight really is and explains that the Twilight in the Saint's isn't his sister but an alternate version of his sister. So my guesses as to who each character we've met so far and the gangs are: Twilight Sparkle > Playa, Sunset Shimmer > Juilius, Rainbow Dash > Johnny Gat?, Shining Armour > Troy?, The Empire > Vice Kings, Hell Raisers > The Westside Rollerz, and The Hive > Los Carnales, Canterlot Saints > 3rd Street Saints. Plz correct me if I got any of them wrong. I hope there will be more chapters! Til then great start. Ilove how you started this story

Any plans to continue this? This was hilarious, both to read and pre-read.

Thank you so much for the compliments. It's always nice to hear someone likes my stories. :twilightsmile: I'm sorry there isn't that much for you to read at the moment, but rest assured I do intend to continue on with this fic. :twilightsheepish: This one is one more difficult stories I have on my plate, for some reason the word choice of this story always seem to get me and I can't think of any way of correcting it for long periods of time, leading to these hiatuses. I hate it! :flutterrage: But what can you do? :ajbemused:

Anyways, as for your questions, I am pleased to say you are correct in guesses mostly across the board. Twilight is the playa, Sunset is taking the role of Julius Little, Rainbow Dash is indeed a taking the place of Johnny Gat, and Shining Armor is going to be our equivalent of Troy Bradshaw. As for the gangs, I didn't expect people to know this right off the bat, but they aren't based on the gangs from just Saints Row 1. The Empire is largely going be based on Los Carnales and The Morningstar form SR3 (they largely deal in drugs and prostitution); The Hell Raisers are based off the Brotherhood (They deal in robbery and arms dealing); and The Hive are based off the Deckers from SR3 and the Westside Rollerz (They deal in blackmail and hijacking). Sorry if this is a little more information then were wanted, but with how slow this stories going, I thought it be best to just get the ideas out there so nobody has to be waiting on the edge of their seats anymore (granted that is if they still in their seats to at this point at all).

Again thanks for the support. I hope you'll stick around for the next chapter that'll hopefully be coming out in the near future, til then... " just sit tight, playa." :raritywink:

I do plan to continue, I'm just dealing with a sort of slow burn at this point. Sorry... :ajsleepy:

Cool i never considered the other gangs from the SR series thank you for telling me. Any ideas on how to incorporate the Ronin, the Samedi, and the Luchadores? Also any ideas on who will be Lin and Dex?

I don't want to give too much away, but I'm going to be mainly sticking to the three rival gangs that are present right now. As for Dex and Lin, I gonna keep them under wraps for now.

Cool i look forward to their big reveal

“It would still be thirty moons before any Equestrians showed up to check on you,"
“So, you're stuck here for thirty days without a place to stay,”

Just to check, this was deliberate? It's entirely reasonable (as there's an appearance of a moon in the sky most every "day", even if the term usually refers to a lunar cycle), just a little odd for Sunset to switch terms that rapidly without either making any point of it.

This is intentional. I assume with how "moons" is used in FIM it means days, because I assume Princess Celestia wouldn't send Twilight away to an unknown alien world for a total of thirty lunar cycles.

Your story, your choice. (The original source material was going with thirty lunar cycles to recharge the mirror's magic and three days (a colloquial duration for the "full moon") for the portal to stay usable once it opened, until Twilight needed to make an appearance in the second movie and successfully hacked the mirror and added external power sources to allow manual operation from then on, but there's absolutely no reason to follow that in a story where the meaning of previous portal excursions and importance of Twilight going through the portal now are already going to be different.) I was just making sure the switch between words wasn't an artifact of the editing cycle.

Well that's unfortunate. :applejackunsure: I can't really change the story now, but I guess I'm sorry for being wrong about my lunar measurements of time. I promise the next time I put a time limit in my story, I'll do more research to make sure I'm being accurate.

Spearhead reminds me a bit of Motoyasu from Rising of the Shield Hero.

Me: God help us on what Human Twilight Sparkle is doing

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