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Just your average Brony who happened upon an idea that might actually turn out to be clever enough for guys to love.


A one dollar drabble commission written in one afternoon for Ardashir. 'Celestia seeks to enliven the Grand Galloping Gala by inviting Spike's dragon friends as guests.' But the trouble doesn't come where you'd expect. And some solutions don't work like you think they would.

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"And... Runner-Up Dragon Lord Garble The Hugger and his guests Fizzle, Clump, and Fume."

"WHAT?!" Spike exclaimed.

Oh my goodness.

"And Not-Father, Sludge The Dragon."

"YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!" Spike smacked himself in the head.


"And finally, Mina of Dragon Town, Fillydelphia."

'OH! NO!' Spike broke out into a cold sweat.

Oh crap.

"Princess! Princess! I don't know what's going on here! But over half of those dragons are NOT my friends!"

"Oh? This is very concerning, which ones?" Celestia said giving Spike her full attention.

"Uh, the ones that aren't girls."

Convenient. Wished Spike had some dragon bros to hang out with.

"Oh Spike, you sly whelp you," Celestia gave Smile #9

:rainbowhuh: Smile # 9?

Celestia sighed, knowing better than to argue after a thousand years of this. "Spike. I apologize. I thought dragons who were friends of yours, (and thus I thought could be trusted not to give dragons a worse name among ponies) could liven things up... in case you've forgotten, the Grand Galloping Gala on its own is criminally boring. And last time I tried to disband it I almost triggered a revolution.

Wow, ponies are willing to use violence to keep their boring habits...how un-pony and humorous that sounds.

And Ember you're acting like Chrysalis, calling her a traitor just for living a different way?"

"I care for my subjects and want them to better themselves, therefore your statement is irreverent."

'Geeze... normally the 'you're acting like this bad person you don't like' works every time.'


Finally, Mina raised her claw outward. "Hello, my name is Mina, I run a comic book shop in Dragon Town, I sell comics that show dragons can be heroes too."

Ember raised her own claw. "Nice to meet you, Mina. My name is Ember. I've been trying to teach dragons to be more than bullies while not giving up our own identity as dragons."

"I'm a proud citizen of Equestria, but that doesn't mean I'm not a proud dragon too."

"And I'm a rather proud dragon myself too. Seems we have something in common after all."

Phew, glad that cat - er, dragon fight is over. :twilightblush:

Well, this was a random and interesting fic. Kinda wished it was longer, but it was still entertaining.

THANK YOU for the comment!

It's something borrowed from Alicornitius (the only Mane Six become Alicorns, fic I've read where they don't become Mary Sues who curb stomp the canon villains) where Celestia has a numbered smile for every occasion.

This was a one dollar commission. It was meant to go on for only 100 words minimum, but by luck it happened to clock in at least 1000 words, so I could post it here.

Garble and co and Sludge were kinda meant to be red herrings of where the REAL conflict would come from. (I imagine the jerks were too busy filling their bellies to cause trouble and had to be politely escorted out after the Gala was over on a hand truck).

I accept one dollar for a story that can be described in one sentence and can be theoretically written in 100 words, and any bonus being based on how much the commissioner thinks the story is wroth.

Mina vs Ember is something I've really wanted to seen explored in the comics.

Who you want to pair Spike with?

Why didn't Raven just ask Spike who were his dragon friends?:facehoof:

Yes she should have.

A little cringey in the beginning but great at the end

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