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“I actually don’t have a wrestler for these girls. While they have a cute gimmick, I can’t really say anything other than…well…they’re a cheap-ass wannabe version of us. Basically, Winx Club Lite."

After the Winx Club runs down the Rainbooms on a podcasts, the Rainbooms set out to prove that they measure up!


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xD gotta say, I'm intrigued

Gotta say personally I think the Winx would equate with wrestlers who are all hype and no substance. And just like real life it comes down to writers and performance. Let's not kid ourselves pro wrestlers are plenty athletic but pro wrestling a mixture of script and performance not a real sport. I think EQG has better writing and performances to Winx Club as far as Magical Girl Teams go.

Cool, what wrestlers would you equate?

Unfortunately I'm not really a fan of pro wrestling, I could tell you tropes it uses but not who really fits them. Sort of ironic I guess, I get the core of the genera pretty well but I'm bad on specifics.
I do see the Winx as the type of hero's who are really good battling villains, especially their own, but sort of lose it going against other heroes. And as they have been depicted here so far very full of themselves. And because unlike other "Magic Girl" teams they act like fashion dolls in character not just in merchandising(like 75% of Magical girls merchandise is dolls after all).

Oh, this out to be good. I watched Winx, so I definitely familiar with the characters. But I can say I like Equestria girls a little better, as they have more variety in character while managing more characters. Seriously, if you watched season 7, they looked more like fashion models than fairies, I feel like they just added the wings to remind you that they're still fairies. Sci-Twi is a better Techna, as her traits and character don't just revolve around science. The Winx is portrayed here as being full of themselves, which will probably help me side with the Equestria girls. Anyway, can't wait for more.

Glad you like it. You wanna roast the Wind?

You mean winx right? YASSSSSSSS!!

I think Equestria Girls will win.

Here is my guess:

Tecna vs sci-twi winner Twilight because she can think on her feet and tecna’s powers are a little slow.

Stella vs Rarity. Rarity can find the light in any situation but Stella craves attention.

Roxy vs pinkie that is a tough one but I have to say Roxy could win because she is not wild and a quick thinker I think she would be able to get the jump on pinkie several times.

Layla vs Rainbow that’s an even match rainbow has speed but not the endurance but Layla has the best endurance of the Winx Club but speed is not her forte.

Flora vs fluttershy another easy draw.

Musa vs Applejack it’s musa.

Sunset Shimmer vs bloom. I have to say Sunset because she knows how to control her power and emotions

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