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Sunset’s friends were worried that something might have happened to Sunset when she suddenly became distant following the encounter of a woman who wanted to thank the fiery haired girl for returning her daughter to her.

Seeing the memories of a girl who was separated by her mother, long suppressed memories broke the dam as the pain flooded back in.

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Well-written. This tugged some heartstrings, man. Good shit.

I bet that tonic suppressed Sunsett's magic to the point it exploded.

Wanderer D

I mean, it's nice, but I found the willingness of the Earth Ponies to poison/suppress a little filly unicorn while risking her life too unbelievable for the setting itself. Especially in modern Equestria.. Just IMO, obviously. I feel you could have achieved the same effect with something less melodramatic as that section there. I feel Birch and Oak had more than enough nuance to carry the story forward without that.

This might also explain why she was so desperate for power, to the point of running away to another world and stealing an Element of Harmony. After being denied her magic for so many years, she would have been wanting retribution for the power she had lost.

Wow this was so in depth but so meaningful. I loved reading this and enjoyed it all the way through. <3


Maybe. And when that mirror showed her her alicorn self, she felt Celestia's refusal to show her the mirror was the same as those Earth ponies feeding her tonic.

It all fits together.


Needed more rainbow dash karma

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