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an mlp fim brony who loves to read and hopes to write a story or two


Thorax finds a sick changeling egg and brings it to Twilight to try to heal. She succeeds and holds on to the egg to make sure that it is okay. However while under her care, it hatches and the young changeling imprints on her. But she notices something weird about it. Its complete exoskeleton is made entirely out of an unknown metal. How will she deal with this new development?

Warning: this is my first fan-fiction so i would appreciate some pointers or critique on it and I will do my best while continuing the story.

Chapters (2)
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Comment posted by mechgamer deleted April 15th

Pease indent the paragraphs.

tried it wouldn't show

I have a very funny name for it, Full Metal Changeling.

could u explain please?

there will be be a final chapter soon

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