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Twilight always knew her students were special, but given recent events, she comes to understand, perhaps for the first time, just how special they are. As such, she decides to call in her friends, and have a talk that, quite frankly, she feels she should have had with them a long time ago.

Some spoilers for "Uprooted".

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This was a nice story. I look forward to seeing what happens to the Young Six as well.

Spinoff time

"Wait...if the Tree isn't actually gone, and it still has power...does that mean...the Elements...?"

You remember you atomized Sombra without the physical Elements, right?

Liked this story, it was nice but got me to wonder how old the main six are.

Another possibility is that the role of heroes is less transferring and more expanding.

This was a sweet story, it also brings forth the *passing of the torch* sort of speak with the Young Six. I for one would be happy if they end the show with this in mind. :twilightsheepish:

The elements will have new name for it's next contenders.

Everyone even Starlight and Trixie has something to do but what's Spike future? Is being assistant for the rest of his life going to be like this?

BenRG #8 · 1 week ago · · ·

I'm not sure if the Young Six will become the new Bearers of the Elements just yet but I do believe that the Tree has pointed towards who are the Mane Six's natural heirs to the mission of spreading and protecting Friendship.

Yeah, I've suspected that, ever since Twilight's Kingdom Part 2, the Six have been the physical avatars of the power of the Elements. They ARE laughter, loyalty, honesty, generosity, kindness and magic.

Comment posted by BenRG deleted April 14th

Whatever the Tree may have in store for the Young Six, one thing's for certain: a change is gonna come.

The question is, are we ready for it?

Perfect for the young six season two.

A nice take on the "passing the torch" issue. I still want to know what's inside that new castle/temple/whatever.

"Well...I guess if the Tree thinks they're good for it, I guess I can be happy about it. And hey, who knows? The kids might even be better at this than we were one day!"

Rainbow Dash, admitting someone could be more awesome? Pinch me. :trollestia:

Kidding, though I do love this passing of the torch bit, I'd be extremely impressed if they did this in the show at some point before a finale, if they do it at all.

Also consider this: The Tree may not have ever spoken to any of the Mane Six directly, but it did—and does—wear Twilight's face whenever it decides to speak at all.

If Harmony still uses Treelight Sparklebark (Donut Steele) as her pony OC, then I'd say at the very least Princess Twilight isn't out of the game quite yet.


Also a valid point.

"Ah hear ya, Twi. Ah don't know bout the rest o' y'all, but ah certainly wasn't plannin' on running out ta fight bad guys when ah'm the same age as mah Granny."

Do kinda wanna see that now, though...

"Ah'm a'comin, Ah'm a'comin', hold yer horses, ya young whippersnappers, Ah ain't as much of a youngin' as Ah used ta be! Equestria's managed ta stick around fer this long, it can wait just a little longer fer an ol' prune like me ta git mahself goin'!" :rainbowlaugh:

In all seriousness though, I've been giving a lot of thought towards this possibility myself, and after "Uprooted," I'm more certain than ever that this is pretty much the direction the season's going to go in--the Young Six are going to be the next bearers.

A better question is how will that manifest with them? The Young Six are not so cookie-cutter matches to their respective elements as the Mane 6 were, and what constitutes as a "bearer of an element" has seemed to vary from generation to generation of users. Celestia and Luna split the six between just the two of them and seemed to share those roles fairly equally between them, not bearing any singular one more than the other that I can definitely point out. The original Pillars predate the elements as we know them, but they still represented them, just in differing approximations that are not necessarily the same thing--I wouldn't say Somnabula's element of "Hope" translates exactly to Pinkie's element of "Laughter." There's overlap, to be sure, but there's room to interpret them very differently. So It could be the same case for the Young Six, if and when that bridge is crossed. What constituted as the elements for the Mane 6 may not be precisely the same for whatever elements the Young Six end up with. It may not even manifest as physical, individual, items, this time around even.

It'll be interesting to see how this plays out. :ajsmug:

Aww. That was great. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more of the Young Six this season.

Comment posted by SkullxWriting937 deleted April 14th
Hillbe #19 · 1 week ago · · 1 ·

:raritywink: Come along Spikey we have work to do
:twilightblush: ?
:duck: A legacy of our own if you must know :moustache: ? :twilightsmile: ? :pinkiehappy: Foals? Family lasting a thousand years... Draconies! :twilightoops:
:moustache: !
:facehoof: NEXT STOP . Retirement and the Old Mares Home.... :ajbemused: Hay! Granny loves it. BINGO every Thursday night.
:flutterrage: DISCORD STOP IT!
:rainbowlaugh: What's with you two and scaly dudes? :raritystarry: :fluttercry:
:trollestia: as usual I still do nothing for my little ponies
:moustache: Yeah, you let Twilight do all the work and still I clean up all her messes

Lor to see the young six interact with the three like egular pony...though I ish they have the tree of harmony it's own name such as...harmony and it's own pony form. Seen some decent ponyforms given to it which like, I would lied if they did something similar to her,

I really have no objection to the Student Six picking up where the Mane Six left off. I just wish that it was being handled a little better.

LOL. I'm guessing Discord was sexually harassing Fluttershy? Hilarious.

I love that the students are taking over more and more Elements of Harmony stuff. It means the tree has branched out (no pun intended) and now sees all of Equestria as deserving of it's protection and power, not just ponies as it did before. Changelings, dragons, Griffons, Yaks...creatures that the ponies used to think of as basically monsters and totally incapable of harmony.

Twilight: "Rainbow, we are what they grow beyond. That is the true burden of masters."
Rainbow: "...Huh? I don't get it"
Twilight: "You will, Rainbow Dash. You will"

I want a princess of harmony

I also want to know what the tree's spirit looked like before it looked like twilight

Spike’s a good cook, great at cleaning, and is also an Ambassador to the Dragon Lands. I’m fairly certain he’ll have something to do.

Stepping back a little, guys, what was the very VERY first thing you ever saw the elements do?

BREAK. And then they formed again, better.

It's good at getting over being utterly destroyed. The bit with the Y6 is just an interesting development. After all, you did just beat Sombra, with the same power. Not them.

Generations come and go. The torch passes on. Interesting to see the Mane 6 thoughts on it.

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