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Why is the Everfree calling to her? Who is this mysterious stranger that comes to help? Is this Kingdom of Impossible Enchantments and Powerful Hybrids real?

Read and see.

Chapters (12)
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Comments ( 19 )

So... who gave the CMC guns and thought it was a good idea?

Well, at least it wasn't explosives?:scootangel:

So, this is... OK?

Loving the story thus far!

'so...i've been turned into a vampire' perfect xD

What's the spell? Interesting chapter

im keeping tabs on this story ... 10/10 so far ... cant wait for next chapter

Comment posted by ShadedTz deleted Jun 25th, 2019

Shinigami Armour. ?

"You have out permission." Celestia gives her a small head bow, imperceptible to everyone but Royal and Luna, before they take of back to Court.

You have our permission

oh? respect to shining armor. noticing something nobody else would notice. good on him . i also think flash sentry has a promising future as a guard, with his apparent inherent ability to see thru glammers

Its very well written and an amazing read. Please continue with this story.

any idea when we can expect an update and new chapter?

*drools* keep going I love this

Only gripe I have with this story, expecially since I am seeing slow improvement in the writing as it goes along, is I came into this story with an expectation of the focus being on twilight. That is what your discription gives away. It now feels like twilight a vampire thing was now just an escuse to introduce royal. There is no conflict, because Royal can fix it all. Twilight can barely be considered a supporting character, as all the limelight is on royal.

Now if that was your intent that's on you, and continue writing the way you want to. Too many people get overly judgemental over how others express themselves and it's sickening. You have fun with this story and I hope you get success... But I can't favorite it.

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