When Wallflower Blush's girlfriend has her purse stolen, she swiftly gets it back. With rocket launchers.

Cover art by Scampy

Chapters (2)
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Comment posted by Vermaak deleted Apr 12th, 2019

Dear god, this was glorious. Thanks to this story, the Ride of the Valkyries will forever play in my head and every time I think of Team Fortress 2, I will wet my pants. Thus heralding the incoming of Wallflower Blush, Harbinger of Death and Destruction, Woe Be Unto Those Who Wrong Sunset Shimmer.


Meet the Gardener.

Edit: yo we need a tf2's 'Meet them All' in Eg universe asap. That would be glorious.

If God had wanted you to live, he would not have created me. That is epic. Gonna steal that. Consider this prior notice. :twilightsmile:

Sunset glared... glared... glared... and snorted. She let go of the thug—

Is that supposed to be Wallflower?

Sill, this was hilarious!
And kinda hot.


This story is awesome. 5 rockets out of 1!

Teeth fourths rest too???? flying american character???????

You actually used the training bra line

Absolutely amazing

A TF2 crossover in the year of our Lord 2019. What a time to be alive.

Glorious, explosive, American madness. Thank you for it.

Mmm yes. But is her shovel a Strange Market Garden?

Oh good lord, I am dying here! Surprised that none of my coworkers asked why I was giggling so much. To good my friend, have a :moustache:.

Now it is


That name tag has been sitting in my inventory for years, thanks for finally getting me to do something with it Skirts :rainbowlaugh:

Men these are the facts as I understand them

1. I am the prettiest unicorn!
2. This hippy will be sent home to his momma in a box!
3. Never send a boy to fight a man's war
4. I'm going to pick each and every one of you maggots and arrangement of flowers! THEY WILL BE LOVELY!

I need more of this. Too funny :rainbowlaugh:

Speaking a someone who was a gardener for a brief period, and thus who knows that gardening not about planting things, but is ACTUALLY 95% about killing stuff or chopping stuff up, Wallflower's done a grand job with rather less implements of death than one would typically find in a typical gardener's shed... Good for her!

Y'know, I was confused at first until I saw who wrote it.

This fic makes a lot more sense now

Fire red—like the scorching lustre of her billowing hair.

You had me with this. Good work! *clap *clap wish I knew how you got the dash proper though.

What proceeded next was louder than thunder, and issued in three separate salvos that formed into one, created by Wallflower's storming exit from the shed—upon which she fired two rockets point blank into the ground—thusly propelling her body skyward in an act of flight that defied all reason and pacifism and anything else vaguely French.

I don't know how long you spent getting this to read the way it does, but you must be pleased as punch xD

You were good son, reeaal good. Maybe even the best!

Honestly out of every story I've read on this site in my entire life, this is my favorite. In fact, the entire time I read this I thought 'This is what the president must feel like all the time!' Truly a beautifully american tale. All the other authors on the site have been dishonorably discharged.

Most fun thing I've read in quite a while! Very well ... written? Yeah, that's the way you say that: it was ... well written ... I think?

Brilliantly done. Can't wait to see a sequel for this... if that happens. I think Canterlot has to go under a LOT of repairs first xD

When you find a girl who can achieve flight via her own controlled explosions, you MARRY HER.

Or she's a swamp dragon. One of the two. Be careful on that.


Almost right.

Clearly, in this case SUNSET is the prettiest unicorn.

Also, I want Sunset Meets Wallflower's Dad now. It's time for that step in the relationship. After Fiji.

Bruh that nigga wallflower is mad funny, this shit should be like an actual spinoff series, I'd binge watch it, no cap.

Fimfiction needs a crossover tag. Stat.

That was the stupidest thing I have ever read 10/10 good job

Soundsmith approves, now do Demopan.

Whiplash level turn there. Also if you spell it as opposed to saying it it’s an initialism not an acronym.

Love some of Wally’s yells.

Bruh you had me at "Last one alive lock the door"! :rainbowlaugh:

*Favs in Freedom*

You were loud and ugly, and now you're dead! Amen

This was ridiculous.

I hated this.

I loved it

edit: I just realized who wrote this, it all makes sense now

Damn.... The city got fucked and people died....

So all in all a normal day?...

Skirts, are you okay?

Finish this phrase: Stout stout shako!

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