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“Uncle Claudius? I wasn’t the messiah after all! Can you believe it? Could have knocked me over with a feather when they told me!” - Caligula

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Pretty sure the crystal above the door was just a trap that induced a dark hypnosis that made the victem experience a waking nightmare. He would have known how to turn it off since he put it there...

I probably should have made it clearer that it worked so well he didn’t even know there was a trap to turn off, genuinely convinced he was living what he was seeing. I didn’t want to digress on that though, for better or worse.

Well to be fair, he wasn't very bright even if he did have the power to hold his own against the two Alicorn Sisters. His idea of beating them was to curse himself and his entire empire to the frozen wastes for a thousand years...

I think that was done more so out of spite than anything else.

Yeah that's pretty much spite. "If I lose here, I am going to take this entire Empire with me! Causing you to fail because you didn't save the people"

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