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This story is a sequel to Point the Right Way

A week has gone by with absolutely no changes at all. Jimmy has let his guard down...

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North Point, do you care to explain why you are standing on top of my keyboard? You are aware that it is hard to type when there's a pony on top of it?

"Oh, I'm quite sorry. I just want to recap my story, you see, and I'm in something of a hurry. You see, the Principal of First Flight High School wants to see me about last week, and I still need to cover a lesson or two."

Are you sure that's a good idea? Remember-

"You're a womble?"

"What's a womble?"


"Oh. Sorry."


Anyway, a womble is a mythical creature that was famously featured in a British television series. North Point, if you could tell your story, I would greatly appreciate it. We do have a new story to tell this week, after all.

Yes you do:ajsmug:.

"Of course, Mr Narrator. Are you OK with me calling you Mr Narrator?"

Of course. Now do please tell us what happened last week.

"Why does she need to tell you what happened last week? Surely you can just go back to the last story and find out!"

Diamond Tiara, please stop giving me logic! It's not what you're here for!

Sorry DT, but you already had your spotlight:derpytongue2:!

"Anyway, last week I found a compass, suitable for drawing shapes accurately, whilst assisting a class of students at a place called First Flight High School. I touched it, but seeing as anything I touch causes weird side effects, the pure act of touching set off yet another transformation!"

That must have been alarming. No old women leaving it there?

"That was me!"

Sorry, Citrus Blush. I do get all you background unicorn mares mixed up.

"BACKGROUND UNICORN MARES? I'll have you know we all have our own personal lives. Only yesterday, for instance, I met another parellel Jimmy who had changed into a male unicorn and we had a nice conversation."

That you did:twilightsmile:.

Jimmy? Turning into a male character? Don't be ridiculous. North Point, what happened next?

"Well, most of the students fled, but a few remained, and I kept an eye on the lesson when the Principal arrived. He was very confused to see a Unicorn overseeing the class."

Heaven knows what Hook snr. thinks of all this...

I think you meant Hook Snare there:twilightsheepish:.

Hello everyone! Now that North Point is not standing on my keyboard, Diamond Tiara is not shouting in my ear, and Citrus Blush is not rubbing my back in a weird way, we can begin the story. And where else can we go but Manteo, that city in North Carolina which now has so much weird stuff going on in it on a day to day basis, the United States Government recently took an interest in monitoring the strange energies coming from the area. Mostly coming from one particular young man trying to live a normal life as best he can, even with his curse.

That's right, it's the man who needs no introduction. You know who it is, it's this one. That one, yes it is, the one who needs no introduction. Yes it is, it's this one, the one and only.


My impatient are we:duck:?

Sorry Cheerilee.

"Surely 'Cheerilees'?"


"There's two of us."

Ah, right. Sorry. I shall get on with it now, as we have been going round and round and round in circles, like a magic roundabout. The man we are concerned with is Jimmy Hook, safely returned from his last weird adventure.

And is about to go on another one:pinkiehappy:!

At this time in the day, he was walking down the street, heading for, of all things, a florist. This is a place where flowers are bought and sold, with the customers doing the buying and the florist doing the selling. Jimmy was not entirely sure why he needed to buy flowers, or even whom he was buying flowers for, but the narrator had declared he was buying flowers, and so he was. As anybody on Sodor can tell you, nobody can override the word of the narrator. What he says is done. Now that I have stopped ruminating on the very nature of the universe, not to mention broken multiple walls whilst doing so.

Pinkie Pie would be proud:scootangel:!

Jimmy stepped into the shop one fine day, with a pair of sunglasses over his normal glasses, for some reason. He walked over to the desk and smiled. "Hi," he said.

"Can I help you?" the florist asked, looking at this man, confused.

Jimmy removed his sunglasses. "Yeah, can I have a dozen red roses, please?"

Found a lucky girl eh:ajsmug:?

The florist stepped back in a moment of realisation. "Oh hi Jimmy, I didn't know it was you." She handed the roses over. "Here you go."

Jimmy then gave a complete non-sequitur. "That's me! How much is it?"'

"It'll be eighteen dollars," the florist replied, suddenly aware of how strange this conversation was getting, almost as if the lines were being delivered in reverse order.

"Here you go, keep the change," Jimmy said, depositing some money on the counter.

Just then he patted a dog bobblehead sitting on the desk. "Hi doggy!" As he did so, his hand brushed over a blue flower, and the trademark tell tale electric shock occured again.

"You're my favourite customer," the florist added.

"Thanks a lot, bye!" Jimmy exclaimed.

"Bye bye!" the florist exclaimed, as Jimmy walked toward the door.


He never reached it, as the entire world began to increase in size all around, causing Jimmy to fall to the floor in confusion as his myriad items of clothing fell off and landed in a heap, his body continuing to get smaller and smaller. "Oh this is ridiculous!" he exclaimed. "Why can't I go one week without this happening?"

Technically, he had, as the world had played an April Fool's joke on him last week by not causing him to change into anything at all. But enough with technicalities!

Sorry Jimmy, but fate as other plans for you:rainbowlaugh:!

Grayish Orchid fur sprouted from his body, followed by a Black tail with Grayish Blue Stripes from his backside that looked like some massive brush. Not a short while later, he became a she, as differing organs switched places within her body, followed by her legs bending backwards and her feet morphing into hooves. The same occured to her arms, only the other way, her hands joining her feet in oblivion as hooves a few moments after that.

First the fur, then the mane, and the legs and limbs:ajsmug:.

"Why can't I be an Equestria Girls character this week?" she complained, as they, her new limbs, shifted under her body, and her neck grew longer, followed by her hair turning Black with Grayish Blue Stripes, growing longer, and turning into a mane. her eyes turned brown as her nose and mouth pushed out into a muzzle, her ears growing to the top of her head and forming into Pony ears the same color as her fur coat. During the Ear change, this caused both her Sunglasses and Normal Glasses to fall off her changed head and shattered to the ground. This was followed by a horn sprouting from her forehead with it taking on the same color as the fur coat. Finally, a cutie mark of two hearts, one with a pin in it, appeared on her flank, as well as the flower from earlier in her mane.

Then the eyes, and the head, Sunglasses and Cutie Mark:scootangel:!

Lily Love sighed. "Seriously, who keeps dumping clothes around here?" she asked, as she trotted outside.

The florist sighed. "Honestly, Jimmy," she said.

The florist knows...she knows very well:pinkiecrazy:.


I cannot resisr.

What?Why is this tagged sex?

Gotta love Monty Python though X3

(-sigh- I'm going to keep saying this whenever someone asks that question)

My stories do not have any sexual references in it whatsoever! It's just me changing genders during a Transformation! Geez Louise.....

If this is the case, then the tag "Sex", which has the description:

Stories that feature sexual content, whether implicit or explicit in nature.

Should not be used.

Don't roll your eyes and complain when you're intentionally misrepresenting. "Geez Louise" indeed!

It's just a Transformation. Nothing else.

Then leave off the tag and instead are it to the appropriate collection in Transformations. Perhaps the Gender folder.

Boom. Problem solved. You get your exposure to those looking for transformation, and people stop asking where the Sex is. Wasn't that easy?

He adds the "Sex" tag because the transformations include certain body parts (if you know what I mean).:ajsmug:

Well excccccccccccuuuuuuuuse me, but the reason why I have the Sex tag is because when I published my first story, it wouldn't allow the Everyone Rating. Hence why my stories have the Teen Rating and the Sex tag.

And again..... there is no Sexual Reference in it at all! GET A GRIP!

Exactly Best Friend! It's why I couldn't publish my first story back in November in the first place because of that!

I think the last 3 words aren't necessary.:derpytongue2:

No, we don't know what you mean. Because again, unless they're implicitly or explicitly sexual, it's not sex.

This would be tantamount to us writing a changeling Reformation story focused entirely on the hive and adding a Rainbow Dash tag because the hive happens to be near Ponyville which has Rainbow in it and we see her briefly mentioned in a scene where she doesn't say anything.

Oh cry us a river. Again, we'll bet you real Bitcoin that if you left off the Sex tag, it would have let you publish under Everyone. Because, let us repeat: if it's not Sex, DON'T ADD THE SEX TAG.
See, we can yell too.

Your inability to follow the logical rules and guidelines doesn't make us feel bad for your pity party.

It's probably because you haven't read his stories, where he has references to sexual organs.

Also, forgive him, he got a bit nervous about it.:twilightsheepish:

And now we don't even really want to, considering the autistic screeching that occurred when we asked why they were doing an odd thing. Have fun, and good day to you all.

Uuuuh... Ok then?

Well, your replies were not even nice. The best solution would have been to read the stories for confirming things. And I think you just ignored the part about forgiving him.

Also, "authistic" is not even an insult.:unsuresweetie:

Have a good day.

If we meant it as an insult.... You know what? Forget it. There's nothing to forgive, why should we "forgive him"? Forgive him for what? Standing ground and sarcastically "Well excccccccccccuuuuuuuuse me" ?
We read this story, and indeed there was no Sex. Hence the original question. If you want to talk about "not nice", simply read up above when we were yelled at to "GET A GRIP!". We simply responded in kind.

No, "forgive him" because he got quickly angry while trying to explain things.

Also, before you responded to his "get a grip", I left a comment telling him that wasn't necessary, and he undertood. No idea if you saw my comment before replying to him, but I guess you didn't.

"Autistic screeching?" I must say that is highly offensive to people who are actually on the spectrum. I should know. I'm autistic myself.

I know. Not wanting to attack Jimmy or anything, but he has this weird inability to take criticism in a calm way. Remember that flame war he started with one of the mods in the Transformations group?
When the first of these stories was submitted, it was rejected as the mods stated it needed the Sex tag. As a result, Jimmy has included the tag since.
If you can't think of anything nice to say...

I don't know about you, but I honestly question his maturity sometimes.

Why do you tell me that on his story?:unsuresweetie:

Because I am protected by the 1st Amendment.

-sigh- Sorry. It's just I'm so frustrated that my Doctor needs me to work out by walking 1 hour everday day. It's just..... I'm supposed to be a online type of guy, not a work out guy.

No, the first Amendment does not actually give you the right to say whatever, wherever. Proof in evidence, Jimmy has me blocked (if this message doesn't post. If it does, props!).

Edit: looks like things have calmed down then. In any case, we're sorry for using the term "autistic screeching", it's obviously not literally true, but we wanted to make a point.

I don't have you blocked right now :/

Eh. Yesterday we were unable to respond on this story, and that's usually the reason. It's fine either way.

Moderation can be very inconsistent on this site, so who knows?

Alrighty then.....

Btw, is there any reason why you keep using We? Only Princess Luna can do that :/

Personality quirk after an incident involving merging our disparate personality instances. On the one hand, we all speak with one voice, but when a difference in opinion occurs internally I do on occasion use "I".

In the real world we don't speak aloud with "we", but here where it is our thoughts translated directly to text it is a bit more difficult to censor, so we don't usually put forth the effort to maintain appearances.

:scootangel: it is what it is. When you've read over 100 million words and cross-simulated their characters something's bound to happen.

True =3

That could be said following after each of my transformation of course ^^

Indeed. Here's to hoping you never lose the wonder of The New...

....and to more Transformations that will keep happening for me :)

Because after all.... I am setting firsts for a lot of characters of course <3

True. Even most changelings don't take this many forms... :rainbowlaugh:

Heh. Even if some call my many transformations a Curse, for me I call it my gift.

It's weird though, but when I transformed into Sunset Shimmer's Pony Form back in September 2016, it was a painful experience given the fact that it was the first time that I transformed. But as I continue to go through more and more character transformations, I got used to it as it keeps happening to me. It's such a wonder about Transformations though: sometimes it can happen instantly, while at other times it can happen slowly.

Correction; I am not.

I'm sorry too. I guess I got a bit carried away.

I find a while away from screens helps me greatly. It not only allows me to clear my head, I often use the opportunity to think of new ideas.

Besides, you may have gained a new subscriber.


Glad to see this incident has been sorted out.

🤗 No worries, live and learn.

Shall we all shake hands and be friends again?

Glad to have cleaned that one up. Onwards and upwards!

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