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King Sombra has returned, and he seeks to pick up where he left off and conquer the Crystal Empire once and for all! He's already managed to gain control of many of the guards there, and is marching right on into the palace, ready to overthrow Cadance and her family. He's even entered the chamber of her beloved daughter, Flurry Heart, and is confident that he cannot be stopped.

Unfortunately, he's failed to take into consideration just how much trouble an upset super-powered alicorn toddler can be.

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I laughed so hard I woke my house up! :rainbowlaugh: You get a like from me. Bravo, good sir! Well done!

What if Grogar created Spike?

"Shining, I love you with all my heart, but remember what we agreed? Just because you're a Dad doesn't mean you get to make Dad jokes."

Don't worry bro, I thought it was good. :twilightsmile:

I love that this episode made Sombra go from pony Sauron to Pony Scar with actual magic. It was hilarious.

Flurry Heart is best baby! No contest!

Yeah...invincible babies are just unfair on so many levels.

This was great

All the other villains going "Buck this, I'm out" at the end was the icing on the cake. :rainbowlaugh:

How It Should Have Ended

Found these for you.
Before he could even finish, as blast of magic was short forth from the filly's horn, [ a ] [ shot ]
Hercules had his snakes, Flurry has her Sombra. loved the ending with Grogar.

Keep up the good work.

And thus, Flurry Heart remains best princess

Maybe cause Grogar used proper Necromancy to bring him back instead of his "Shadow Essence" that failed to die properly returning? When someone is brought back improperly there tends to be bits missing.


So he was able to make him sane again, whilst the Sombra we saw before was Sombra’s malice and dark magic, stripped of form for a thousand years, thus reducing him to less talkative than Ferb from Phineas And Ferb? That makes sense actually.

This was absolutely hilarious and I loved it.

Jawmax #15 · 1 week ago · · ·

"Twilight, I also picked this time to retire since you will need something to do now that your niece will be saving Equestria from now on." :trollestia: :twilightoops:

it would been amusing if this actually happen. ^^


jeez, Flurry sparkles so much you think she was a twilight vampire

"Ha! Don't bother, little one. No pony can escape my magic."

Flurry gurgled in a furious-sounding way, and just a second or two afterwards, her horn began to glow brightly. To this, Sombra actually felt some measure of amusement.

"Oh, that is simply precious! You think that little old you can actually hurt a stallion as powerful and mighty as King Somb-

More Shining dad jokes, please.

When did Flurry make that amazing face?

Just lookover the source for the image and there you go.

I was actually expecting Flurry to blast him in the episode. I was disappointed.
This makes up for it.

This made my day.
I needed this laughter.

9557902 Thanks for letting me know :twilightsmile:

I was sort of talking about the exact moment, but that's helpful too - I thought it was in the recent episode.

Flurry Heart not only saved The Crystal Empire, she saved all of Equestria.
Good story!:pinkiehappy:

This was Hilarious!

PFFFFFFFFFTTTTTTTTT!!!!! That was awesome. They really need to get a remote off switch installed on that baby magic suppression spell.

Don't worry Twilight, give it a few years and Flurry will have the whole 'defending Equestria' thing taken care of. Just... with a much smaller 'enemies redeemed into friends' list, and much larger 'Enemies blasted into subatomic dust' one.

Vegeta: Her power level is over 9000!!!!


Yes! YES!

I have wanted- no, needed this!

Remind me never to babysit, unless I have Twilight and her friends there to help.

And even then that may not be enough. I almost feel sorry for the schmuck, almost. I actually felt my heart jump into my throat in the actual episode when Sombra was filly-napping Flurry and she cried out "Mama", Definitely one of the darker and heart-wrenching scenes in the show.

yeah I wish this was how it went down.

Dang it, you took my idea! :raritydespair:

Announcer: "And the Crystal Empire is saved! Thanks to, Flurry Heart!"
Flurry Heart: "Baboo!!"

Hakar #35 · 1 week ago · · ·

Hurrah for the Princess of Explosions.

:moustache: pfft,,,, That was nothing he should try diaper duty
:facehoof: I think I threw up a little in my mouth just now
:duck: Those were such clean fluffy white diapers it was a shame to see them soiled...
:moustache: oops there she goes, I'm not cleaning that mess up :pinkiesick: me too

"Oh...Sugar Honey Iced Tea."



Alondro #38 · 1 week ago · · 3 ·

After all the mayhem Flurry put everypony through, watching her being so easily and boringly worfed in the episode as well just piled on the disappointment.

This story, however... HiSHE.. :rainbowlaugh:

don't mess with da babu

I’m still surprised they got away with the child in chains

"Oh...Sugar Honey Iced Tea."

:rainbowderp: I just realized what that spells out if you make it an acronym!

Not paying attention, apparently.

I first heard it in a movie too: Madagascar, 2005. I just never made the connection until now.

This was oddly amusing😂😂

Definitely not because I love Flurry!

Flurry is best baby. :twilightsmile:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: This was exactly what I needed. Thank you so much.

s1 #49 · 1 week ago · · ·

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When I first saw this story I thought Sombra gonna wind up like Dan Backslide from the Dover Boys cartoon:

Just skip to 2:32 if you want.

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