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Damn, probably the first story to actually bring feels. You have a cool concept with the whole reincarnation of the world with new rulers, could definitely make for a great story following Ra and his sibling going through the hardships of creating a new civilization. That is, if you do decide to continue it, in which case I'll definitely make a note to follow it.
Overall nice story.

Thanks! Originally, I wasn't going to have this story be like this. Like... at all. Decisions on this were made by the seat of my pants, so I'm glad it came out as an interesting concept. I may continue this idea, in one form or another, but as I already have a pretty long fic I'm working on it may not happen for a little while.

Death is what gives life meaning, knowing that our time here is limited. So make the best of it.

Booooo. You lead up with the lyrics to Rasputin, and just leave it! I was expecting the first word to be Rasputin, and you just leave my corny mind hanging!

Amazing for a short amount of time writing this, it hit the feels and is really good, please come up with a sequel. I am so sad that mlp is ending, I love the characters and the fandom, I don't want the show to end, nor this site. :ajsleepy:

Man... another great story dude, whether its ongoing or a one shot this are all great. And man, I'm not usually a sucker for feels, but this was emotional

Damn... This is so deep.

Ooh, congrats dude!

Author Interviewer

He snapped his claw.

We never saw him again.

Oh geez

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