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Aww this was sweet!
I noticed that Ember said she would like to know more about this. You wouldn’t be sneakily trying to make a side story with Ember, would you~? :raritywink:

I hadn't considered it until you said that but now... :trollestia:

*Applause* Very well done. This definitely was a chapter that needed to happen and one that wouldn't be easy. However you did quite well in using it as a bridge for how Dragon Lord Ember is really trying to make positive relations with ponies while also trying to find how to potentially integrate Dragon Culture with that of the cultures of other species.

This chapter makes you think a lot on why Ember chose Smolder. She could have opted to not allow any dragon to go to Twilight's school. She could have blew the entire idea off while gratifying Smolder's parents by keeping their daughter away from ponies.

However, Ember did not. She voluntarily picked and brought Smolder to the school. Maybe, in some way, Ember thought that Smolder had something that could start the understanding and friendship that she and Spike kindled during The gauntlet of Fire?

The above considered, I understand why Ember would be 'okay' with what Smolder is doing here. Smolder is learning and Ember is learning through her. It's a very small step, and an odd one, but it is still a start towards realizing a happy kingdom is one where the subjects do not feel belittled. I believe Ember really wants to find a way to end the in-fighting of the dragons so they can be more of a united front. Ponies have proven capable of this and, part of pride, I'd imagine a feeling of strength would be gained if Ember knew she could get her subjects to respect and work together rather than squabble over the barren Dragon Lands.

Oh, yes. Definitely a lot learned and thought on here. :)

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