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Joe Bucks, human, respectable businessman, clopfiction writer. To many, his works are golden, and has earned a large following over time. However, when a certain princess bookhorse takes him to trial, she is in for a rude awakening.

DISCLAIMER: This is not meant to be a slam piece for clop writers nor cloppers themselves (I will go on record and say that I am both), this was a commission piece done for fun.

By the way, I checked with a site moderator before approving, so the T+sex tag is clear

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at least it’s not Joe Buck!

cute avatar
and I agree

Not bad, fun read.

I was tempted... Not going to lie

noon Celestial Standard Time, which is 6 pm Eastern Standard Time on Earth…

GMT -1? ... Wikipedia lists very little in that time zone, mostly islands or portions of other countries.

“Stay impartial, or I will have you removed and replaced by Starlight Glimmer.

Oh, the horror! Imagine a MLP with Starlight as the princess of fiendship.

err, redline: s/fie/frie/
("You can't spell friend without fiend")


Part 2 in a week?! YES! More!

Which is exactly why I chose that time zone

let's play a game Guess how is The Judge.

if you guess right you get a brownie point

No sex ed in order "to decrease in unwanted and underage pregnancies"

American logic spotted.

Oh trust me, as an American, I find it stupid as well....

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