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Tom (the rock) and Harmony (the tree) are on a trip when disaster strikes. Now the pair are looking to get home but the road back may be a bit longer than either planned.

This story was written for the Season 9 Bingo Writing Contest

My dance card was as follows:

Ancestral Lands
The Tree of Harmony

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Wait, is Tom cheating on Bloomberg? That dirty, rotten scoundrel. :ajbemused:

It even had a late night fireworks show. So, when the vessel exploded two days out from port it made headlines around the world.

On the other hoof, at least they don't need to change the branding …

The tree gauged the horizon


On the whole … well, this was certainly a cracky way to start my morning. Tom vs. fire hydrant is a matchup for the ages.

Tom vs. various objects could wind up the next pay per view sensation!

miraculous as always

Wait - a low powered doppelganger? This explains so much!

It was the only way I could figure how to get the tree out. I'm just glad it makes as much sense as it could.

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