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But sometimes it does.

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Comment posted by B_25 deleted January 4th

This was pleasant to read. Have a like.

This was both sweet and heartbreaking, knotted into a really nice commentary. Fantastic work.

That was an really enjoyable story. Gotta feel for poor Flashie.

Thank you for providing the good content, Fourths!

I didn’t expect this.

Very nice work. 👀

Good golly heckin' gee whiz this was an emotional rollercoaster. Totally wonderful.

Very true to life, these mixed feelings on passing. In my own life, once my beard came in, guys who came into my work suddenly felt comfortable sharing nasty shit with me about how they feel about women. Sometimes it wasn't so bad, like they'd just comment to me how hot she was once she was out of earshot, but other times this old guy just starts spilling it to me about how much he hates his wife for spending his money and how women are 'like children'. Very much shit I never wanted to hear, and they look at me expecting me to agree.
A 'shitty welcome party' is a great way to put it. Welcome to womanhood, time to be treated like an object. Welcome to manhood, where you're pressured to pretend you're okay with treating women that way.

Very well-done, a good mix of sad and sweet.

Me, reading this story:

“Hmm. Oh, wait, is that Flash Sentry a girl?” :rainbowderp:
*checks characters list again* :moustache:
“Yep. That Flash is Flash Sentry. So, she’s a girl. Hm. Cool. Let’s see where this goes.” :twilightsmile:
“Oh, man. Her first catcall. Oh. That means... Oh. Oh, jeez, you poor kid.” :facehoof:
“And she came out in high school! So, bonus points for sheer guts, but oh, man, even tougher.” :facehoof::facehoof:
“But then, Pinkie Pie to the rescue, because Pinkie is awesome!” :yay:
“And then, re-introducing her to her folks as her girlfriend. Man. That is just class.” :trollestia:

This story was perfect. Thank you for it. :twilightsmile:

This was a cute and pleasantly sad story. I love the title.

Omg I love this. Flash's feelings perfectly encapsulate how I imagine I would feel if I was catcalled after I transition. Even when girls tell me "oh you don't want to be born a girl we have periods" I tell I love to have one since it would be validation of who I am inside. I love Pinkie's support throughout the dialogue and the ending was just perfect! 10/10

This fic is great! This is exactly how I felt the first (and only) time I got catcalled. It is just so disgusting, especially the validation... I'm lucky I had my own Pinkie to help me through it. I'm glad you encapsulated this situation in such an accurate and respectable manner

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