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Scoot's age is kinda kept nebulous.

COWARD!!! Commit to your depravity!!!

.... Why do you have your own laughing GIF? O.o

Excellent use of it though XD

One of these days I want to see a futa potion that gives it's user a very small dick. :derpytongue2:

10/10, would scale Dash's ass again. :scootangel:

That would actually depend on the country or state, but sexualizing children in general is a pretty questionable thing to do. My sort of opinion on it is that they have to know what sex is, and at least be of a realistic age where they've gone through puberty. Otherwise I don't fuck with this sort of stuff.

the cervix, people, is only pleasurable to the kind of people who like being burned. It is also not really malleable unless there's a baby coming. the idea of forcing through it like that could only end up with screaming and bleeding. what would happen is the cervix gets pushed back, cause, you know, the rigid wall is surrounded by soft tissue, why would it give?

While I'm well aware of this fact, you have to bear in mind, this is a work of fiction.

Cervical bludgeoning is just as enjoyable as snuggling your horse waifu; in that, they're both impossible in reality! :trollestia:

Did you seriously point out the Cervical Penetration is biologically impossible on a M rated, Porn tagged story by Some Leech?

Is this satire? Please tell me it's satire.

Okay but hear me out. Next time, Dash gets the cock and Scoots gets the cum.

You know, I haven't graced Dash with a donglus...


Post-pubescent kids who are like 17- it's not really pedophilia, but it's illegal, so you wait a year because you don't wanna go to prison. Unless you're like fifty, then you're creepy.
Anyone under 15- you're absolutely a pedo.

pony porn down voted.

And there's also the fact, that if people aren't educated properly (or know nothing about sex) by the time they're 18, legal age, what difference is it to them being a clueless teenager going through puberty? I'm definitely not trying to make a legal case for who should be able to have sex when, I'm more arguing competency. (I think anybody over a decade older than the person they like is creepy in general, but it just gets creepier the younger the other person is because of the image set.)

Another case I'm making, is that I don't see anything wrong with teenagers roughly the same age (ie: 15/16 year old together) that want to have sex as long as they're competent on what sex is, and how to avoid any unwanted problems. If that's somehow questionable among this community, you'll have to explain it to me, because I'm clueless here.

And the cervix also doesn't function like that in equines, as my very basic research has turned up. They're one of those species that locks with the cervical structure to trap the gooey stuff where it has to go.

Thanks, bby!
Your downvote doesn't mean anything to anyone, but thanks! :raritywink:

Morgan Freeman voice: And thus began Some Leech's journey descent into the world of Beanis.


I think that's called vore! :trollestia:

> TFW you feel rocked by the urge to announce your downvote

Worth noting, while most women find it painful, and cervical penetration is definitely a no-go, some women enjoy things hitting the cervix.



Hey now. All I said was to commit. Could be just depraved actions of a legal teen and adult or dirtier. I’m just a man looking for commitment! :derpytongue2:

She gulped, as the larger pony placed a hand on the cushion she held to herself.

Hoof dammit

Enjoyed myself very much with this one. I really like the relationship between scoots and RD. I personally am getting a little bit tired of cum inflation. Futa is just my sweet spot and including those two I can't really complain about it 9/10

Hello Leech! With your permission I'd like to do a spin of this idea. Might do Scoots myself with Rainbow and may include the rest of the CMC.

So to avoid any drama, I'd like permission first before I attempt to make what might seem like a copycat version of this story.

Gotta hand it to you for spotting that error! :trollestia:

Due to the context of this situation, do you mean the fun kind, or the fun kind of nuts?

Hand? Nuts?

Are you suggesting something? I've been known to be "magical." I'm not even a unicorn.

you'll have to forgive me, this story was just the tipping point of a lot of indignation on my part. I get that it's fiction, but I don't get why it's so prevalent. Why are people so attracted to it?

That's the thing. It takes a fantasy twist and making the reality of lovers seem true. It is by nature still girl on girl and then teeters on what it's like to mate at the most natural level.

I think it beautiful to find content that explores both genders in one and then explore the possibilities of living past the label of what it means to be a woman or a man.

Then of course the proof of that being a twist of things and actually having to utilize and express some of the most primal desires and needs of both sexes.

...I think my nuts just blew off, they busted so hard. Literally the only thing that could make my scrotum explode anymore would be if one of Scott's little spoogesters managed to put a bun in Dash's oven when they gangbanged her fallopian tube.

You've done it again, Leech. You sick, beautiful bastard.

Honestly, I'm not sure. Maybe it's the sheer impossibility of the concept, or that people are ignorant about biological matters. It could be that it's viewed as some sort of extreme "this isn't supposed to go here" sort of kink, but who knows. Regardless, it seems pretty popular, and it can be kinda fun to write, so you see a lot of it.

Cervical penetration is actually a thing in equines, they're laid out differently inside than us. I like it because it takes the fantasy of the massivest, most gargantuan womb plunger to its extreme.

Nothing wrong with it.

Technically there are even some human females who like cervical contact during sex, though the layout means they're more likely to get a penis bottoming against the fornix, and simply rubbing against the cervix. But still.

Not the weirdest thing.

Not error, just a preference


It could be that it's viewed as some sort of extreme "this isn't supposed to go here" sort of kink, but who knows.


Not the weirdest thing.

Honestly, the way the title picture shows scootaloo stretched on the floor, almost fits the scene of scootaloo's climax perfectly

Thanks for noticing. I'm super particular with my cover art choices :yay:

Rainbow Dash dumbly glanced over her friend, desperately attempting to make heads or tails of what she was looking at. Seated on the floor, with her head in her forehooves, one of the pegasus’ legs rested on the table. No. No, it wasn’t a leg. It was way to (too) vascular to be a…

She smiled, affectionately admiring the vascular organ in her grip. As she longingly gazed at it, she noticed a single, crystal clear drop of pre-cum form at its head. Speaking of which, the tip of the nonsensical thing had to be nearly as broad as he (her) hoof. Yearningly, she watched the bead of fluid creep from Scoot’s urethra. Glancing up, to see if her friend’s eyes were still shut, she snuck her head closer.

Feeling Scootaloo’s dong twitch, throbbing within her maw, caused Dash to withdraw and squeeze the base of the massive organ. If she was going to let her number one fan cum inside, it may as well be somewhere slightly more inviting. Now, sure, fooling around with a fans wasn’t exactly smiled upon, in the Wonderbolts, but she’d already crossed that line; so why not go all the way…

either "a fan"
or just "fans"

What if theres a sequel where dash takes the potion?


The first question would be: could they reproduce the potion? According to the story, the potion had been intended to help with Scootaloo's wings, but she had not measured any of the ingredients properly. And that's assuming she didn't leave anything out or accidentally add an extra ingredient. So if they experiment with it, who knows what they could end up making by accident instead. They could potentially ask Zecora, but that would mean coming up with some explanation.

Hmm are you aware that in horses it happens routinely and it’s usually needed for impregnation to be successful ?

Hmm nope...
In Italy the legal age of consent is FOURTEEN. (Except when there is a authority relationship. Then it’s sixteen)
Pedophilia is the attraction to PRE-pubescent child... that is someone who is NOT yet started developing.
Attraction to pubescent/adolescent young’s is properly called ephebophilia.
Sexual relations to people below the age of consent is child abuse and statutory rape (depending on the law).

Just a notice...
I’ve spotted some errors... but I’m on my phone and it’s a TERRIBLE pain to note them down here...
I’ll try and see if I can manage to get them when I get back to a PC but it may not happen... (I really suck at re-reading...) so you may want to have another go at spell-checking.

There may be a few errors, but if there are any spelling ones, I'd be surprised.

yeah well, im also aware this is a smut fic for fictional creations meant for children. doesn't mean it doesn't bother me that people are obsessed with it. Believe me, I'm obsessed too, and that bothers me just as much

hoof, here brow began


Really, on any other day, she’d have had a started squealing like an enthusiastic foal.


and how she was going

now [probably]

hay not gonna to dragging the stupid thing through

It's a colloquialism so the "proper" way to use this is a bit vague but "gonna drag" or "gonna be dragging"

cunnilingus, while amateur, weren’t all

"amateurish" would be a bit better

Dash pushed her endure.

either "her to endure" or "her endurance" [More probable the first]

smiled upon, in the

remove the comma

Easing the Scootaloo’s


pegasus’ colossal fuck-stick.

Ok this is just a personal preference... but damn... I find this and the equivalent fuck-pipe really really too low brow for the rest of the linguistic register of the fic...

upwards, to meet

remove the comma

She faltered, each time the battering ram-like head of the dong impacted against her womb.

here either remove the comma or change "impacted" to "impacting"

herself; sending her

replace the semicolon with a comma

and let the partner do

probably "her" would be better

while she unsteady stood.


Onto a bit of commentary ^^;;;

All of Scootaloo’s weight went crashing forward, causing every bit of her dong to grind into Dash. The penetration was so prolific, that the blunted head of her cock hammered against, and into, the larger mare’s fallopian tube. Unfortunately, with nowhere to escape, the first gout of seed erupted directly into Dash’s ovary, right smack into the delicate organ full of fertile eggs.

I'm perfectly aware about the whole "going over the top" situation... but I have to say that this would be simply disastrous... the Fallopian tubes are REALLY small, something like half inch maybe, and not elastic. On top of that they are not directly staying on the ovaries but move around in the abdominal cavity only brushing on the respective ovary when it's about to ovulate. That said it means that the whole load of Scoot is dumped somewhere inside Dash's abdominal cavity after having ripped out one of the tubes... that is massive internal bleeding and peritoneal infection a go-go. yeesh... not really the high note to end a fabulous fuck ^^;;;

The story for the rest is quite nice, the character are in character [for the given of the needs of a clopfic] and it flows properly.
One more note in addition to the errors on the previous comment is that the punctuation is a bit all over the place, with commas and semicolon used a bit improperly.

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