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Nic Nerdy

I'm Nic and I am here to tell the stories that come from the big book of ideas that is my brain. If you must know, I'm into comics, movies, video games and other forms of entertainment.


The cover art was made by a friend that would like to remain anonymous.

When her adoptive parents leave town for a science festival, Supermare and her sister, Alex, must watch the family shop during business hours.

But it all goes for Supermare when it is discovered a rock can weaken her, dealing with criminals in Ponyville, and having to hang with her Super Six friends.

Can the Mare of Steel handle everything that comes at her, or will she collapse in humiliation and defeat?

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Comments ( 4 )

Please tell me this is part of a series?

Yes, it is. It's set in an alternate universe where the Mane Six we know and love doesn't exist. But we instead have pony versions of DC superheroines.

Excellent job on the action, humor and wrap-up in this one-shot. Loved the other heroes' reactions to the existence of Kryptonite as well as both the fights with the Royal Flush Gang.

This is for MUCH later, but I am going to guess that Discord will eventually be in the role of Mxyzptlk (after all, why use an OC when there is already a canon character well suited for the role?) And Grogar is going to be either Vandal Savage with Evil Sorceror elements or he's going to Darkseid.

And, speaking of Grogar, I have a feeling that here, he might try the Legion of Doom thing MUCH sooner than in canon, and with more members too.

Of course, I will freely admit that these ARE just guesses and any or all of them might be wrong.

At any rate, I will definitely be looking forward to more of your work.

I'm glad I can count on you for support. I definitely have plans for Darkseid, Mxy, and Vandel Savage.

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