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Timber Thorn - Kathara

Timber Wolves, an anomaly most would say. But most don't realize that there are other beings made of wood as well. Theirs the Timber Jack or Wooden Rabbit, The Timber Bear, and many others of the animals that inhabit the Everfree Forest.

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...Timber Wolves, are an anomaly most would say. But most don't realize that there are other beings made of wood as well. However most also don't study the beings and story's of the other creatures are far less common then those of Timber Wolves." The Magic Biology Teacher, Femur, continued his lecture. "The Everfree Forest is an interesting place when it comes to both magic and biology.

"In it you can find a rather large number of plants and animals that either can't be found anywhere else in the world or can only be found halfway across the world. And Timber Wolves and the other wooden beings of the Everfree are our focus for today.

"Many a scientist have studied the Timber beings and have found, through abundant use of magic, that they are the same as their normal counter parts aside from one thing. The forest takes the souls of any animal that dies in or just outside its borders and brings them back as a creature of wood.

"Over the past two hundred years we have discovered that the beings act as guardians of the forest and that only those that seem to not relies that they have died are reborn as a Timber and yet they are very much alive. We have also found out that fifty years for us is estimated to be only around one for them, meaning that they have extraordinary long lives. How ever, aside from their long life spans they do age at what would be a normal rate for them and if they do not take care of them selves they will begin to rot and deteriorate. Such is the iconic smell of the Timber Wolves.

"Now before I continue, are there any questions?" Immediately after Femur's probe for questions a tiny lavender hoof shot into the air and was waving around excitedly. "Twilight." He called giving her the go ahead to speak, and preparing him self for a question to rival the college majors in the room or one so childish as to make him chuckle. He never knew what to expect from the young filly.

"If the Everfree takes the souls of all that die in or near it dose that mean that there are Timber Ponies?"

'Ah, a worthwhile question.' Femur thought as he smiled to himself. "While it is theoretically possible, it has not happened out side of legends and myths. That along with the fact that most Ponies, or any other sapient being for that matter, tend to know when they have died. However there are two theorized exceptions to this, If someone who would normally turn into a ghost when they died was near or in the Everfree they would most likely come back as a Timber. Or there is the sadder and more depressing theory, if a young one died some time with in the first two years of there life near the Everfree it is believed that it would come back and since Timber creatures have the same instincts as their normal counterparts, it would most likely not make it past its infancy." Femur sighed. "Now onto, well, not brighter topics but something to divert us from those thoughts."


Later in the day Twilight was lying in bed getting ready to read a new book before bed. 'Daring Do and The Heart of The Forest'. On the cover was a picture of Daring Do, an organic temple made of trees that seemed to grow into the needed shape, and a young pony made of wood.

"Oooo, a Timber Pony. I guess A.K. Yearling did some homework on this one."

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