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Vic the Tricky Unicorn

This is the type of fun that isn't too boring but also isn't too exciting. Like taking a nap. That's too exciting! I like to think I walk the boring exciting line every day.

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Wow... the protagonist is a reeeeaaal piece-o-work...


The prose works, but the narrative is jumbled and confusing. Whatever effect the narrative was meant to achieve, it didn't work for me.

Well, I would hope he’s a piece-o-work, that was the goal. Lol. And thanks for the follow! Hope you enjoy it.

Hey, thanks for letting me know. Seriously, it's hard to squeeze any kind of criticism out of my friends (proofreaders) so it's appreciated. I'll proceed with this in mind. Maybe next time, then.

I would hope that the rest of the chapters won't be as long as Chapter One: Flowers on the Wall.

Trust me I have the same hope. Lol. I’ve got a bit more of the story ready to go. I’m actually working on splitting them into smaller chapters right now.

Eeyup. I’m gonna try to work on it more often. Hopefully, I’ll at least get a chapter or two out monthly.

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