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"Let them fight."


When Shockwave’s space bridge malfunctions during a heated confrontation with the mad Decepticon scientist, Grimlock gets sent to the magical land of Equestria. After meeting six ponies and their compassionate monarch, the stubborn, short-tempered Dinobot will discover just how important establishing friendships can be.

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Loved this chapter

Aaaaannnddd we have a fairytale believer.

I take you're enjoying the story? :D

i am so happy you are using the fall of cybertron version of grimlock

I'm not completely familiar with this version of Grimlock, but didn't he develop his "Me, Grimlock" style of talking after Shockwave experimented on him?


Not necessarily. FoC Grimlock is still able to speak coherently, despite having his CPU compromised during Shockwave’s experimentation.

Ah, right, thank you 👍🙂

The story has risen from the dead! :yay:

Great chapter also!

I hope someone calls Grimlock a Bozo just so he can say

Me Grimlock no Bozo, Me King

Can't wait for the next chapter! :yay:

I’ll be illustrating this story in the future

"I hate my life."

Punching bag

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