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Though Starlight has been friends with Sunburst since they were children, one thing she has always taken for granted about him is that he is, by all accounts, a rather attractive stallion. So much so that he's started to gain more than a little attention from local mares. Now, obviously, this won't do one bit, and so Starlight endeavours to make sure that she's the only mare he has eyes for.

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Well, this exists.

I think that's a good thing...?

I love that this is based off of Agrol's animation! This should be hilarious!

I've seen Agrol's videos and I just have to say........... People who haven't watched or subscribed to his channel ( or her, im not to sure about the person) you need to see them and subscribe to the channel right now to continue the awesomeness that is Agrol

a direct link to the video would be appreciated

Starlight is going Yandere, oooh boy.

Love it :rainbowlaugh:

Yandere Glimmer, though. That one scene in Agrol's animation was a riot.

9649746 If you click on the "source" button on the bottom-right of the cover art, you'll get sent straight to it :raritywink:

Had he looked up just a few seconds earlier though, he'd have noticed the tiny puff of smoke that any expert in magic would recognise as the aftermath of a teleportation spell.

I'm glad for that, I did wonder if Starlight just flat out disintegrated Trixie.

Hilarious insanity

why isn't this featured?

I guess this Starlight isn't a believer in the herd option.

I like. I like very much.


No. Just... no.

He and Moondancer are meant to be together.

Could use some editing, but this was hilarious.

Did she just walk up slowly and up blast her?

9650091 Not everypony likes to share...


Well that happened.

And then Baby Flurry Heart blasted Starlight

thank you future person

EQ got a lot of scary things, but Starlight puts them all to SHAME XD


I was waiting for someone to post that one here.

Starlight is an yandere? Makes sense I suppose...

Soon as I saw the picture and read the synopsis, I heard Bronymonster44 going "Oh haaaelll no!"

The fandom's influence is... definitely a thing. :pinkiehappy:

Geez, Starlight ships Starburst more than I do! I didn't think that was possible!

Okay...(backs away slowly) :twilightoops:

A yandere? Waitwaitwait... I haven't read that story yet, so does that mean she actually... 😱
By the Princesses...

Oh, my. Starlight... no, this is not what Twilight would do. Not what any pony with a sane mind would do.
You are already neck-deep in a sea of troubles when police start asking what became of Trixie and Maud.

But when Twilight gets back... aggression against a princess, and bearer of Harmony?
You'll wish to be sent to Tartarus rather than facing her.:twilightangry2::twilightangry2::twilightangry2:

"Sunburst, this is for your own good"

Like some would say, "this bitch is crazy". Sue her ass.

This the moment Twilight knew. She fucked up.
And she got blasted in the face courtesy of Starlight. Oh so hilarious...

Mistal #32 · Monday · · ·

funny story!
well,may i translate it into Chinese?
You may remember i ask you same question not long ago XD

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