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"Wash away this lying world! Terminate THIS IRON FIST!" -Unearth, The Oncoming Storm



Rainbow has been known to be playfully flirtatious towards a certain young dragon. However, the lighthearted appearance of her mannerisms belie her true feelings. Tired of keeping her guard up, she decides to make the first move.

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Ok not to sound judgmental but looks like you stole parts of an anime and just threw them together because it was a headache to read.

What anime are you referring to? Never seen one like that before.

Just ment it felt like you jumped way into it without an explanation on what they ment with training and stuff. Also it sounds like spike is anthro bit everyone else is normal ponies. Also how can rainbow use a phone if she has no hands or magic?

But all in all I like spike x rainbow dash and other females storys so it's nice.

Yeah, I guess you have a point. This is kind of a spin-off of another story I did. I'd imagine Rainbow could use the tips of her hooves to type. As far as Spike being anthro goes, he kind of is in the actual show already. All I really did was give him clothes.

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