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This story is a sequel to Picking Yourself Up

Seeing how his ex Delta Vee has transformed her relationship with their sixteen year-old daughter, Jet Stream comes to her with a proposal. But if you dig up the past, all you get is dirty.

This story is based on Shinodage's AU and ask blog, Delta Vee's Junkyard. All credit for characters and settings goes to him.

Cover Art: "Reentry" by shinodage@deviantart.com.

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 24 )

my god this is awesome, i'm hooked. it's very hard to fix the big mess delta's life is and you're doing great at it. and her meeting with jet was intense. it's nice to see that she can heal without having to stop being herself entirely
i can't wait to see where it goes :raritystarry:

Man, Jet is a piece of trash. Keep shitting on him, it's fukken great.

Wow! That was something. I gotta give Delta a round of applause for that! 👏👏👏👏👏

Didn't even get a chance to explain himself really. If this is dependant on his healing his bond with Delta I'm not sure what he can do.

Was not expecting that time jump but it worked really well for the purpose of Apogee finally being told about why her parents had separated. I had a feeling that Apogee would become angry with her father and perhaps, move in with Delta. Not 100% sure if the latter will happen yet but she's definitely left Jet for the moment.

As for Jet reconciling with Delta, the only way I could see him accomplish that is if he went to EQSA, revealed the ugly truth about why Delta missed the interview, and somehow fix things to where Delta could work there as she tried to do over twelve years ago.

I am VERY interested to see where things go from here for the three of them! I know that Shino has loved the manner in which you have told their story and personally, it's one of my favorite stories featuring these three (if not THE favorite).

The Elements of Harmony
A Reference Guide
Revised Edition

I am intrigued! Why would Apogee be looking at this book?

The book gives me hope, my first thought was she was going to go down the exact same road as her mother.

I hope this ends well for both parties.

Stay strong little pons :fluttercry:
Jet is lucky to have diamond, dunno what he would do without her
And its nice to see delta understand apo and trust her to leave alone after what happened, but its also scary. Apo is a smart pon but... I hope it goes well

This isn't going to end like Breaking ORbit, will it?

Great... Apogee is having trouble at home. In her dissatisfaction with her family life, she goes looking for answers. In doing so she turns to a groups that teaches that their members raise the sun and moon and preach love and tolerance towards all beings. Sounds like a cult.

There's a part of me that wants Delta to rip up the check and throw it away, especially after Jet refused to apologize. It just feels like he's trying to assuage his own guilt, not actually do anything good. Yes it's half his income, but he still has another 1.7 million bits, plus the entirety of his company. It's not that much of a sacrifice for him.

I'm interested to see what Delta actually does with it

Well, he did kinda apologize. It just wasn't a full, on-your-knees apology, because he doesn't want to view his daughter as a mistake.

That's fair, it just felt to me that his apology was more a "I'm sorry that me getting you drunk and pregnant upset you" instead of "I'm sorry for getting you drunk and impregnating you". Apologizing for shitty actions doesnt invalidate the good things that may come from the fallout

I'm glad you feel that way, I wanted to write it as a very flawed apology.

This seems like a realistic Apology to me. Not everyone is willing to admit that it's their fault fullheartedly when it clearly is. Now he should really give an apology to Apogee than ask Delta to do it for him. An Apogee Apology if you'll humor my alliteration.

Out of all things, why is that Luna and Nightmare Moon being the same pony not being common knowledge at this point the thing that bothers me the most.

You know you can put this in your story. The best way for Delta to be to deal with jet would be like this. Make Her Say that she will forgive him. Mostly because for her to go forward in her life for herself and her daughter apogee she has to forgive jet. However also make it very clear that just because she's forgiving him for the past 16 years she will not forget what he did 12 years ago. Saying something like that gets the point across. Don't you agree?

This is the type of interaction I wish would happen in the comic. These two had good chemistry together. Yes, wrongs were committed, but ponies in love do stupid things. Staying angry at each other forever accomplishes nothing and only serves to hurt the foal who was completely blameless in these circumstances.

If the main OCs in this story were voiced, what would they sound like?


Shino has said that Apogee sounds like that. (Source is Ed from Cowboy Bebop).

He hasn't made any similar comments for Jet or Delta, however.

Aww apo and twis talk was so sweet


Apo, jet, delta and diamond have a voice, i'll make a little example video tomorrow :twilightsmile:

The talk with Twi poked the feels a little bit. Good job miles. I look forward to seeing where the story goes.

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