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I'm just a random guy who wants to read good fanfics. If you want to know anything about me, (I doubt any of you do, but you never know) just ask me


Ohana, Family. This is biggest, most important thing to Jason and Frank, who end up getting Displaced as E626/Stitch and E625/Reuben respectively. Having Family along is better than be separated. They then learn of the dysfunctional Family made by Discord, so they take it upon themselves to find and fix this broken Family.

Yes. I'm doing this. I do not know why I suddenly wanted to, but I did. This is a collab with my friend Wayward Shadow. Feedback will be appreciated. And know that this won't be as high a priority as SiE for me.

The properties belong to Disney and Hasbro, yadda yadda.

Chapters (2)
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Ohana means family and hakuna matata, let the rains the down in Africa and Take On Me

Don't worry about it, just making myself laugh


Your right about Ohana meaning family, but Hakuna Matata means something else, a certain meerkat and warthog would be able to tell you all about that, of course by doing a song. Now for the story, I LOVED IT, I can't wait to see the next chapter and I loved how you had the two brothers as Stitch and Reuben, I hope that Stitch can learn to speak english at least so no one would need his brother or Fluttershy to translate what he says.

They aren't brothers, they're cousins. Also, you actually like this?

Hakuna matata, what a wonderful phrase


Wait, I though that the two humans turned into those two Aliens were brothers before they became the aliens, and yeah I like this so far, it's cool seeing that you set this in an Anthro Equestria too.


Hakuna Matata, ain't no passing craze!

Well they call each other cousins in it to show they aren't actually siblings. And I am only comfortable writing anthro or humanized stories.


That's great since I just LOVE Anthro and Human versions of the pony characters, but I was talking about the two human's that got turned into Stitch and Reuben, were the humans brothers before or what, also I can't wait to see what you got planned for them next, heck I bet Discord would be laughing his tail off from what Stitch did at the Gala.

No, Jason and Frank were legit cousins prior to Displacement. Also, I have a small question.


OH, okay that clears things up then, so what did you want to know, thought you should send the question through the Fimfiction mail instead of here on your comments.

Simple question. You have a Discord account?


I'm sorry to say that I don't have one.

That ending tho! Take my like, track, and fave!

This is pretty good, looking forward to more.

I love how Reuben is so calm about it while Stitch unknowingly caused a ruckus at the party. I give him credit for not wasting the cake.

Great job I love watching lilo and stitch when I was on Disney Chanel

Dang! Just when the story was getting good too!

What do you mean?

Cliffhanger, dude! I both love and hate them

I have the feeling they be facing interesting problems that will require unique solutions

Frank: "Wait! I didn't GET MY Cucumber Sandwiches!" *POOF* "... *kicks at the floor sadly.* Nuts."

Ok is the guy whose stitch gonna be able to learn equish/english?

umm yeah cause stitch did you know the scene in Lilo and stitch the movie with Nani asking stitch about Lilo and has like a broom or something and stitch go's ok ok

then there is the scene with stitch going h-hai (very iconic)

and of course in Lilo and stitch two Leroy and stitch speaking fluent English (with sometimes slipping into the natural alien language now and again)

So its pre lilo and stitch stitch?

that's what I'm taking away with this cause I mean the suit he is wearing yeah that's the red containment suit he wore at the start of Lilo and stitch

Well yeah. Hence why Jason only knows Tantalog right now

I actually didnt know that was the name of that language I have seen the show and all movies but forgot never heard its name

Same. I only learned about it while looking up a few things

Hmm u know I forgot most of the experiments names I only remembered Reuben from reading this and angel and stitch

Ok I see so instead of 627 there are technically 630 cause of 000 and 628 and 629

I know. And Leroy is 629

Yeah and jumba made 627 with extra everything making him laugh too much

I know. Saw the episode. Even gave it the ability to grow another head. For some reason.

I know right omg that was stupid. Most of the experiments were practical and easy to understand when it came to their powers

*ahem* Lilo and stitch opening act (that is in space not on the beach with Lilo) on the flagship of the federation captain gantu (yes he is a good guy at the beginning) and his crew are transporting dangerous specimen of the deranged scientist Dr. Jumba Jookiba number 626 is in containment holding with two huge Gatling plasma cannons keyed into his direct bio signature and are to fire if he ends up somehow a distance away from the containment apparatus (upside down on the ceiling with basically a dog cone on but upside down and enlarged to be able to fit his size 200 times over) and has a single soldier there to monitor everything however 626 is intuitive and spat out a sizeable loogie at the soldier who was standing in front of the door to the rest of the ship it hit his hat and the guns targeted the loogie the soldier with as much speed as he was able to (cartoon speed so the hat was spinning in mid-air) get out of the way when the guns fired on the door the explosion of the door depowerd the containment apparatus enough that in which 626 was able to break free and stormed through the ships ventalation sistem and cut most of the power to the ship and stole the only red police space ship docked in the hangerbay then goes onto do a blind hyperwarp infront of the flagship resulting in the ship being mildly damaged and the whole crew being shook up from it and at the time unable to locate the rouge specimen however later learning of his hyperwarp landing (it slowed down after it got in range of the earth but still moved fast) and thats the begining of Lilo and stitch the movie (excluding the other begining parts like pancakes the fish who eats penutbutter sandwiches)

I know that. But Stitch Has A Glitch reveals that Jumba actually made that suit just for Stitch. And Stitch was even happy when he saw it for the first time. But then the 2 were taken into custody. No idea who put Stitch in the suit then.

Truth is this is the first lilo and stitch crossover or displaced I've seen

This brings back memories, cant wait to see how it will progress.

I think I can grow to like this story a whole lot and it seems to fit into the whole multiverse thing.
And aside from a few rough patches with dialogue and spelling as well as pacing it a very good story.
And the mistakes mentioned previously can be easily fixed as the story progresses.
Liked Faved and tracking!
And side note are longer chapters within the realm of possibility?

In due time. I did say this isn't as high a priority for me as my main story.

Great story cant wait for more
Also you do some good writing maybe you should write a book or something just love your stories 😁😁

You say that as if you read my other stories

I have and they are really good

So you read SiE?

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