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Just a few more steps...


Luna, upon being banished as Nightmare Moon, ends up in the human world. Only her face is in the Equestrian moon, contrary to anypony's knowledge. Luna, however, experiences a whole new world for herself, one she may not want to return from.

And someone read it on YouTube.

You guys tell me what yous think! Tell me if I'm doing something right, wrong, anything!

Chapters (6)
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Pretty cool so far and eager to see more but I just have one question, is the main character speaking with an accent of some sort as

"Sure you didn't just hit yous's head?"

immediately strikes me as a typo, but at the same time I have heard people talk like that before and just want to know for sure if it's intentional or not?

It was intentional. The story takes place in the northeast, and even then, Midnight/Seth's speech is based off of my wrong way of speaking.

*sees this fic on the front page in new fics* OwO what dis
*reads the currently only chapter out*

Oh I gotcha, and I do like it as it does add to the character, that said though for future reference you should probably put that as like an authors note or something because I'd hate to see such a promising story get ignored because people think it's unedited or something

I can smell the inverse cringe puns from here.
I love it.

*reads author note*
promises, promises, promises,

Now when you say it will lose it's monetization does that mean it's just gonna be risque or are you full on bumping it up to an M rating (I enjoy this story and I'm going to keep reading either way but I just want to know ahead of time if possible)

It's mainly a joke, but at the same time, Midnight is gonna watch a video that was actually demonetized on YouTube, at least I'm assuming. No M rating, though. Other hand, if it is good enough and I can at some point in the future, I might make an M version of it.

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So... you're gonna help me get my monetization back?

Extinction cannot speak for The CEO of TANKCERETOPS Inc. . But Extinction’s left leg is his cousin, so Extinction can put in a good word.

Will Nightmare Moon herself appear in this story?

Maybe, though I'm not sure.
Luna may dress as a variant of her to go to a convention at some point, though.

Overall I gotta say, this fanfic is absolutely amazing! It's quirky and sometimes some unexpected things happen, but that's what I love about it! It just seems so right with what you're doing with it all! By the way, I ship Luna and Midnight all the way! I don't regret narrating this one bit! ;3

Thanks! You know, I actually do plan to make a romantic (and sexual to an extent) relationship between the two.

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