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Barricade Pax

"Part of the journey is the end" ~ Tony Stark (Iron Man)


Six fans of the MCU go to comic-con as there six favorite MCU heroes and get displaced to a version of Equestria as those six heroes.

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Comments ( 9 )

I shall be watching with apt attention

(however, it does need to slow down)

Im glad you enjoyed Chapter I. And thank you for your feed back.

Pretty good, though you might want to fix some grammar issues here and there. Maybe try replacing the word "said" with words like mutter, reply, admitted, declared etc. to give more structure to the characters' dialogue. Slow down with the story, and describe the settings a little more.

I'll keep all of that in mind, thank you!

You have my intrigue

I'll try to keep your intrigue

You have my intrigue. Keep up with this work.

Glad you found my story interesting!

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