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Chapter I

Author's Note:

New story idea I had. Hopefully unlike all my other stories except for "WarMachine" it actually sticks around.

~~~Part I~~~

"Yo Nate!" Yelled Brandon, the one cosplaying as Ant-Man.

"What is it B?" Asked Nathan (Nate), the one cosplaying as Star-Lord, as he walked over to Brandon.

"I found that walk-men you were looking for" said Brandon handing said item to Nathan.

"How much for it?" Nathan asked the merchant as Brandon walked away.

"Seventy-five bucks" said the merchant cosplaying as The Collector.

"Deal" said Nathan as he handed over the money. He put the headphones attached to the cosset player on and pressed play. 'Come And Get Your Love' started playing and there was a bright flash, Nathan was gone.

Brandon continued walking around looking for the thing he needed to complete his costume, passing by his friends on occasion. Eventually he came across one of Ant-Man's growing discs.

"How much for this?" He asked the merchant dressed as Hank Pym.

"Forty dollars" said the merchant.

"Deal" said Brandon as he handed the merchant the money. He put the disc on his belt and in a bright flash of light he was gone.

Two of Brandon's friends, Seth (cosplaying Iron Man) and Charels (Cosplaying Doctor Strange), were walking together. Seth pulled ahead of the two when Charels called him back.

"What is it Charels?" Asked Seth as he walked back over to Charels.

"I found something for you" he said as he grabbed a Iron Man helmet from a merchants booth.

"Nice!" Said Seth as he grabbed it from Charels, who spotted something in the distance that he wanted.

"How much for it?" Asked Seth.

"One hundred twenty dollars" said the merchant dressed as Justin Hammer.

"Deal" said Seth as he handed the merchant the money. He put the helmet on and started walking over to Charels

At the same time a couple of stalls down.

"How much for the Eye of Agamotto?" Asked Charels.

"One hundred ten dollars" said the merchant dressed as The Ancient One.

"Deal" said Charels as he handed the merchant the money. He put the necklace on and started walking over to Seth.

With a flash of light they were both gone.

The last two friends, Travis (cosplaying as Thor) and Shawn (cosplaying as Rocket), were walking to where all six friends planed to meet up after some shopping.

"Where is everybody?" Asked Travis.

"There probably still looking for the rest of there costumes" said Shawn.

"We are as well" said Travis. "Im still looking for a Stormbreaker replica and your still looking for Rocket's signature gun" he continued.

"I was being sarcastic asshole" said Shawn.

"At least im not one hundred percent a dick like you" said Travis.

"Fuck you" said Shawn.

"Fuck you to buddy" said Travis. "We should go find them" he continued.

"Yeah" said Shawn as they split up to go looking for there four friends.

Shawn was looking for his friends in the MARVEL section of Comic-Con when he finally found a replica of Rockets gun and grabbed it when the vendor wasn't looking and continued walking. Not long after he vanished without a trace.

Travis was looking for his friends in the Star Wars section of Comic-Con when he saw another Thor cos-player drop his replica of Stormbreaker. He picked it up off the floor and went to return it when he suddenly vanished in a flash of light. He woke up in a forest.

"What the fuck just happened?" He asked as he sat up. "Why the fuck am I in a forest?" He continued.

Nathan woke up in a room made of crystals.

"Where the hell am I?" He asked. "Why is this room made of crystals?" He continued.

"Who are you?" Asked a tall purple and green anthro dragon.

"Names Nathan" said Nathan before remembering what he was wearing. "But you can call me Star-Lord" he continued. "Where am I?" He asked.

"Names Spike by the way" said the Dragon. "Your in Princess Twilight's castle" he continued. "Now will you please get out of her throne" he concluded.

Nathan looked down to see he was indeed in a throne and stood up. "Sorry about that" he said. "But I dont know how I got here" he continued. "Do you?" He asked.

"Nope" said Spike. "But I know someone who might be able to figure it out" he continued.

Seth and Charels both woke up in what looked like a throne room. Seth in the smaller dark blue throne woke up first and then woke up Charels, who was in the bright gold throne.

"Wake up!" Said Seth as he smacked Charels in the face.

"Im up!" Yelled Charels as he leaped from the throne he was sleeping in. "What the hell dude?" He asked as Seth got out of the throne he was sitting in.

"We need to figure out where we are" said Seth.

"What do you..." Charels tried to say before realizing where they where. "What the fuck?" He asked. "Where are we?" He continued.

"That's literally what I just said we need to figure out" said Seth.

"OK smart ass" said Charels. "Where do you think we are?" He asked.

"Looking at our surroundings id say we where in the throne room of Princesses Luna and Celestia" said Seth. "But that can't be right" he continued.

"Right, because there fictional characters" said Charels.

"Fictional?" Asked a white anthro alicorn female.

"Please elaborate" said the dark blue one standing next to her.

Shawn woke up in a tree next to a cottage.

"What happened?" He asked as he tried to get up and fell out of the tree. "Son of a bitch that hurt" he said as he tried to stand up. It was at this moment he realized he was a small anthropomorphic raccoon. "What the fuck?" He asked himself as a yellow anthro Pegasus mare charged out of the nearby cottage and knelled down beside him and helped him up.

"Are you okay?" She asked.

"Oh you gotta be kidding me" said Shawn.

Brandon woke up in a room made of crystals and was extremely confused by all the anthro ponies staring at him.

"Excuse me" said Brandon to whoever among the ponies would answer him. "Where am I?" He asked. "And how did I get here?" He continued.

"Your in the Crystal Empire" said a pink anthro alicorn mare.

"And we'd like to know how you got here as well" said a white anthro unicorn standing next to the pink alicorn.

~~~Part II~~~

Nathan and Spike walked for about five minutes in the giant ass castle when they came to a stop in front of a set of giant doors.

"I should warn you" said Spike. "She gets exited easily, and I mean really exited" he continued as he opened the door. "Twi!" He yelled into the room as him and Nathan walked in. "We got a problem" he continued.

"What is it Spike?" Asked a purple anthro alicorn as she turned around. "How is a human here without being a pony?" She asked.

"That's what id like to know" said Spike.

"Id like to know how im here period" said Nathan.

"Starlight!" Yelled the alicorn. "Bring me all the books we have on other dimensions and dimensional magics!" She continued.

"Your sure your okay?" Asked the yellow mare.

"Yes" said Shawn.

"Hey flutters" said a blue Pegasus as she landed next to the yellow one. "What is that raccoon wearing?" She asked.

"Dont call me a raccoon!" Yelled Shawn.

"What the hell!" Yelled the blue Pegasus. "Why can I understand him?" She asked.

"You can?" Asked the yellow one.

"Yes!" Said the blue one. "He said not to call him a raccoon" she continued.

"Because I dont want you to call me a raccoon" said Shawn.

"What do you want me to call you then?" Asked the blue one.

"Call me Sh..." he tried to say before changing his mind. "Rocket, call me Rocket" he said.

Travis stood up and started looking around for something or someone that could tell him where he was and how he got here, he immediately noticed that every tree was an apple tree. He eventually found the edge of the forest and ended up right next to a clubhouse, and could see a barn in the distance. He started to walk towards the barn when a yellow anthro pony that looked like a teenager ran out of the clubhouse, quickly followed by a white unicorn teen and a orange Pegasus teen.

"What are you doing on my farm?!?" Asked the yellow one.

"I happen to be lost" said Travis. "Could you point me in the direction of the nearest legal adult?" He asked.

"Towards the barn" said the orange one.

"Thank you young Pegasus" said Travis as he started walking towards the barn. He made it to the barn and a orange pony walked out of it. "Excuse me miss" said Travis startling the mare. "Could you help me?" He asked her.

"What with?" She eventually asked when she realized he wasn't a threat.

"I need help determining where I am and how I got here" said Travis.

"I don't know about that second one but your in Equestria, more specifically the town of Ponyville" said the mare.

"Could you point me in the direction of someone who could help me figure out how I got here?" Asked Travis.

"Walk down the main path there" said the mare pointing towards a path. "And look for the giant castle, the princess inside is really smart when it comes to stuff like this" she continued.

"Thank you miss" said Travis as he walked the way she instructed.

Brandon was talking to the princess and her husband, as he had found out.

"So you really dont know how you got here?" Asked Shining Armor.

"That's right" said Brandon. "Do you know anybody who might be able to figure it out?" He asked.

"Actually" said Cadence. "We just might" she continued as she turned to a guard. "Get Sunburst" she said to the guard. "We'll need him to watch Flurry while were visiting Princess Twilight" she continued as the guard left. "Come on, we got a train to catch.

Rocket was walking with Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash, he had learned there names on their walk.

"Where are you taking me again?" Asked Rocket

"To our friend Twilight" said Fluttershy. "Were hoping she can tell us why everyone can understand you" she continued.

"And how I got in you tree?" Asked Rocket.

"That to" said Rainbow Dash.

Seth and Charels didn't know how to respond to the two princesses, so they just stood there like idiots.

"We have asked nicely for you to answer us" said the dark blue one. "We will not ask nicely again" she continued.

"Calm down sister" said the white one. "Im sure theirs a good reason for them to think that me and you are fictional" she continued. "And to be in our throne room without permission" she concluded.

"My names Seth" said Seth. "This is my friend Charels" he continued.

"Hello" said Charels.

"And im telling you the honest to Odin truth when I say that we have no idea how we got here" said Seth.

"Okay, I believe you" said Celestia. "Now why did you think we where fictional?" She asked.

"That's... not a long story but its not one im sure you'd believe" said Seth.

"Try us" said Luna.

Rocket, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash where approaching a giant Crystal tree.

"That's a castle?" Asked Rocket.

"It would appear so Shawn" said a dude who looked half pirate and half angel as he walked up to them.

"Travis?" Asked Rocket.

"Aye" said Travis. "It is good to know im not alone in this world" he continued.

"I actually go by Rocket now" said Rocket.

"Im not gonna call you that" said Travis as he walked up to the front door of the castle and knocked.

"Yes?" Asked Spike as he opened the door. "Oh" he said as he gestured for Travis to enter. Fluttershy, Rainbow and Rocket joining soon after.

Brandon was on the train with the princess and her husband.

"How long until we get there?" He asked.

"Just a couple minutes now" said Cadence.

"Really?" Brandon asked. "We left just a couple of minutes ago" he said.

"It's a fast train" said Shining. The train soon arrived at the train station and the three started walking into town.

"So what's this Twilight the princess of?" Asked Brandon.

"Friendship" said Cadence. "And im the princess of love" she continued. After a while they made it to the big crystal tree castle.

"Interesting castle" said Brandon. After they entered and Cadence called Twilight's name she came storming into the room.

"Hello" she said before she noticed the human. "Follow me" she continued.

Seth and Charels had just finished explaining why they thought the princesses where fictional characters.

"That... is an interesting story" said Luna.

"How can we trust that it's a true one?" Asked Celestia.

"Why would we lie?" Asked Charels.

"And why would we make something like that up for the lie?" Asked Seth.

"Good point" said Celestia.

"So do you know how to get us back to our world?" Asked Charels.

"No" said Luna. "But Twilight might" she continued.

"Agreed" said Celestia as she teleported all four of them to the entrance room of Twilight's castle. Scaring Starlight Glimmer who was on her way back to the library. "My apologies Starlight" said Celestia.

"Do you know where Twilight is?" Asked Luna.

"Im headed that way now" said Starlight as she lead them all to the library.

After they got into the library.

"Now the entire gang's here" said Nathan.

"All six of us got sent here?" Asked Seth.

"Correct my friend" said Travis.

"Do you have a way to send us back?" Charels Asked Twilight bluntly. Twilight had started reading the book Starlight had brought her. When she was done she looked up at all five humans and raccoon.

"No" said Twilight. "I dont" she continued. "Im sorry" she concluded.

"Well then" said Travis. "We must make the best of our new lives on this planet" he continued.

"Travis is right" said Charels.

"As per fucking usual" said Rocket.

"Do we go by our real names or the names of the people we where turned into?" Asked Brandon.

"I dont care which you five do but im going by Rocket" said Shawn.

"Call me Stephen then" said Charels.

"Tony" said Seth.

"Peter" said Nathan.

"Scott" said Brandon.

"And what about you?" Celestia asked Travis.

"You may call me Thor" said Travis.

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I shall be watching with apt attention

(however, it does need to slow down)

Im glad you enjoyed Chapter I. And thank you for your feed back.

Pretty good, though you might want to fix some grammar issues here and there. Maybe try replacing the word "said" with words like mutter, reply, admitted, declared etc. to give more structure to the characters' dialogue. Slow down with the story, and describe the settings a little more.

I'll keep all of that in mind, thank you!

You have my intrigue

I'll try to keep your intrigue

You have my intrigue. Keep up with this work.

Glad you found my story interesting!

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