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This story is a sequel to A Compact Tale

Jimmy is now trying his hand at assistant teaching. But he cannot escape in any way from the curse...

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This was interesting and amusing, thank you.

Your welcome =3

My stories always have me going through these various transformations because....... it is my natural gift of course =3

What would your cutie mark be then?

One of the other students sighed. "This has been one trippy lesson," he said, as the bell went.

You don't know the half of it, kid. :ajsmug:


A set of intertwined arrows?

Good work, I hope the edit helped.

It is time to return to Manteo, North Carolina, where things have got a little calmer from the sheer weirdness that occurred only a week ago. For those who were not clued up about the very strange occurences of last week, I invite the mare herself (or former man, should I say, given that was his/her biological position before the occurrences from last week) to tell us what happened.

Well, isn't that nice:twilightsmile:?

"Oh! Thank you very much, Mr. Narrator!"

No problem, Citrus Blush. Although I must say it sounds like a soundalike for Mr. Conductor.


Never mind, only people over the age of 20 will get that reference.



Oh, never mind. You said you have a story to tell?

"Oh, yes, of course! It all started when I got stuck behind a slow moving crowd of people, and I needed to get somewhere quickly. I annoyed them, though, and that proved to be a bad thing to do, as one of them turned out to be the Merchant from all those Displaced stories you see all over the site."

And what happened next?

"Well, she dropped an item that contained magic on the ground, a powder compact of all things, and it caused me to change into this character you see before you."

"She's not the only one, you know!"

Sweetie Belle, shush.


Citrus, by all means continue.


"Of course. I wasn't perturbed by this at all, you see, as I am very used to this state of affairs, changing every week or so into a different My Little Pony Character. I used this to open a portal and she fell through, getting rid of this problem forever."

But did she really:duck:?

But how will anybody else get to the Canterlot Adventures world?

"Oh. I hadn't thought of that. Anyway, I went home after that, and a few days later was back to normal. I believe this is where you come in to continue the story."

Yes, of course. This, naturally enough, is where our story picks up, with the Monday after in Manteo, North Carolina.

And here we go:ajsmug:.

Things had calmed down somewhat since last week, with the hole in reality that had appeared due to last week's incident between a unicorn and an old woman having been covered over by the local road maintenance department, on hire from the City Municipal Department. They suspected it would eventually vanish, but they had to be sure and safe, and as such were covering it until then. However, the individual who had caused the hole to appear was not in town at all. He was not in his home, and nor was he in the town square. He wasn't in Richmond or Norfolk, or anywhere like that, and he wasn't in the sky over Arizona or Utah, or even next to a pyramid in California near a plane crash (although it had something to do with flight).

I think I know who it was:ajsmug:.

No, Jimmy Hook, or hero, or soon to be heroine, was elsewhere, at First Flight High School. This was near Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, and if you don't know the significance of this place for the history of the world then I am frankly appalled.

Why was he here? Well, since we last met him he had been taken onboard by the school as a teaching assistant. His friend in the UK had once held a similar post, and as a result he decided he wanted to give it a try as well, having been a teacher so far twice as the result of two transformations prior.


"Did somebody call me?"

"Did somebody call me too?"

Oh dear. Both of you, could you please go back to sleep? I'm trying to tell a story here.


"Sorry Mr. Narrator. We won't disturb you again."


Now, on with the story:derpytongue2:!

Where was I? Ah yes. Jimmy had been assigned to assist in the math class, or one of them at least. The focus was on the subject of trigonometry, or the art of angles and shapes, and as a result this saw extensive use of devices such as compasses and set squares, rulers and other such mighty implements of drawing straight lines.

And I'm betting the mare in the cover art is an expert at that:twilightsmile:.

Jimmy looked over a student's shoulder to see what he was doing, and the result looked to be wrong. The compass was set far too wide for the angle required. This would make a mess and cause a wrong answer, and nobody wanted that.

"The compass needs to be closer together in order to draw the angle accurately," he said to the student, and reached over to correct them. When he touched them, he suddenly got a jolt through his body. It was only then he remembered what day it was, and inwardly cursed himself for not taking the option to work Wednesday to Friday.

"Oh dear," he said. "I chose a bad place for this."

That you did:rainbowderp::derpytongue2:!!!

"For what?" the student asked, turning around. What he saw caused him to shriek like a little girl and try to escape to the other side of the room.

For nobody here knew of Jimmy's curse. And as a result, none were prepared for when he began to change...

No they are not:rainbowlaugh:!!!

It began with his face, which suddenly gained a muzzle from his nose and mouth merging together and growing forward. The bridge of his glasses was forced apart, but somehow didn't snap in two like usual. Instead, the metal seemed to be stretching, growing even as the temples and hinges vanished, his ears joining them a moment later as a new pair grew out of the side of his skull. He was used to having holes in the side of his head, but none of the other students were, and they began to try and clear the room in a panic. The glasses reshaped from square rims to elliptical ones, and gained a nose glasses look. The color also changed from Red to Blue. His hair changed colour from brown to multiple shades of pink and purple, followed by it slicking back in the manner of a ponytail, leaving his forehead completely exposed. The exposed space was promptly filled by a horn, which grew for about two seconds before stopping. His eyes also changed color from Blue to a Moderate Orchid color while also gaining eyelashes.

First the muzzle, then the ears, then the color of his hair, and the horn, and the eyes:twilightsmile:.

The rest of his body followed suit, starting to shrink, Alice in Wonderland style, as he descended through his shirt and pants, leaving them in a pile around the bottom of his legs. There was a loud cracking noise as his hips forced him onto all fours, followed by his hands closing into fists and the fingers merging into a single digit, producing hoofs. The joins in his elbows inverted, followed by the same happening to the ones in his legs, as he lost his toes. These retracted into his feet, creating another set of hooves, which were stuck inside by his now massive shoes and socks.

Then the size, and the legs, and the hands, and hooves:raritystarry:!

He groaned as he suddenly became a she, followed by two other things appearing. Then she felt something akin to a brush in her pants, which she assumed as a tail. Fur coloured a light blue erupted from her body as a cutie mark of a compass appeared on her flanks, marking the end of the transformation.

Then the tail and the Cutie Mark:yay:!!!

North Point pulled her hooves out of the socks and shoes, and shook the pants and underwear off of her body, walking to the front of the class, hopping on a chair as she did so. "Hello everyone!" she said.

Hey NP:scootangel:!!!

The few students remaining just looked on in confusion, as the principal walked in. "Now then, I heard of some sort of-WHAT IN GOD'S NAME?" he asked.

North Point smiled. "Just keeping an eye on your class, sir."

Yeah, pay no attention to the talking magical pony:rainbowlaugh:!!!

One of the other students sighed. "This has been one trippy lesson," he said, as the bell went.

For you, yes it has:rainbowlaugh:!!!

Oh hey I like this pony

Noice =3

Where do you rank North Point at for you? :3

She is on my theoretical list of cute unappreciated background ponies

Okie =3

Which number do you rank her at? I need to know ^^;

This implies I have a ranked list of all ponies, which I don't :trollestia:

Thanks <3 I just love Female Characters that wear glasses. It does make them look even more Adorkable X3

I totally agree!

It shows intelligence and sweetness!

So feminine.

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