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Jay David

Just a guy from Britain who loves MLP.


Twilight Sparkle, a young filly with dreams of learning all she can about magic. Rarely does she spend time with other ponies her age, instead focusing on her books and her studies. But one day, while keeping her nose in an especially engrossing tome, she soon finds herself with an unexpected playmate for the afternoon.

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Comments ( 36 )
AandWguy #1 · 1 week ago · · 3 ·

Yes! Love this ship!

Why isn't there a romance tag?

Cute, adorable, and well written. Great work!

Eddy13 #4 · 1 week ago · · 1 ·

They're foals. What did you expect?

This was a very cute story, and I'd like to accept it as headcanon.

Blue2411 #5 · 1 week ago · · 1 ·

Cute & Wholesome, I approve

Cute and lovely. Love the story title. Very fitting.

Ah, adorable! And the idea of them Meeting as foals is a Good idea.

Frankly, i Never understood the hate for Flash.

Cuteness...over...whelming. Can't...take it. (And then Banshee died)

I know, i meant i Never understood the hate for Pony Flash. Unlike his equestria girls counterpart, he never interacted with Twilight directly

Well technically he did at the beginning and the end of the first EQG movie, but only for a brief amount of time. If I had to guess, I'd say it was a sort of "guilt by association" mentality for the fans.

Makes Sense. I just Never understood Why hating him for a Friendly Action, plus any guard had done this as Duty.

Personally, i see them as Good Friends than Lovers

Trust me, I thought Flash-hate was ridiculous the moment it started.

Me too. Sadly the Common belief of being Lovers upon Seen together, even though they're just Friends

Good to finally see another Flashlight story from you. They are just as cute together as kids.

Well shit that was adorable :pinkiehappy:

That was really sweet story. Nice work.

My heart just exploded from both ship and adorabetes. :pinkiegasp:

I'd like to see one of the mane bunch find a boyfriend.

Always thought of it as more of a “she’s making google eyes at someone she’s never spoken to and it’s odd for a mare that’s never so much as hinted at a sex-drive to suddenly do that when she’s in an alien world.” I don’t hate flash, never have, but the decision seemed odd to me.

I read the title wrong, and saw the cover art. I thought it was a clopfic until I noticed the rating and breathed a sigh of relief.

OK, this was really adorable. :twilightsmile:

Flash Sentry: "And that, Princess Flurry Heart, is how I met your Auntie Twily!"

Juria #27 · 1 week ago · · ·

Aw, so sweet.

I had a heart attack and all my teeth fell out. I hope your satisfied.

How I Met Your Aunt

Produced by Hasbro

A cute little story. :rainbowkiss:

Damn that was cute. You know you havent really done much with them. Not compared to Flash and Sunset. I wish for more, please XP

My headcanon for that is that it was human hormones. Essentially, Puberty made her horny, and she wasn’t ready, unlike when in heat

I swear DWK made that same argument in his EG video, lol

Oh you sweet, innocent little thing. He does “totally legit recaps” on YouTube. I’ve had to stop them because I was going to laugh myself sick. Don’t watch them with young ears around though. Example and one of my fav bits:

“Starlight, I’m pregnant”. “Trixie you cant get pregnant from hugs”. “You just don’t want to take responsibility!”

Oh, he’s who posted those? I love them. I’m surprised Totally Legit Recaps hasn’t been caught under YouTube’s rather ridiculous Copyright policy, though. I love the new ideas it gives me, watching parodies and fanmade creations. Previously, it had never occurred to me that Sunset might be having an overblown teenage hissy-fit.

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