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My name is Tim, and I live in Antwerp, Belgium.Best pony is Fluttershy.Yay.


Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rarity and Spike are on their way to a distant city, but lose their way. When a thunderstorm breaks loose, they seek refuge in a nearby manor, where time apparently stood still. Not everything is as it seems, as all around them, spirits rest uneasily and the supernatural manifests around every corner.

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wait... incomplete? well either you forgot to change it or the ghost are trolling Twi and the others

Whoops! :twilightblush: Fixed! Thanks for pointing that out :twilightsmile:

1152318 Your input is much appreciated. :pinkiehappy:

If I have to be brutally honest: the entire story is based on an issue of a Belgian comic books series, where the family who end up in the same situation haphazardly stumbles from one situation into the next. For instance, the character whom I turned into Darkly Bristle just explains to the character turned Lady Solitaire he gets turned into a werewolf every full moon, she faints and then he walks off with her in his arms. That's all we see of him. Another example: the character turned Agate Wreath actively chases the family after she turned vampire for literally one panel, then she's out of the picture (pun not intended). There's plenty more of those.

So, basically, that comic is full of plotholes as it is. :twilightoops:

Then again, that shouldn't be an excuse for me not to expand on what I've been given to work with. I wholeheartedly agree this could be much better (and I can do much better, just look at my other story), but my heart just wasn't into writing back then. And even less so ever since I started drawing.

Begs the question why I even bothered with it in the first place. I guess I enjoy taking a knack at being in the spotlight, even if for a little while.

Maybe when I find the will to be writing again, I might improve this. But the other hobby is dominating that will right now, so it'll be a very long time... If ever.

But again, I highly appreciate your input and willingness to provide advice. I was all but certain this story got buried away in internet space so deeply, I wasn't expecting any activity on it at all. :twilightblush:

I'd send that bill straight to Celestia.

Creepy, funny, and totally unexpected. A most excellent story.

aside from certain cliches and plot holes (which do take away from the story somewhat however i usually pass over these if the story is good which it is) i would say this story is not that bad

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