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I can't wait for the next chapter. I'm looking forward to the guilty moment Octavia has when she sees Vinyl pissed off and gets revenge for that throat fucking she just had.


Haha, plenty of guilty moments ahead, for sure. :raritywink:

Looking forward to it. :pinkiehappy:

so how long till Bitchy Sunset gets the hate-fueled rape-fucking she deserves?

I'm curious as to if Octavia ever sucked herself off


I think she probably would have considered that lewd. But, no doubt the new Octavia shall find ample room for personal exploration. :twilightsmile:

To be honest I'm suprised that vynl is alive after that fun cannon went off

Vinyl is so going to get even with Octavia for leaving her like that. And I know, at some point, Octavia is going to run into Sunset Shimmer.

Definitely like what I see! Futa Octavia is a true gift to us all, and you write her well.

Thank you! I really appreciate it! :twilightsmile:

This is great! I can't wait to see more like this from you! The pacing was great, the smut was descriptive, and the ending was hilarious. Please write more soon! You've earned yourself a follower.

That means more than I can say - truly. I am really glad you like and am thankful for the follow. I hope you shall also enjoy the future installments. ^^

Interesting so far. Would like to see more

So, I feel I've got to ask for confirmation in order for this to make any sense at all (and the story doesn't make this clear and seems to indicate otherwise), but Octavia is a hermaphrodite, right? :rainbowhuh:

During the descriptions it seems that she only has a dick and needs potions for it to look like she's fully female, but if that's the case her entire backstory would make no sense at all, so I hope I'm just seeing it wrong.

Sure, porn logic and all, but this'd be too much of a plot whole for my suspension of disbelief to handle.

Full agreement here about that.

Oooo this is certainly gonna be fun

Haha, I hope I shall not disappoint. :raritywink:

You hope you will dissapoint?

Oh whoops, forgot the "not". lol

Octavia found herself back in the girl’s locker room at Canterlot Middle School. The rest of the girls were changing after a long workout. She was thoroughly exhausted and retreated, as she normally did, to the corner where she thought she was out the way.

mmm... Carrie vibes


You know, that's what my friend said. Funny enough though, I've never watched that movie.

Go do that. It also has a very young John Travolta in it.
Skip the sequels and remakes.

i can tell this story is going to be fucking hot to read cant wait for more<3

Yeees. More cocktavia

Huh. Didn't think she had it in her

I don't think Octavia did either. x3

I was not expecting Iron will to like futanari ponies :rainbowderp:

Ooh, Octavia being fiercely dominant? Instant like from me!

Huh well that's one way to make a dull lecture less boring XD

so is vinyl going to be octys cock sock through out this story? and is vinyl ok

Although I loathe to find Bacon Horse as the target of revenge, this promises to be hot, nasty and passionate revenge. Colour me intrigued.

Well, now we know she will be having her revenge against her high school bully. I look forward to Octavia penetrating infiltrating the sorority. But Iron Will.

An actually likeable Zephyr. You're a miracle worker :rainbowderp:

This is surprisingly adorable. :derpytongue2:

This is pretty good. Glad to be implicated in this debauched masterpiece.

This has been fun so far, if a little more “anal” than I’d like, but the line “this is illegal” concerns me. Let’s run the numbers.

Ok, this is college. Typical HIGH SCHOOL seniors are in their late teens, so Octy must be around her early 20s. What transpired here was definitely illegal, but I’m willingly choosing to believe you don’t mean THAT kind of illegal. I don’t say “I’m choosing to believe” very often, or very lightly.

But yeah, fun read.

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