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Not bad, sort of feels like the beginning of something greater though.

This could go a number of ways. It almost feels like an unfinished story, though I still like it

What I like in this story is how it, to me, has a more genuine feel to somebody trying to free themselves from shame by involving a friend they hoped would be able to understand why they like what they like.

In a lot of stories about those who like to wear and use diapers, you tend to get a lot of, "Oh! This is actually quite fun!". Here you are providing, to me, a more honest response of Scoot trying to help Sweetie save some face while letting her friend know that she doesn't judge her for wearing a wetting diapers but has no desire to ever do such a thing again.

It was a nice setting and a real solid 'slice Of Life' when it comes to doing what you feel can help you feel better about yourself. Keeping secrets is no fun and feeling alone is even less fun. Sweetie simply wanted to get her feelings out in the open and, even if it wasn't a win, she at least tried.

Nicely done! Very glad you posted.

I'm glad you enjoyed the read 😊 the original link was actually up 4 years ago on Deviant Art, and omg (how'd you know???) I totally took the "slice of life" tag out last minute in assuming I could've been wrong about how I captured that aspect. Thanks for clearing up those doubts for me!:twilightsheepish: Also thanks for the mini review there as well.

It's good to hear from you again. I was worried you had gone away.

This came out very well. I particularly liked when Sweetie was self-assuring herself while hugging the diaper close to herself and squeeing. It gave off such a sense of self-confidence that is often hard to feel. Especially when wanting to let someone in on something you do that other fillies and colts don't.

I think Scootaloo is handling this in show fashion. She's coming off more curious than making fun of Sweetie, or telling Sweetie Belle something negative about what she is doing.

An interesting thought, in relation to the story, is how diapers are really good comfort items. The softness can assist in alleviating pressure by giving you a 'cushion' to rest upon. And, even if you don't use them for their intended purpose, the reassurance of knowing you are safe, if anything did happen, is helpful. It's more the thought of knowing you are 'protected' and the feeling of safety that one may not feel as they grow older and are exposed to scary sides of the world around them.

Oh thanks!!:twilightsheepish: I didn't expect a response so soon. Nao I'm still around for now, Seems I could never simply leave a site for good heh.
Sweetie's attempt was honestly kind of rushed (for me as well as her) but you know children, their natural arrogance allows them to pretty much bypass that whole thought process, at least that should be the case with Sweetie here cause she's already supposedly used to diapers.
Also well behaved Scootaloo is a happy Scootaloo XD
Ahh and some fine points you brought up! Intended quotations and all lol

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