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Zaten the Changeling

I am an aspiring writer. If you need a friend, just ask me! I love making friends! I'm a fan of many things, ask me and you'll find out! I am also interested by WWII and space.


The hated dictator of Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler is relaxing in his bunker one day in 1943, when he's inexplicably transported to Equestria, a land of colorful magic horses.

Why did this happen? What is going to happen? How will der Fuhrer and his face react? Find out in this extremely random story! Well, except for that first part. There's no answer for that.

I have no reasoning for this. I apologize if I offend anyone, and I do not support Nazism in any way. The only thing about Hitler that I support is that mustache of his, it's absolutely amazing.

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Comments ( 40 )

A burst of imagination! And autism. I can pull the autism joke card, since a friend gave it to me.

Wtf did I just read? It gave me a good laugh but I am also very confused.

But yeah, great story.

Exactly the point of it, I'm glad this has worked so well :trollestia:

I tried to translate that. Google Translate had a seizure.

*sigh* time to go to my German friend.

Also, thanks!

Why do I feel like a bunch of nazi zombies invades Ponyville? :rainbowhuh:

I do agree that his mustache IS absolutely amazing.

This was nonsense from beginning to end. I loved it. What's with all the downvotes, anyway? I don't see where you went wrong.

That would be a GREAT sequel. Maybe I'll do that.

Probs because it's called "Hitler Freaks Out in Equestria", so it's literally Hitler.

Big F in the chat for Hitler here.

Hmm... SEIG HEI- wait, I can't say that... Um... Heil myself, heil to me, I'm the crowd who's out to change our history! Heil myself, raise your hand, there's no greater, dictator in the land!

Indeed. The only mustache better than his is Stalin's.

Why all the downvotes?

Would the same happen if he used Obama?

Should've had Hitler and Stalin only speak in poorly-translated-from-English-to-German/Russian

But then people wouldn't understand and so it wouldn't be funny. So instead I used the horrible accents.

He probably started to freak out. When he heard this slowly get louder in the background.

Skip to 1:20 for best part.

O....kay, this was...something. I didn't understand why you felt the need to apologize until I read the story. It was funny until the ending. It didn't have enough vodka. Or maybe you had too much.

Hey Zaten, I wanted to let you know that I’ve struggled living with depression for the last 6 or so years of my life. It’s hard for me to even get out of bed some mornings. Thankfully, I’ve come across your fanfic recently and finally decided to kill myself. Thanks :)

Mein Gotta... Such... Such... Beauty :fluttercry::raritycry::pinkiehappy:

What a great way to go out, though!


nothing beats a floating hammer and sickle

Well, I admit, I read this because of your complaint in Discord about how people downvoted just because it was Hitler.

And, I found the story actually interesting. A very interesting question for the land of friendship and harmony.

Until ... the Stalin appearing no 5th wall ending. And ...


I ran out of ideas at that point to be honest. That's what happens when you have my brain.

Well, I can say this story doesn't deserve all the downvotes it's getting. It's written decently enough.

I can't say there's much else here, though. :trixieshiftleft: The jokes aren't that funny, the 'human in Equestria' isn't made very interesting with Hitler, and the ending is nonexistent.

So, uh, I guess everyone just needs to chill out?

-GM, master of green.

Nazi humor is rare these days. I found this way funnier because I read it in a cheesy German accent.

Green is my favorite color.

People always say it's not a creative color.

I think you're onto something. :moustache:

Zat ist ze most important zhing to do vhen reading zis! Jou must read in ze bad German accent. Ja!

to answer both your questions: I have no clue ahahaa

to the rest i say "okay then"

i also appreciate the 6/10 that's better than what i think of it


honestly i don't have a clue how to properly do german accents in text, but i tried

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