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Backstage before the Hearth's Warming Pageant, Twilight Sparkle makes a terrible discovery.

There's a huge booger hanging out of Fluttershy's nose.

And Twilight's the only one who's noticed.

Finished 77th out of 93 in the January, 2015 writeoff, "All In".

Cover art by Wreckham!

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Comments ( 10 )

I remember this. Nice to see it on Fimfiction.

Also, I misread one line as "pre-pregnant jitters?" and spent the next minute trying to figure out what Rarity knew that I didn't.

And at least the nugget wasn't fibrous.

That Fluttershy pic is the stuff of nightmares for bloody DEMONS.....

Author Interviewer

How do lady get pageanenant?

Haha, this finally got unearthed! That was one hell of a write-off.

Could'a been worse. She could've sent it back up Fluttershy's nostril at terminal velocity. :twilightoops: :pinkiegasp:


Author Interviewer

Oh my god thank you for showing me this XD

That was fun. In character for Twilight, even to the extent that I started thinking "this is the kind of thing I bet she'd figure she could solve with magic" about two paragraphs before she started going that way.

Also come on, no link to the OMPR comment?

Author Interviewer

Well, I linked to the blog post at least. :B It's hard to tell in author's notes, it seems...

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