• Published 14th May 2019
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Flash Sentry Chronicles: The Forgotten Darkness - Banshee531

Flash, Twilight and friends have beaten the Sirens. All seemed well as they returned to Equestria, only for a new threat to arise. Now, Flash and the others will find themselves learning a truth they had never seen coming. Will they survive?

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"People have needs. Once they've attained money and power, the last thing they seek is glory. Call it...a legacy."

Keigi Shibusawa

"That is not good. Really, really not good." Flash repeated as he stared at Vile and Dark Mist.

"So...this is the origin of the Alicorn Amulet?" Twilight asked next, rubbing her chin in thought. "To be fair, I never really looked into the object's origin that much. I just knew it existed and it had the power to enhance magic with the cost of corrupting you."

"Does that mean it was also made with rune magic?" Rainbow added with a roll of the eyes, "I mean, it seems like its gonna do everything in all of this."

Twilight shook her head. "No. At least, not completely. Though I wish I could examine it with my own magic, I suspect that that gem is a type of advanced container. That pony from the village that made it, he must be some kind of genius in this era. There's no way something like this could be made in this past era without certain circumstances."

Applejack tapped her side next, "Twilight, no offense, but that sounds like a bunch of horseapples. Didn't you say those bad apples had a bunch of advanced rune magic stuff compared to us?"

"AJ's right. Shade did make that giant machine." Rainbow continued, "I don't think any of us have seen anything like that coming."

"Well...maybe..." Twilight admitted as she put her hoof over her mouth, frowning, "But I've read into Doom Raizer's works after the...Omniara event. He was a genius inventor, mainly with magic powered machines. The advancements he made were considered to be leaps in magic technology development. Princess Celestia told me that she has a team that still goes over his notes to try to replicate them, which I've even viewed at times....yet not much progress has been made. That alone makes this situation even worse."

Flash crossed his hooves at this, "You're right. Shade's using his tech to help with everything, including those blasted cloak puppet things. Doom made a whole army of 'em back at Omniara, and it looks like they can also be used by somepony whose not even a pony!" Flash groaned as he rubbed the side of his head next, "But...that doesn't explain why all of this is happening in the past! Why do the Tricksters have all this stuff?!"

A small sigh escaped Twilight's mouth, "I'm not sure. Part of me thinks this Vile Rune is just like Doom in terms of brains. The other part is telling me that there's something else going on here."

"Well, that Vile Rune pony sure does look evil enough." Rainbow commented as he pointed at the multi-scarred unicorn, "I mean, just look at the guy. He's got evil written all over him."

"I second that." Flash added as he rubbed his nose, "Wanna keep watching for now?"

"Sounds good to me."

Back to Dark Mist and Vile Rune, the unicorn was now putting the gem inside its neck piece. "Alright partner, now..." a small click went off as the gem was set, "I'm going to need time in order for this work. As per usual, I need your Tricksters to set connection runes across the battlefield you've set up for us."

"I know. They laid them all out a few days ago. My minions only need to reactivate their sigils and they'll be ready to go." Dark Mist admitted with crossed claws, "Remember, you're the lynchpin of this plan. If we go to war with them, we will lose. Even with your runes, I don't have enough Tricksters to go around compared to those jakhowls."

"I understand that, and I'm prepared for the outcome." Vile replied as he pulled out another piece of paper, "I just want to confirm your-"

"Are you doubting me Vile?!" Dark interrupted, a slight snarl following this.

"No. I just want you to know we do have the option of running away." Vile responded as he tapped the paper, "There's nothing wrong with losing a little face if it means you can win later."

Dark let out a low growl, "I'm not one to lose face. I am Dark Mist, the greatest being that has ever existed."

"I know, and I'm dedicated to what we're doing here. This amulet could change the world, something I would love to see." Vile replied with a blank face, not showing an inch of emotion, "But I also know that losing and surviving are two different things. I'm more than prepared to give my life in order to gain much more power. I just want to make sure you're ready to take that leap."

"I've said this before. All Tricksters will gladly give everything to kill even one jakhowl, even if it means we have to sacrifice our entire race. That is the lengths of our hatred. It is what gives us our strength."

"Good. Then I have no worries."

"You better." Dark hissed as he turned to leave the tent, "Get some sleep Vile. We're making history tomorrow."

"Same to you." Vile responded as he leaned back in his chair, watching the fox leave. And as he left, he whispered to himself, "Now...how do I profit in this situation the most? I'll be making the most powerful object in existence, so that's a start. But...will it let me go higher? Hmm..."

As these last words left his mouth, the world started to shift again, making the Mane Seven groan, Flash closing his eyes. "Here we go again..."

Back with Springer and Shade...

"So, do ya like the new developments? Looks like your so-called friends aren't liking them." Shade asked with a huge smirk.

Springer just rolled his eyes, "We're watching a bunch of evil weirdos be evil and weird. Of course they're not gonna like it."

"HEY! That's Dark Mist you're insulting! How dare you!" Shade screamed as he slammed his paws into the map. "Show respect-no! Bow to even the memories of the greatest Trickster that has ever lived!"

Springer replied by crossing his arms, "Uh...no. I'm not gonna do that, just like I don't respect you."

"Why you little-I am your superior, you aura snot!"

"And I've beaten you twice. Why should I respect that?"

"Grrr…" Shade hissed as he looked away, "Cloak! Bring me another apple!"

"Aww...what's the matter? Is the big bad fox's feelings hurt?" Springer mocked while sticking out his tongue, "Well, you deserve it!"

"Shut up!" Shade barked as a cloak gave him an apple, "I'll show you! *chomp* I'll show you and *smack* your stinking so-called friends! *gulp* Let's see how you like it when I show you the end!"

"The end of what?"

Shade wiped his mouth of apple juice, a huge grin now shining on his face. "Oh, its not much. Just a little something I like to call...genocide." Springer's eyes went wide at this as Shade took another bite, "Let's watch, shall we?"

The two looked down at the screen, now seeing it morph to a new landscape. Here, it showed a large dusty canyon, complete with a full army of Tricksters. The foxes were lined up in rows, both big and small as they laced the field in their black fur. Dirt and trash were falling off their coats as they walked up and down the area, all anxious for blood.

At the front of the army was Dark Mist, an apple in his claw as he talked to another adult Trickster, "Alright, remember your formation. We only get one shot, and we have to make it count. You have to lead your group to intercept the main force."

"Which means we're nothing but meat shields for the rest of you." the other fox replied, "Don't worry master. We're ready to die."

"Ki ki ki...I know you are. That's why this will work." Dark took a chunk out of the apple with a satisfying chomp, "I'll lure Sharp Paw. He won't dare stay on the sidelines like his precious princess."

"Fu fu fu...I still can't believe you got away with that!" The fox laughed as he ate an apple as well, "Gotta say though, we sure she won't come in and join this fight?"

"She'll join the fight...but she won't go in immediately. She's a simple, naïve pony when it comes to battle." Dark admitted as he finished the fruit, "We're ready for everything."

As Dark continued to talk to the other foxes, an army was approaching the canyon. Leading the charge was Chief Sharp Paw, a look of fierce determination on his face. Beside him was Calm Paw and Princess Luna, both showing the same expressions. As they walked, Luna spoke up, "Sharp, I want you to know one thing as we walk into this."

"What's that, your majesty?"

"I don't approve of this plan, and as such, I will say this..." she turned her head, glaring at the jakhowl, "Whatever happens here, you must come back alive. Both of you."

"I know." Sharp admitted, his eyes shifting to look at the alicorn, "I'm sorry your majesty, but I don't have a choice here. I must face him. It is a chief's destiny to fight Tricksters. That is something all chiefs have done throughout the ages."

"I understand that, but I still do not approve." Luna hissed as she looked back ahead, "Dark Mist is not one to do a suicide mission like this. He knows we outnumber and overpower him. There must be something else at work here."

"I agree." Calm added with a low growl, "He is up to something..."

"And that's why I'm leaving this battle before it begins." Luna declared as she flared her wings, "I'm going to take to sky and hide in the clouds as we discussed."

"Understood. Stay hidden up there and see if you can find out his plan." Sharp replied as he held out his right paw, "Your majesty..."

"You will be fine Sharp." Luna responded as she shook his paw and glanced at Calm, "Take care of him."

"I will."

With that, Luna took to the skies, quickly streaming through the clouds. Thankfully, it was a pretty clouded day, letting her easily slip through the blue yonder. While she did this, Sharp and the jakhowls reached the entrance of the canyon. There, they saw Dark Mist standing alone in the middle of the valley, a huge grin on his face as he gestured to the jakhowl.

"Come on down, 'chief of the jakhowls'!" Dark put his claws into his mouth, "Ki ki ki...come on down, and let's talk!"

"Dark..." Sharp growled as he gestured to the jakhowls behind him, "Everyjakhowl, stay here. Get ready to fight as soon as I give the signal."

"Yes sir!" they all replied in unison.

"Be careful love." Calm added.

"I will." Sharp finished as he looked back at his mate one last time. After this, he stared at his opponent, his eyes glancing up to see an army of Tricksters behind him just like the jakhowls with him. As he did this, his pace started to increase as he got closer to the fox, a low growl coming out of his mouth as he whispered, "Dark Mist...I will sstop you."

Dark Mist started to do a slow clap as he whispered as well, "Ki ki ki...ki ki ki…oh, I've been waiting for this for so long." The Trickster started to walk towards the jakhowl, the two now quietly approaching each other. "At last...I will complete the cycle. I will accomplish the greatest Trickster goal!" He put his claws into his mouth as he continued to laugh, "Ki ki ki...at long last, I will now have a legacy!"

As these final words left his mouth, he took his paws out before coming to a halt, a huge smirk on his face. Sharp was the opposite, nothing but a glare and frown as his expression. The jahowl's form started to burn with blue flames, his whole body showing a monstrous aura from his back. "Alright Dark Mist, what is this about?!"

"Oh? Didn't I explain clearly it yesterday?" Dark mocked while tilting his head, a low giggle following this, "Ki ki ki…this is the final battle. Since your goody-two-shoes princess, which I seriously want to gag at saying that, won't get rid of the law, we're fighting the ultimate fight! Our game of cat and mouse between the two of us these past few years ends here!" Dark raised a claw, glowing letters starting to appear on his chest as he grinned, "Or are you scared? Scared that I'll win and the jakhowls will be no more?!"

"I am many things, Dark Mist." Sharp replied as he raised a paw, consuming it in blue fire, "But if there is one thing I will never be, its afraid of you. I am Sharp Paw, leader of the jakhowls and partner of her majesty, Princess Luna. I will never fall to a monster like you."

Dark just shrugged, "Ah, I had a feeling you would say something stupid like that. Let me guess, you wanna go about the honor of serving that...'alicorn'?!" a spit of venom could be heard in those last words as the fox continued, "Last chance Sharp. Convince her to change the law, or else."

Sharp's feet slowly grinded into the dirt below them, his form taking a fighting stance. "No. I'll never let you win."

"I was hoping you would say that." Dark Mist shined the biggest grin he could muster before turning to his minions behind him, "Tricksters! Today is the day we win! Take them down! Kill them all!" He looked back at Sharp as his body began to glow, runic letters appearing over his entire being, "As for you, your head is mine to take!"

"Bring it!" Sharp roared as he yelled to the top of his lungs, "Take them down jakhowls!"

"FOR PRINCESS LUNA AND CHIEF SHARP PAW!!!" Calm Paw screamed, the others repeating her battlecry as they all charged into the canyon.

Hearing this, the two rivals glared at each other as entire armies charged around them. Sounds of thundering footsteps surrounded the duo as both prepared to fight, Dark speaking up first, "This is gonna be fun!"

"Shut up and fight." Sharp replied as he charged at the fox, his paws instantly turning into Steel Paws. In response, Dark Mist made his both turn to Dark Claws, the two clashing a second later. As they nails hit, Dark immediately began to push Sharp back, his feet grinding into the dirt, "What?!"

"I'm stronger than you now Sharp. These runes-urgh!" Dark tried to say before Sharp retracted the Steel Claw, spinning his body around to dodge Dark's claw before punching him in the face. The blow knocked the fox back, a small smear of blood falling out of his nose, "Augh! You little-"

"I said shut up." Sharp added as he tried to punch Dark two more times, the fox dodging both blows.

"And you're allowed to speak?!"

"No. I'm allowed to beat you." Sharp responded while raising a single paw, an Aura Blast appearing in his palm.

Dark Mist instantly crossed his arms over his face, the aura sphere now hitting his guarded form. But despite this blow, the runes over the fox's arms began to glow, repairing the damage that had just happened. "Ha! You can't hurt me like that!" Dark barked as he created a Dark Blast in his claws, "Now die!"

A blood red aura appeared around the sphere as he began to fire it, the runes glowing at the same time. However, Sharp didn't move, instead summoning a Bone Breaker as he continued to glare at the fox. Seeing this, Dark fired the sphere, a single dead-on hit ready to the strike the jakhowl. But as he started to get close...the sphere went right through the chief.

"WHAT?! How did you-oof!" Dark screeched, only for the end of a Bone Breaker to hit his jaw. Faltering back, he gripped his jaw as he felt the runes start to repair his pain. "How did you..."

"I'm not the same jakhowl that gave you those chest scars back then, Dark. I will win this."

As this fight raged on, Luna continued to fly over the battlefield, completely ignored by the carnage below her. However, seeing this just made her growl in anger, glaring down at Dark Mist, "Curse you...why are you doing this, Dark Mist?! Just what is your plan?!"

Her horn began to glow as she took a deep breath, "I'm really tempted to go down there and defeat them all now...but I know I can't. Something else is happening here..." she began to stare at the rest of the battle, now seeing most of the Tricksters fighting evenly with the jakhowls. Despite being outnumbered three to one, the foxes were able to hold their own. "This isn't good. If they've been given this much power, then-wait!"

Her eyes went wide as she stared behind where the Trickster army once stood. There, two adult Tricksters were standing by what appeared to be a pony. He was surrounded by several pieces of paper, and sparks of magic could be seen around him. "What is that?! Is that your benefactor Dark Mist? Or is that....your plan?!"

Flaring her wings, she nosedived at the unicorn, her horn starting to glow. As she did this, the two foxes felt a burst of wind coming at them, making them look up. But it was too late, as two beams of magic blasted both back instantly. Seeing this, Vile let out a yelp of surprise, "What the heck?!"

"YOU!" Luna yelled as she landed in front of him, "Who are you and why are you with the Tricksters?!"

"Well...this doesn't bode well." Vile whispered as he started to backpedal at the sight of the alicorn. Taking in a deep breath, the unicorn yelled, "What are you two doing?! Get her!"

"Yeah yeah, shut up!" one of the foxes barked back as he ran at the alicorn with both claws covered in dark aura. "Die false ruler!"

"Oh please." Luna replied with a roll of the eyes, her horn instantly blasting another beam at the fox. The Trickster went flying, spirals in his eyes as he landed. The second quickly followed this, only for Luna to slam her left hoof into his head before he could even try to strike.

"That was fast." Vile piped up as he saw the fox fall over. His eyes turned to Luna, a look of pure anger on her face. "Not good."

"I suspect so for you." Luna added as she flared her wings. "Now, who are you and why are you with the Tricksters?"

To any normal pony, this would shake their body to the core in pure fear. Armies would be scared to take on this being as she stared him down...but not Vile. Instead, he shined a tiny smile as his horn began to glow, "My name is Vile Rune, and I've just won. My spell to help the Tricksters win is now complete."

With that, Luna saw the ground below the unicorn begin to glow, hundreds of runic letters now appearing. "Rune magic!" Luna declared as she watched the letters continued to shine, her eyes slowly going back to Vile, "What are you doing?!"

"Simple." Vile responded as he put his hoof into a saddlebag, only to pull out the Alicorn Amulet. "I'm making the greatest weapon ever, all out of sacrificing two Equestrian species."


"Die!" Dark Mist screamed as he fired a volley of Dark Blasts.

"No thanks." Sharp replied as he consumed his right paw with aura. With this, he stood still as he reflected each incoming sphere with just the back of his paw. As he knocked the fifth projectile away, he pointed at the fox while summoning an Aura Blast. "Seems your running out of strength. That rune isn't enough to beat me."

"Grrr…" Dark growled as he put his claw to his chest, "Shut up! I'm not done..." A blaze of dark aura covered his paw, the rune's glow now increasing. "I'm not done, you stinking jakhowl. I will win this!"

"You'll do nothing fox." Sharp replied as his whole body was consumed in aura. "You won't win."

"I will win...I will..." Dark hissed as he saw Sharp's aura grow, "How...how do you have that much power?! HOW?!"

"I'm not an idiot, Dark Mist." Sharp responded as he cricked his paws, "Before this battle, we jakhowls connected our aura together. We knew you would try something with those runes you showed us yesterday, so all of us jakhowls are connected, even the young back home are sending their aura to us."

"No...no..." Dark whispered as he started to backpedal. A look of fear expressed itself...only for his mouth to curve, "It looks like Vile was right."

"What? Who's Vile?" Sharp asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Just my partner." Dark chuckled as he raised his claw, a rune glowing on the paw, "We made sure to scare you into connecting all your auras together. Tell me, is every jakhowl connecting to you and every jakhowl in this army? I sure hope it is."

Sharp clenched his paws, "Dark...what have you done?"

"Considering your reaction, I'll take that as a yes. Excellent." Dark's grin started to grow, "I knew you would do this. And all thanks to your aura-loving ways...I've won." Dark replied as he took a fighting stance. "As soon as I beat you, all the jakhowls will fall in one fell swoop!" He charged the dog, his claws ready to strike, "Die!"

But as he tried to hit the jakhowl, the fox felt something. He could feel his fur standing on end, his vision blurring as Sharp got closer. Then, it happened. Dark Mist blinked, his eyes slowly closing as Sharp disappeared from his sight. And as he did this, Dark felt it. Pain. Unending pain all over his body.

"Blaugh!" Dark screamed as five teeth flew out of his mouth, his eyes blasting open as he felt a series of blows hitting his head. The fox backpedaled as he tried to focus his vision, only to see his opponent. The jakhowl was now covered in aura, his form almost glitching as he continued to walk up to the fox. "Wha...what is this?!"

"My newest technique." Sharp declared as he cricked his paws, "It allows me to use my aura to enhance my body and allow me to go at high speeds. I call it...Aura Velocity."

"Aura Velocity?! What are you-urgh!" Dark yelped as he felt another ten blows hit him in just a split second. Blood began to stream down his face as another punch struck his chest, "Augh!"

"Its over!" Sharp yelled as he hit him again, this one being a series of sixteen punches before reeling back for an uppercut. "Just give up!"


That was the final blow, the punch knocking Dark Mist over. And as his form's back struck the dirt, Sharp slowly walked up to him, summoning a Bone Breaker just in case. "Give up Dark Mist. Give up and tell your Tricksters to surrender." Sharp looked up for a second, now seeing the jakhowls beat the rest of the Tricksters. Even with the runes, the jakhowls numbers overcame them with ease. "See? You've lost."

"No...no..." Dark panted as he spat out a blob of blood. "I'm far...from done."

Sharp stared back down, pointing the aura bone at him, "No, you're done."

But as he glared at the fox, he saw a grin appear on his blood-stained face. The sight alone made Sharp shake, only to feel a claw grab his foot. Quickly reacting, he smacked the paw away with the Bone Breaker, hopping back a second later. Unfortunately, it was too late, as Sharp looked down and saw a runic letter appear on his foot.

"What...what did you do?!"

"Ki ki ki…" Dark giggled as he raised his paw, the runes on it now gone. "I just won."

Before Sharp could say anything, he could feel his aura flare. It felt like his body was melting, as if he was becoming a pile of mush. He looked down and saw runic letter begin to appear on his body, only to see lights shine all around him. He stared at the battlefield, now seeing every jakhowl glowing with the rune letters. "What...what is..."

Dark Mist slowly got up, his right paw holding his left arm up, "Ki ki ki...I win. You're finished."

"What is this?! What did you do?!" Sharp yelled as he pointed his Bone Breaker at the fox...only for it to fall apart. "What?!"

"The aura is gone. Its now mine." Dark replied as he patted his chest, "These are connection runes. The one on me is connected to the all the Tricksters, all here to give me extra power. As for yours," he pointed at the jakhowl, laughing, "Ki ki ki...yours is gonna connect your aura to my partner's new weapon, along with all the others jakhowls you're connected to!"


"Yes..." Dark Mist did one last chuckle as both his and Sharp's body started to glow. The duo started to see their bodies fading, the runes on their bodies glowing like beacons. "Ki ki ki…your connections, your bonds are your weakness Sharp!"

"No they aren't! They're what-" Sharp yelled, only to see his right paw start to fade, "Wha...what's going on?! What is this?!"

Dark Mist just shook his head as a huge grin graced his face. With this, Sharp gasped as he saw Dark Mist start to fade away, "This is the end. The end for both our races." Dark Mist tried to put his claws into his mouth, only for them to fade. Despite this, he just laughed, "Ki ki ki...all must be sacrificed to kill the jakhowls. And I...I am finally happy."

Back at Luna, she now saw the runes glowing across the battlefield. Looking back at Vile, she saw the biggest grin on his face, "What did you do?! What is this?!"

"Didn't you hear me? I'm making the greatest weapon ever created." He lifted the necklace up, "I call it the Alicorn Amulet, as it will allow me to overcome even disgusting pests like you! With its power, I will be above you alicorns!" Vile let out a long laugh, "And its all thanks to Dark Mist!"

Luna's horn flared as she stared the unicorn down, "You'll never win." She growled as she took a glance back at the battlefield, "I don't know what you've done, but I refuse to let you win."

"You know, I'll gladly tell you what I've done." Vile chuckled, the smirk on his face growing, "Its quite simple. I've used connection runes on every Trickster, and their energy will be used as my battery, along with the jakhowl!"


"Oh, you shouldn't be so surprised. Thanks to Dark Mist, he put a special connection rune I created onto Sharp Paw." Vile tapped the amulet with a dark grin, "This rune is specifically made to absorb aura, and my partner has told me plenty about Sharp Paw. He knows he'll connect his aura to every jakhowl he can, as bonds are what make the jakhowls strong. Heh...I know exactly what kind of jakhowl he is, and that's why we'll win!"

"And that bond I have with him will defeat you!" Luna countered as she fired a beam of magic at the amulet, only for a barrier to appear, "What?!"

"You don't think I'm prepared? I will win this." Vile remarked as he pointed at the battlefield behind her, "Look...its already happening! My amulet will be completed!"

Luna turned around, her eyes going wide. Alongside her was the Mane Seven, all staring as they saw runes activate on the Tricksters. But as they did this, runes began to appear on every jakhowl in the battlefield, the runes connecting through Sharp's aura. A swirl of dark energy began to appear above the canyon, every jakhowl and Trickster's bodies now starting to fade.

"What...what is this?!"

"Didn't I already explain it?! Every jakhowl and Trickster is going to die!" Vile yelled as his horn's magic engulfed the amulet and flung it above the canyon, "Go my weapon! Absorb both races so I may become all powerful!"

"NO!" Luna screamed as she fired a volley of beams, all hitting the barrier. She could see it start to break, but it was too late. Before she could turn to strike Vile, she saw the amulet going into the swirling spiral of dark energy, only for it absorb every bit into the amulet. She then looked down, her eyes going wide as she saw the new sight.


The battlefield was empty, every single jakhowl and Trickster was gone, even the two she had just knocked out beside her. It had only taken a few seconds, but both races were now gone. Her form shook in fear as she saw every single creature there be absorbed into the amulet. And as this happened, she saw lights in the distance start to shine...only to go slack-jawed in fear as she saw what they truly were.

They were the rest of the jakhowl, what was left of the clan that were at her castle...and they were being absorbed as well because they were connected to their chief, Sharp Paw and the rest of the jakhowls that were on the battlefield.

"NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" the princess screeched, tears bursting out of her eyes as she turned back to Vile, "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!"

"Simple." Vile chuckled as his horn flared, the amulet reappearing by his side. "Victory."

"And that's it." Shade said as he tapped the map, the screen of Luna and Vile freezing.

"What do you mean that's it?!" Springer screamed, slamming both fists into the table. "You just-"

"Hold it!" Shade interrupted with a flash of his claw, "We're not done yet. We're just done with that part of the story. Now-"

"Shut up!" Springer screeched, his whole body erupting in blue flames, "You just showed me my entire race getting killed!"

"I did." Shade spat back with his tongue sticking out, "And that includes my race as well. We're both victims here Springer, don't forget that. Now, sit back down, as we're not done here. That is, unless you want to...you know." Shade motioned to the seven capsules to the right of Springer while wearing a big grin on his face. "We can always start that part of the show."

"I...you..." Springer's eyes began to twitch as he felt his body start to go into his battle form. Despite this, the jakhowl slowly went back into his seat, his whole form shaking in rage. A small whisper followed this as he glared at the fox, "What happens next?! Show it to me now!"

But as this question left Springer's mouth, Shade's grin disappeared. Instead, he let out a small sigh as he shook his head, "Truth is...I don't know."

"You...don't know?!" Springer barked back, "How could you not know?! Is this all a lie?! Is that what this is?!"

"No." Shade flatly replied, his tone firm and resolute. "Its the full truth. Both our races were absorbed into the weapon you know as the Alicorn Amulet, and that's the end of the history of the Tricksters. I can't go beyond that, as they're gone, just like your kind. Its the end of their story."


Shade flashed a paw at the defender. "Let me continue, as there's still a few things to go over. Now, according to the research I've done on the amulet since I got to Equestria, the item grants the user a constant flow of power, which I assume comes from the jakhowls. As for its corrupting element..." Shade's grin started to return, "Well, you can guess that one."

A blast of steam released itself from Springer's nostrils as he continued to stare at the fox, "So...you don't know?! Both our races are gone to some....stupid necklace?! Are you kidding me?!"

"I'm not." Shade responded as he leaned back before snapping his fingers, "Not only that, we're not done here. Let's watch this next scene, shall we?"

Springer glanced back at the table, watching the entire map suddenly shift into something new. No longer did it show a battlefield, the Trickster camp or Luna's castle. Instead, it morphed into a familiar mountain with a city on its side. "Canterlot?"

"Oh yes, Springer." Shade chuckled as he leaned forward with a now huge grin on his face, "You'll definitely not like this next part. Watch."

Back with the Mane Seven...

Out of the seven, six were now crying. Tears of fear, sadness and grief were on their faces while the only one not shedding water was Flash. Instead, he was gripping his mouth, feeling like he was going to throw up despite not being able to in this situation. All seven were watching as the battlefield faded away, but they were unable to comment for another minute as they thought about what they just saw.

"Good heavens...did that really just happen?" Rarity asked first, her whole form shivering.

"Ah...ah don't know." Applejack replied before looking at Twilight, "Twi...you don't think-"

"I don't know. I...I just don't know." She put her hoof to her forehead, "To think...rune magic being used for such a horrible purpose. And...and the jakhowls…"

"Oh, poor Springer." Fluttershy whimpered out, Rainbow patting her with her wing. "Those poor jakhowls. Nothing should go through that."

"Yeah." Rainbow sniffed, "That...was messed up."

"No kidding." Flash finished as he slumped over. "That made me feel sick. I...I can't believe that's the truth." The defender glanced over at his friends, seeing the pure despair on their faces. Seeing this made him think of Springer, knowing that he would be in even more pain after seeing that. "Springer...I...gotta contact him." Flash closed his eyes, only to immediately open them in pain. "Yow!"

"What's wrong?" Twilight asked as she saw him hold his head in pain.

"Its Springer. He's in pain...and I can't connect to him right now cuz of it."

"Makes sense. I mean, look at what he just saw." Rainbow chimed in, only to turn and now see the scenery start to change into Canterlot. "Huh? Where are we now?"

"This is...Canterlot?" Flash added as he started to recognize the buildings. "But why are we...wait, this is-"

"The Canterlot Cathedral?!" Twilight gasped as she saw the building now coming into view. Seeing this, she put her hoof to her chin, "But why would we be seeing this? Canterlot didn't exist back then."

"I don't think we're in the past anymore Twilight. Or, at least that far in the past." Flash commented as everypony turned to him, only to see him pointing at a guard pony with saddlebags walking into the church. "Recognize him?"

"Its...Shadow Spear?!" Twilight yelped, remembering the guard from when they 'snuck' into the Starswirl the Bearded Wing of Canterlot Castle over the time spell scroll. "What's he doing here?"

"I'm guessing something in the past. Recent past probably." Flash responded as they watched him walk past everypony and up to the middle of the building.

There, he opened one of his saddlebags and began leaning over, grumbling as he began sweeping the floor with his hooves, "Can't believe I have to do clean-up duty. I wanted to enjoy the parade, but no! Go clean up the cathedral Shadow Spear! It'll build character Shadow Spear! Blasted Grand Hoof..." The guard put a few dark red shards into the bag and turned to go to a nearby staircase, "Now I gotta clean up there too."

"Clean the cathedral?"


Twilight and Flash both hopped in place as those questions clicked in their brains, both turning to each other, "The Fantasia Festival!"

"Wait...what?! Why are we at the festival? Wasn't that like...almost a year ago?" Rainbow asked, only to get two nods in return.

"It was. Not only that, remember what happened at the festival this last year."

Rainbow rubbed her chin in thought, "Um....Lightning went crazy and turned us all into statues?"

"Yeah...and I think I know why we're being shown this." Twilight replied as she crossed her hooves, "After all, one of the reasons he went crazy was-"

"Hee hee hee...hee hee hee!" squeaked out a small little laugh, making everypony hop in place. They turned to the chuckle, only to go wide eyed at the next sight. Under a pew, a tiny ball of fur popped out, giggling to itself as it started to walk over to center of the church. "Hee hee hee...hee hee hee! What a dumb guard! Didn't even notice me!" He put his paw into his hair, soon pulling out a large, broken dark red gem shard. "Hee hee hee...looks like I'm free! Free at last!"

"Aw crap." was all Flash could say as they others glanced at him.

"Flash, is that-"

"Yup." the defender responded as they watched the ball of fur begin to leave the building. "That's Shade. That means..." Flash's eyes went wide as his brain clicked another fact into place, "Aw, double crap."

"What?" Rainbow asked next.

"I...I think this is saying I'm responsible for Shade." The pegasi turned to his friends with a glum frown on his face, "Twilight, you don't think when I broke the Alicorn Amulet when I fought Lightning, that uh..."

"Yeah. I think you're right Flash." Twilight responded, now seeing despair overtake him completely. His ears flopped down as he slumped over. In response, she walked up and gave him a hug, "Flash...you couldn't have known."

"I know...I just..." Flash mumbled out as he lowered to the ground, "Springer...I'm so sorry."


"And there you have it." Shade finished as he began to laugh, "Hee hee hee...I have to say, I was so happy when I found out."

"Wha...I...don't...huh?!" Springer yelped as he slumped back into his chair, "What the heck was that?!"

"Simple." Shade replied as he pointed at the jakhowl, "Your partner, in the greatest of ironies, unleashed me upon this world. He destroyed the Alicorn Amulet, all to release me into Equestria. All so I could torment you! Hee hee hee...hee hee hee!"


"How did I do it? Its quite simple, really." The fox put a claw over his head, "My master was prepared after all. He knew the possibility of the plan would not kill all the jakhowls, so he made sure there was a backup." As he rubbed his paw on his hair, a pair of symbols began to appear on his fur. "See? Look familiar?"

Springer's eyes went wide, his memories flooding his mind as he recognized the runes, "No...don't tell me..."

Shade's grin began to grow, "Oh yes. I was the Trickster that Dark Mist gave his promise too. You saw it when he patted my head and shook my paw all those years ago. I so wanted to please him...to be like my master, the glorious Dark Mist!" Shade put his claws up to his mouth, his eyes now staring upward as he chuckled, "Hee hee hee...I was the one he picked! He gave me the right to destroy the last jakhowl! Hee hee hee...hee hee hee!"

But as that last laugh exited his mouth, his eyes started to shine as a dark aura covered his body, "Hee hee hee...and now, I shall accomplish his work! I will kill the final jakhowl!" Before Springer could say anything, Shade put his claw on the table, a new set of runes appearing. "And then...I will do what Dark Mist could not! I will complete his final goal!"

Runic letters started to glow in front of the fox, only to morph into a rectangle. There, the map shed away from the rectangle as the machine began to move something up in that rectangle. Springer just blinked at the sight, "What...what is that?"

"The key to my victory." Shade replied as he glared at the jakhowl, "You see, I lied about all of this."

"Lied?!" Springer replied, slowly getting off the chair with fists burning in blue flames.

"Hold it! Your friends lives are still mine." Shade remarked as he pointed to the button in his chair. "I only lied about this machine's true purpose."

Springer didn't sit down, instead just snorting out a blast of air as he sarcastically replied, "Oh yeah? I'm sure glad I didn't trust you from the start."

"I know you didn't." Shade chuckled as he pointed at the rectangle. As he did this, a small box the same length as the rectangle began to come out of the map. Like it was a secret compartment, the container slowly lifted itself out, sounds of gears moving the box upward. Its entire form was cackling with electricity, sparks of magic forming around it. "You see, this machine isn't meant to be a map or something that tells the past. Truth is...that was all a distraction. Something that I had created to overlap what this machine was truly made for."

His paw reached out and tapped the box, the top popping off instantly. And as it fell onto the table, Springer's eyes went wide, a low gasp following this, "Wha...is that?"

"Indeed it is." Shade remarked as he used two fingers to pry the object out of the box. It was the Alicorn Amulet, brand new and functional. "Behold...my greatest achievement!"

"How did you-"

"How did I do it? Simple really." Shade smirked as he pointed to the right, Springer turning to see his friends in their capsules. "That answer your question?"

"My friends?!"

"Oh yes. Those tubes aren't just for letting them see a sneak preview of the past. The runes on them allow power, mainly magic power, to be siphoned from those seven." Shade replied as he put the amulet on his neck, a clicking sound soon clacking out behind his head. "As we've seen before, it took two whole races to make this thing. I knew I couldn't make something like that in this modern time, as I would need two whole races again...unless I could acquire the most powerful force currently in Equestria!" Shade tapped the amulet as a dark aura covered his body, the necklace shining as his grin began to grow, "Behold...the power of the Elements of Harmony! All of that power now trapped within this sacred weapon! Granted, I was a bit scared it wouldn't be enough, mainly because I had to keep them alive to distract you, but that's okay. After this fight, I can recharge the amulet and suck them forever dry!" Shade pointed at the jakhowl with a huge grin, "As for you, you'll be my test run! I know this amulet I've made is nowhere near as powerful as two races combined, but I'll still win!"

"You won't-"

"I will." Shade put his claws up to his mouth, "I'll admit this amulet isn't as powerful, and there's also the fact that there won't be the corrupting element in it...but I knew it would be all worth it after I saw that rainbow encompass Equestria! They had beaten Tirek, a monster from my era that even us Tricksters feared. And now with their power, I have ascended! I will win!"

Shade began to lift his paws up to the ceiling, a look of pure bliss now on his face as he began to yell, "At last...the Tricksters will have their revenge! I will be their revenge! I will fulfill Dark Mist's greatest goal! Hee hee hee...hee hee hee!" Shade looked back down at Springer, his claws now in his mouth as he declared, "I will destroy the final jakhowl! And when I have destroyed you...I will complete the cycle!"

"So that's it?!" Springer barked back, making Shade tilt his head. "That's your plan?!"

"Hm? But of course it is. I'll kill you, then-"

"Shut up." Springer spat as his form began to glow, only to turn into his battle form. "I've heard enough! You do all this setup, all this crazy rune mumbo-jumbo, all this pain you do to me and my friends..." Springer's eyes shrunk as he hissed, "All for a stupid necklace?!"

"Not just the amulet." Shade remarked as he took his claws out of his mouth, now pointing a finger at the jakhowl. "You did hear what Dark Mist said, did you not? He spoke of the greatest rule we Tricksters live by."

"Which is?"

"No matter what happens, we'll do whatever it takes to kill even a single jakhowl." He put his claw to his chest, closing his eyes, "Even if it means we sacrifice our entire race, our souls, our way of life..." the fox reopened his eyes, a look of pure killing intent in them. "If it kills even one jakhowl, it is worth it! That is our hatred!"

"That's...that's insane!" Springer yelled as his fists burned in fury, "How could you possibly think that?! To see things like that!"

"I'm insulted you asked that jakhowl. Our hatred for your race is beyond anything you can imagine." As that sentence ended, a blast of dark aura flowed from his body, making the hairs on Springer's fur stand on in. Springer could feel it now, the power of the amulet now flowing into the fox. Despite this though, Shade continued to speak, "We will do anything we can to destroy your race. Since the very beginning, we have done everything we can to kill your species, to make sure it never exists. We especially find your ability to converse and communicate with life with your aura as...repulsive. It makes me sick just thinking about it."

Springer didn't know what to say. He could feel the hatred pouring off of the fox, a low breath coming out as he replied, "Even if you think that, I'm-"

"Going to do nothing." Shade interrupted as he pointed at the jakhowl, "I'm going to kill you now, and that's the end of it. After that, I will complete the final goal of Dark Mist, one he could only accomplish after the jakhowls were all confirmed dead and gone."

"Which is?"

"The death of Princess Luna."

The statement made Springer go wide-eyed, his whole body feeling a shiver go down it as he replied, "What?! Why-"

"Isn't it obvious? She is the ruler of the jakhowl. As such, I will fulfill Dark Mist's wish, and eliminate the one who let the jakhowls live in Equestria. After all, I can't think a bigger crime than letting your disgusting species actually live in...harmony." He pulled back his claw, clenching it into a fist, "I will have the Princess of the Night's head on a plate, and you will not stop me! I am now supreme! I have the power...and I will win! I am Shade, the second Dark Mist!" He lifted his paws into the air, shouting like the villagers from the start of the history they had been shown, "HAIL DARK MIST! HAIL HIM, FOR HE HAS GIVEN ME THIS OPPORTUNITY!!! HAIL DARK MIST! HAIL-"

"ENOUGH!" Springer screamed, making Shade look back down at him. "I...have heard...enough."


That was the sound of the solid stone chair Springer once sat on, now in pieces from a single backward punch. The jakhowl's battle form was now blazing in aura, including his fist. "Let's just fight already."

"I was hoping you'd say that." Shade remarked as he snapped his claw, two cloaks appearing behind him before pushing his chair away. "After all, I don't need the hostages anymore. They've played their part as my battery, and I so want to fight you one on one. Killing you while using them like that just wouldn't be any fun, and-"

"Shut up!" Springer interrupted, cricking his neck. "Just shut up and fight."

A dark aura consumed Shade as the amulet began to shine underneath his chin, "Gladly."