• Published 27th Mar 2019
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Childe Spike in the Chaos Master's Realm - MisterEdd

The Lord of Disharmony Discord rules over Equestria. Only a brave young dragon has the means to defeat him...

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Ponyville 2.0

Sleep eluded Spike's grasp so he laid awake in bed, the only audible sounds in his temporary bedroom being those of Gummy's light snores as the alligator squirmed on his legs. The Cakes were sleeping and Star Swirl had powered down, leaving the drake with nopony to talk to and thus he was alone once more with his thoughts. His gaze fell upon the slug-horn on the nightstand and something about it made him want to double-check it. He very carefully reached over to take it, making certain that he didn’t wake up Gummy in the process, and examined the instrument. He didn’t know where the old stallion had gotten it but it certainly wasn’t something you could pick up at your local mercantile.

Even a non-mage like Spike could detect the magic the horn possessed as it hummed and vibrated in his hands. The old-timer promised that it’d give him the strength and courage of thirty stallions but what use could that be against Discord, someone that can literally move mountains? He shook his head and set the horn aside, this time observing the cloth-wrapped staff leaning against the wall. It was arguably the most powerful object in Equestria and the only tool capable of taking down the Lord of Chaos, yet he had absolutely no idea how to use it. I wish Twilight was here. She’d have the answers.

No matter what Spike did, the Staff just refused to work. This bugged him to no end as he could feel the powerful light magic that pulsated throughout the artifact, coursing through it like arcing bolts of electricity. He’d asked Star Swirl about it, to which the ex-greatest wizard alive theorized that since the Staff had absorbed the combined magics of the Elements of Harmony, it required one whom it designated of being worthy to wield it, someone who embodied the virtues of laughter, magic, loyalty, kindness, honesty and generosity. Spike shuffled in bed and sighed. Without his friends there, who could possibly be able to use the Elements of Harmony?

The next morning, Spike enjoyed a nice breakfast with the Cakes, who were overjoyed at having company, and the three chatted amicably with Star Swirl, though he was annoyed at Gummy’s insistence of gnawing on his horn. Cleaning the drool off of Star Swirl, Spike hitched him to his belt and exited Sugarcube Corner, a noticeable bounce in his step. Whether it was from the home-cooked meal, sleeping in an actual bed or simply the thrill at being back home, he couldn’t tell but decided not to question it. It wasn’t common for him to have a good day and he wasn’t about to waste it pondering.

Despite the peaceful location, Spike made sure to strap the Staff of Harmony to his back and his sword in its scabbard, his palm resting atop the pommel. After making a habit of being armed at all times during his travels, it was hard for the drake to resist leaving his weapons behind and besides, you never know when things might turn south. He slowly wound his way through town, studying each and every building, noticing how familiar yet alien they all appeared to him. Even after a single year, Ponyville seemed almost unrecognizable to Spike, though living in the Crystal Empire and becoming accustomed to the frigid weather of the Frozen North may’ve been a factor. The eternally icy realm had been, for whatever strange reason, left untouched by Discord’s influence, whether on purpose or it simply somehow escaped his notice. All those that lived there hoped and prayed for the latter.

Spike suddenly froze, his entire body suddenly rendered inert upon finding himself standing in front of the Carousel Boutique, his heart inexplicably stopping yet racing at the exact same time. He hadn’t even been aware that he was heading in that direction; the boutique was one of the last places he’d ever want to visit. The vibrant purples and yellows were now faded, the paint chipped and either bare or still peeling in several spots, giving the building a dying, cancerous appearance. Yellowing, wild grass rose to meet the bottom of the first floor windows and the spire leaned slightly to the left like a wooden fang. If Rarity was here to see the state of her pride and joy, she’d drag out her fainting couch, plop onto it and rise after a week of shock-induced catatonia.

“S-spike? Is that you?”

The dragon shook himself awake and stared at the door of the boutique, not having realized that it’d been opened or that somepony had been trying to get his attention. A white unicorn mare with a two-tone, purple and pink mane was situated in the doorway, her green eyes wide with shock as she took in the sight of her visitor. Spike blinked and it took him a minute to recognize the mare. The last time he’d seen her, she was a tiny little filly. Now she was a mare and a pretty one at that.

“Sweetie Belle? My Celestia, is that really…oof!”

Everything spun as Spike abruptly found himself in a surprisingly vice-like embrace and whirled around like a top. Dragons were known for their thick skins and even thicker bones but at that moment, Spike was actually kind of scared that the force of the mare’s forelegs would break his rib cage and shatter his spine. Mercifully, the embrace ended and Spike found himself back on terra firma, gasping for air as Sweetie Belle blushed and rubbed the back of her head sheepishly.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, Spike! Are-are you alright?”

“I’m okay,” Spike wheezed and gave her a thumb’s up. Once he could breathe again, he straightened himself out and gave her a once over. “Wow Belle, you...grew up.”

Sweetie Belle giggled. “Thanks. You did too. Gosh, I can’t believe you’re here! Everypony heard all kinds of rumors about you since you vanished. Some ponies even said that you were dead or worse.” Her expression then became serious. “What did happen to you anyway? I thought you weren’t coming back, especially after Rarity…”

She let the sentence hang and Spike couldn’t blame her, since losing a member of your family, especially one that you were close to and idolized would be a huge blow to anypony. Despite his feelings towards the fashionista, Spike knew that his despair at her disappearance was nothing compared to that of Sweetie Belle’s or their parents. Kneeling so that they were at eye level, he then wrapped his arms around her and pulled her towards his chest. He caressed the back of her head, noticing how silky smooth it was and how it nearly reached her shoulders. For the next few minutes, neither one of them spoke a word, allowing their shared grief to do the talking.

They finally pulled away and smiled at one another. Sweetie Belle ran a hoof through her mane and looked at the ground. “Thanks Spike. I’m so glad that you’re home. Kind of reminds me of the old days. You know, back when us Crusaders would drag you into our hair-brained schemes to try to get our cutie marks?”

Spike snorted, “I remember those days all too well. So what happened with Scootaloo and Apple Bloom. Do you three still see each other?”

"Scootaloo is now a town guard and Apple Bloom's been working the farm so I don’t see them as much, but yeah, we still hang out. I took over as the town’s seamstress and while I’m not as good as Rarity, I still know my way around a needle and thread.”

Excuse me, but aren’t you going to introduce me? I hate being left out of the conversation,” Star Swirl piped up, causing Sweetie Belle to nearly leap out of her own skin.


A bemused chuckle escaped Spike's mouth and after explaining the situation to Sweetie Belle, was able to calm her down, though she continued to eye the skull apprehensively. “...And that’s the long and short of it. Trust me, he’s harmless. A little whiny maybe, but he means no harm.”

Sweetie Belle stepped a little closer. "O-okay, if you insist. Um...hello there."

"Hello, pleasure to meet you, Miss Belle."

"Now that we're all acquainted," Spike interjected with an eye roll, "Sweetie Belle, do you think that you could take me to see Apple Bloom and Scootaloo? I'd like to see them too."

“I’d love to, Spike!” Sweetie Belle nodded sweetly and trotted past him. Spike had to admit, she certainly became a lot more sophisticated and demure since he’d last seen her. Honestly, it worked for her, giving her the appearance of a well-to-do young lady and she’d no doubt make a lucky stallion very happy one day. She’s like a younger Rarity… Spike banished the thought as quickly as it had appeared and followed Sweetie Belle, receiving greetings from townsfolk new and old.

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