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Twilight and her friends have accomplished a remarkable feat by convincing a fearsome dragon to leave its cave before it could darken the skies with its smoke. But after Princess Luna learns of this, one question burns on her mind. Why did Celestia not deal with this threat herself?

It is a question that the elder sister does indeed have an answer to, but not exactly one Luna would have expected.

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Oh man I thought it was a "I believe I can turn a pony into an Alicorn, through trials and tribulations" kind of story!

Pleasantly surprised. :D

"And thou shall miss it further when our magic returns to full strength."

Oh that's a clever take.

Fun story! Thanks!

like Celestia said Fluttershy really did beat back her fears and cow a dragon, and he really would have blanketed Equestria in smoke. If she can help the Elements grow and not have to deal with her Ex at the same time, win-win!

Of all the explanations I thought Celestia would give, this never, ever, occcured in any one of them.

All of your stories I've read have been serious in nature. Stuff that is touching or moving or just slice of life at its finest. So I didn't really know what to expect when I clicked on this story.

That made me bust out laughing. Especially since you write the princesses well enough that it gave no hint as to what was coming. Excellent work as always.


Her... ex.
He was her... ex.
It works so perfectly.
No wonder Celestia thought it would be safe to send them to confront him... she knew him firsthand.... and no wonder she didn't want to do it herself... HAH

Celestia thinks dragons... are hot.


My mom says I'm cool. :fluttershysad:

You're totally the coolest.

Luna: so sister since you had relationship with a dragon what is your relationship with young twilight assistant, he not your secret love child is he?
:trollestia: luna just no

It’s great to read an old season of MLP. Miss those days

9538712 Hmm... it would explain why his egg was so small... why Celestia had the egg... why Spike's fire magic goes straight to Celestia...

It also means Celestia lays eggs.

Which means she IS a swan!

So many things cleared up at once! Clearly this must become canon. :trollestia:

Are you sure this should be rated E?

"Let's just say there were some things he was quite good at."

Taking another sip of her tea, she mulled that over a bit, her face bearing just the slightest tint of amorousness.

"Very...very good at."

We need a sequel where Luna learns what puns are.

9538764 Yeah, I'll admit, I was sort of half-and-half on that one. But I decided to stick with E since that's pretty much just a couple of lines among many.

Just an aside, the fans named this dragon Basil. But, it's not canon or anything. It's your story, call him whatever you want.

Dragons. The tongue game is on point.

I thought they named him smaug

"Besides, I really didn't want other ponies having to learn first-hoof just how annoying it is when Blazer spends all his time snoring."

cant be anymore annoying than my brother

Nah, Smaug was golden-red and loved boasting and riddles. This guy is crimson and doesn't talk much.

"He and I were... involed ."


That being said, fun little story! XD


Which means she IS a swan!

Damn! And I was so sure she was a goose! :twilightangry2:

"I mean...blazer and I were...a couple."

Luna frowned.

"...A couple of what?"


yes, but I thought the fandom named him smaug

The Tolkien estate would sue.

To be fair, BOTH names could be right. "Blazer" could be a nickname or Basil's last name. One of the two.

Yeah. This explains more than it should. The detail of Celestia knowing this particular dragon in the past (albeit NOT in combat) explains both why she thought Twilight and her friends could handle it AND why she didn't go herself. And, in the incredibly outside chance that this particular dragon was Spike's biological father, it would not only explain why Celestia had the egg, but also Spike's amorous tastes concerning equines.

Anyway, the exchange and characterizations were great in this one-shot.

I think there was another fanfic where Blazer (or he had another name) meets with Celestia after he's "driven out", and he gives her the report first-claw.

Now this has got me interested in CelestiaXOC-Dragon stories.

But this begs the question of exactly how many of the M6's issues were dealing with Celestia's prior affairs

They can't sue an entire fandom

The "Random" tag was well-deserved. :ajbemused:


Alright, wasn't expecting that. Great story, though! Had a good laugh.

Ri2 #35 · April 1st · · 1 ·

Well, there's Discord, Sombra...maybe Tirek...quite possibly Chrysalis, so...

"I mean...blazer and I were...a couple."


Storm King?

9540791 Just to clarify, I said do as in the shortened version of hairdo.

"Blazer is...my ex ."


*some time later*

L: "And Sombra?"


L: "Oh sister...."

C: "And why weren't *you* there when Chry-"

L: "MENTION NOT THE NAME OF THAT TROLLOP! I never should have given her a key of her own...."

He writes beautiful poetry! Why, what did you think she meant? :unsuresweetie:

Uh... the kind of stuff that needs privacy? :twilightblush:

"Oh, thank Faust, you don't know what those are yet!"

Thank Faust? As in someone who sold his soul to the devil?

So, Celestia has a thing for dragons? XD

So what exactly is her/Fausticorn's role in the MLP fanon?

I always envisioned her as a filmmaker who documents the ponies' adventures and somehow sends them to the human world.

Fanon has is that she's Celestia and Luna's mother.

Hmmm... and why is Celestia on the throne and not her? Has she died?

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