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After a lab mishap sends the Rabbids to Equestria, the Mane 6 teams up with 6 Rabbids that are dressed like them to explore 4 worlds and stop Chrysalis from misusing the power of Spawny, a Rabbid that has the power to fuse things together.

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Will I need to like Raving Rabbids in order to like this story?

You don't have to like them, however if you haven't played the Mario crossover, you might be confused at some parts. Either way, this story is for everyone. :D

Interesting, although I think Twilight would have shown much more of a freakout reaction upon seeing this whole chaotic mess that being this calm.

You're probably right about that. I'm just trying to keep it connected to the actual game though.

Before I read this, I must know: Aren't the Rabbids bad guys? Why would the Mane Six team up with them?

The Rabbids did start out as Rayman's enemies, but they became good guys in their own series of games overtime. Now in the Mario crossover, which this story is based on, almost all the Rabbids that enter the Mushroom Kingdom get corrupted by the Megabug, the game's main antagonist. Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Yoshi team up with 4 Rabbids that are dressed like them who haven't been corrupted, and when they defeat an enemy Rabbid, he is freed from the Megabug's control. I put the Mane 6 in the exact same situation where they team up with 6 Rabbids that are dressed like them to save their world from the Megabug. Does this answer your question?

Love this already. I've beat the game

Thanks! Mario and Rabbids has always been one of my favorite Switch games. :D

make more PLEASE this was the first fimfiction i ever read so please add some more chapters me and pinkie are being you
yes I want to see apple jack beat up a giant rabbid version of herself I want to see what could happen:pinkiesad2::pinkiesad2::pinkiecrazy::pinkiesad2::applecry::pinkiesad2: and yes I do have mlp character talk in my comments manly pinkie it may sound weird but it says that even the mane 6 and others want to see thsi fun story grow also if you ever get to the 3 world final boss who sang ( trying not to spoil ) what would the song lyrics be

oh I played/beat the game 2 I'm working on a 100 percent completion :raritystarry:

I love the enthusiasm!
Don't worry, I plan to complete the story, I just haven't had the time lately to work on it because of school. Fortunately, next week is the end of the semester and I'll be off until the middle of January. When that happens, I'll try to work on as much of the story as possible until school starts up again.

I beat the game, but I haven't got 100% on it because of the ultimate and ultra challenges (though I think I managed to do it for the DK Adventure).
If you go for it, then good luck, because they aren't easy.

thanks in my game ( oh I'm kinda new to fimfiction so I forgot how to reply ) I already did 100 percent for world 1 and 2 and that was before you replied to my comments I'm working on world 3 and 4 the funny thing is the 3rd 4th and 2nd one's aren't that bad the one in world one it's HARD for the other thing you said I can wait for it just it's a long wait and before I joined this site your story inspired me to write a fimfiction it is on a google doc it's a 3-way crossover I call it Mario mlp and Rabbids kingdom battle(it's starring Mario one of my favorite mlp character apple bloom and a may have borrowed some rabbid characters from your story but so far only the rabbid rarity I only did the proluge i love that cutscene and i will make my own rabbid characters like rabbid spike in my head its only a rabbid yoshi recolor but with a diffrent personallity and more and if my mmarkb ( its a big acromym )story was on the fimfiction site it would have mentioned this story as the inspiration cuz it was :raritywink: I wanted to wink for some reason ) also what do you think of me having mlp characters talking through my comments i think its funny yeah and hello and if you didnt see me talk when will i appear from pinkie

oh and like I said I beat the game what was your favorite boss also ( on some comments it covers-up stuff but when I put my mouse over it the black block things goes away its that for a spoiler I must know it Automatticly blocks it then good I want to ask what your favorite boss and people who haven't played the game or beat it I don't want to spoil when I played paper Mario origami king the sad scene was spoiled it was still sad but nobody likes spoilers so if spoilers are blocked then can I ask a question

hi again it's me and me silly quiet pinkie later you cant talk in all my comments if this guy didn't make this story I wouldn't have discovered fimfiction and you would be silent so be grateful you can talk in my comments later okay okie Dokie lokie:pinkiehappy: well I was about to say something oh what your favorite boss in the game my personal favorite is the first mid-boss its so funny

awesome even though i already watched this well read it but it feels rand new cuz I haven't read this in a while

hey can your replyplease with 100000000 pounds of sugar and a cherry or 2 on top :pinkiesad2:

please deposit 1 reply
PINKIE DOESnt like this :pinkiecrazy:

1. I like how you use MLP characters in your comments, it adds personality to them, and I'm also flattered that your using some of my Rabbid characters in your own story.
2. Personally, I think all the bosses of the game are awesome, both in the main and DK modes, but if I had to pick one, it'd be the Phantom, I really enjoy his songs. While we're talking about it, my least favorite is the Icicle Golem, that guy just doesn't appeal to me for some reason.
3. I'm glad you like the "Barrel of Rabbids" chapter, it sounds like that's your favorite one so far.

thanks :pinkiehappy:
well thanks as well also I don't mind if you don't answer which chapter/world would pinkie or her rabbid counterpart appear just asking
also, the rest of the mane 6 want to say hi but there busy ya know twilight probably having a crazy moment Fluttershy being scared rarity being a MARSHMELLOW apple jack waiting for the next chapter, and rainbow probably being impatient so pinkie says hi for them
hi :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

also, my small opinion/question would pinkie be Yoshi cuz if so I might get a little annoyed .pinkies just fun silly the 4th wall break embodied I don't think her rabbid counterpart would be able to handle all the fun/crazy of being a pinkie cuz I once saw a comic with a bunch of pinkies in the multiverse or should you say
into the pinkie-verse:pinkiehappy:

what I meant was I think pinkie should maybe appear in world 3 cuz since all of the mane 6 have rabbid counterparts you would need to make other characters like pinkie be unlocked after the bosses who don't unlock a character for example
in world 3 at the stage, there was a cage with a certain pink party pony moping inside hoping she could find a way out to save her party cannon then she saw twilight Fluttershy applejack rarity and their rabbid counterparts rushing to the entrance then chrysalis appears a"insert what bowser jr said at the world 3 final boss but with mlp twist "boom phantom roasts twilight and gets mad fight ensues boom pinkie free and has her mini party cannon and a hammer as her weapons

Don't worry, I have a plan on how I wanna introduce Pinkie into the story, but I'm not gonna post spoilers because I want it to be a surprise. Also, I did have a plan on introducing a character during the Phantom boss fight, but I like your cage idea better than what I was gonna do, so I'm gonna have to try and remember that.

howdy well I don't completely understand this contraption pinkie just said to talk through this thing and it would be some colored words will never ever understand pinkie so creator of this story why in the world am I fighting a giant varmint that looks like me twice and why will I soon have to deal with 2 rarities:ajbemused:
why I never really apple jack why must you always be so stubborn:raritydespair:
hello applejack rarity also in a bit you will have to deal with a rabbid granny :pinkiehappy:
hey question will the real granny appear or will it be like the DK DLC and have the real old person never appear
wait apple jack your in this weird talk thing at least I know your all safe:twilightblush:
hey when will i appear author if that is your real name:rainbowderp:
um hi eep :fluttershbad:

coming soon to theaters:pinkiehappy:

pinkie in the waiting room
babababdadadadadadddbliblablibs bfjdmnchufikmnshxcgfvrbenjm fbdhsgxcvfbnjrmd :pinkiecrazy:

I don't know about you but I'm enjoying my Friday

1. Applejack is fighting Rabbid Jack because that's what happens with DK and RK in the regular game, I'll probably mention the real Granny, but may not have her in the story, and I'm not going to reveal when each of the Mane 6 and Rabbid 6 will appear. And hi Fluttershy.
2. Nice movie joke! XD
3. Can you tell Pinkie to be more patient in the waiting room? I will reply to comments when I want to, or at least until I know what to say.
4. I'm glad you had a good Friday.

:pinkiehappy:deck the halls with bounds of fun
:rainbowlaugh:tis the season to be awesome
:ajsmug:tis the season to harvest apples
me i forgot how this song goes
all balalaallalalall
:raritystarry:deck the halls with lots of fashion
all balalalallalalall
:twilightsheepish: tis the season to read books
:fluttershysad:tis the season to cuddle pets

hey im impatient when wil the new chapter come out :flutterrage: and YES i know thats fluttershys face but its how im felling right now sorry about her shes mad im mad pinkies mad reply or giveus i hint about hats next im very loyal to this story and so are
the mane 6
the princesses
unicorn twilight
pinkies ( more dark side:pinkiecrazy: )
the alternates of everybody in other world from mlp eg
dr whooves
all the rest of the side characters
olaf from frozen
i ran out of names
oh i forgot the
lyra and bon bon
ps if mane lyra is suposedly obsessed with humans would the other lyra be the same way about
noo dont say it its werid and ive seen everything and also im crazy and how dare you use my dark counter part from the grimdark branch of the fandom hey im not a grim dark fan i just know cuz you created that part of your self in the episode party of 1
well still and also im gonna make you rethink mentioning that part of me
no no nonnnoo NNNNNOOOOO NOT SHIPPING I DONT CARE ABOUT ROMANCE ITS WEIRD AND I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE I WAS GOING with this no seriously i forgot sorry if i weird you out people reading this now i remenber i was saying how many people are loyal this ths story
there was
the other celestia s like
the other 2
gamer luna
the mlp toys
everyone i can think of is this loyal well im gonna stop now okay i feel weird for doing this but i did so i did it
if you xan delete stuff i wouldnt mind if you did it to this very weirld and long comment

to your reply to applejack I know its a joke as in why would she completely understand she only half understands cuz the last thing she would expect is to fight a giant-rabbid clone of herself sure she fought changelings but they are complete clones but eviler and also who is your favorite-rabbid in both this the parts of this yet to come and the game this is based on also in my small opinion I think rainbow dash would be a good Yoshi for this cuz if she was writing this she would probably say
save the best for last
pinkie will always be my favorite but like I said if dash wrote this she would do it as I said
( ps I'm enjoying our ongoing conversation since I'm semi-new I'm really enjoying this )
random question 2 words I m will use in my story I told you about at the middle or beginning of our few days to a week-long conversion TIME TRAVEL I'm not a big fan of alicorn twilight but it would be a good idea to use both so TIME TRAVEL
like this
when the rabbid store apart the lands ( since its a 3-way crossover ) a twilight from the past one without wings just fell out of the sky
and also since in the game, there are 8 characters and in this, there's 12 would you just reuse some stuff make your own stuff up or both and a small detail in mine I had an idea make some custom weapons not just mlp version of some weapons from the game but a new type like in mine luna would be a character and she would have pillow and hammer both melee weapons the pillow would be like a bomb-hammer like side-eye in a way (ps out of the shark duo he's my favorite )luna would walk up to an enemy and slam it down on her opponent and BOOM explosions
what do you think :pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

oh and if I or rainbow made a joke about a movie that was on accident it may have been fun and it was cuz
I don't know your real name and the mlp cast don't either so it was a joke but a reference was an accident but I'm all for references even if I don't get understand at first so I just wanted to clear that up and suggestion have some 4th wall breaks when a certain pink character that lurks in most of my comments :pinkiehappy: see she just did that PINKIE
please stop its a teeny bit rude if you stalk and twilights the one who stalks ( OBVIOUS EPISODE REFERENCE HERE) well as I was saying please put a little dash of 4th wall humor when pinkie joins the fray ( also a semi-obvious reference to a giant crossover that's been around for who knows how long )
also, I use this color if all ponies in my comments are talking at once so fun fact
now bye

pinkie one word
be patient
but that's 2 words

also if I don't reply to any comments its because I'm fighting pinkie over who gets to talk it's kinda annoying having to do this every time you answer my and pinkies questions and if you didn't notice apple jack knew she had to fight rabbid jack twice cuz
since she has a 50/50 chance of being pinkies very distant relative shes aware but can't break the 4th wall but in a certain spin-off that pinkie is the mane attraction:trollestia: get it applejack has learned how to cuz at the beginning of it shes like
did you miss this I missed this when rarity complained about her mane or something sorry if I spoiled something for you about the spin-off

Rabbid 6: Bwa-Bwah Bwah Bada, Bwa Bwa Bwa BWAH!

As I mentioned before, I'm too busy with school right now to work on it, but when I get off for Christmas, then I'll work on as much of the story as possible before it starts up again.

If figured there'd be certain Ponies or Rabbids who would have similar weapons and skills of the other characters.

hey one last question until Wednesday
did a story inspire you to make this story like your story inspired me I just wanted to ask
YES A SINGLE COMMENT WITHOUT PINKIE ITS A LITTLE annoying having to get her to not talk for one comment I guess she listened to what you said in one of your replies

I guess what inspired me to do this story was the game itself. I loved the idea of the crazy Rabbids entering the world of Mario through a freak accident. I also like how the Rabbids are the kinds of characters that can go into anything, and can be dressed like anything. When I saw that there was hardly any fan crossover art between MLP and Rabbids, whether it was based on the game or not, I decided to do the fanfic myself. I knew it wasn't going to be easy to do, and I knew I'd end up losing momentum to do it from time to time, but I'm not going to give up writing this until it is finished.

i love this chapter the best and this is a really good story

hey I figured out how to reply and thanks for answering my questions and stuff

also, I like your picture thing its cool
bowser is my most favorite Mario character other than Luigi and dry bones

one last bit here's my top 10 Mario characters
10 goomba
9 Mario
8 pinkie in a Mario costume real 8 polterpup
7 dry bowser
6 DK
5 captain fishhook ( he's from Luigi's mansion 3 )
4 paper mario
3 1/2 dimentio
3 dry bones
2 luigi
1 bowser

fun fact # I don't know anymore
I love Mario + Rabbids kingdom battle so much on my switch I'm playing it multiple times but I only beat the first one the others I just beat world 1 also what's your favorite Mario character and mlp character in my story which I may have told you about I'm working on the first chapter that isn't the prologue but there's an annoying thing when I press a button on accident it erases all of my unfinished chapter it happened to me 8 times 4 on prologue part 2 and 4 on the chapter I was working on
I know how to prevent it but I just added this part onto my fun fact cuz I needed to vent a bit it's like you did something then left for 1 minute then boom it's all gone and you have to redo it from scratch that's the one most annoying thing that could happen on a fimfiction

sorry I ranted on like I said I needed to vent

hello I said this before last Friday but I had an even greater Friday today :pinkiehappy:

also coming soon

christmas is only 5 days away WOOHOO yes :pinkiehappy:

hey i was re reading our replies to each other and i had to ask what was your orgininal idea for the thing when you said
" i like your cage idea better then what i was gonna do "
so what were you gonna do since you said your probally gonna use my idea your not using your orgininal idea so i wanted to ask

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