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Remember That One House I Haunted? Me Neither.


After somehow being transformed into Wallflower Blush of Equestria Girls, Blake must find out a way to get back home.

Displaced in a brand new world of Drama, Magic and Adventures.

The perfect escape from reality.

Just one problem, as the new heroine of our story would say...

"I'm Still Invisible!

Takes Place Before Forgotten Friendship.

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Hello there!

I'm the Blue EM2, editor and showrunner of the Canterlot Adventures universe. We still need a Wallflower Blush, and having read this, I think you'd be perfect for that part.

Please respond to this message, or PM me if interested.

This is so exciting! What a great read! I'm eager to see how this goes :)

I'll make sure to track, I wouldn't want to forget about this story would I?

I tend to forget stuff all the time, so I wouldn't hold it against you, if you did.:raritywink:

Thank you for your time and consideration, it's a wonderful sentiment.

Howdy, sugarcube!

Welcome to the Canterlot Adventures collab! The Blue EM2 (Apple Bloom) and I (as her sister AJ) welcome ya aboard. I wonder if you'll get your hands on that memory erasing stone that has been enfused with Equestrian Magic from the portal (the statue outside CHS's quad).

This story I believe may be part of the Canterlot Adventures collab, where humans are displaced and somehow end up as one of the Equestria girls characters, either as a canon character or as a new OC who attends Canterlot High school or the rival school, Crystal Prep Academy.

we have discord server and if you need a character, see The Blue EM2 (aka Apple Bloom) for more info!


Well I just sent EM2 a PM, yes I did just join.

From what I've been told, sounds fun and interesting.

I use google docs for my stories (honestashleyjsmith@gmail.com

we also have a discord server as well.

and I think we are building to the Legend of Camp Everfree arc, so maybe Wallflower can come too? I know she's part of the gardening club (an after school activity) where she finds that memory stone thing.

I'm writing for applejack or the equestria girls version. Apple Bloom's mah little sister, and Babs Seed's mah cousin.

Awesome, I need catch up on this story.

So after I read them, I can place it accordingly.

"Color me intrigued. I'm looking forward to seeing how this story goes." :raritywink:

"Now..." :pinkiesmile:

"Who are you again?" :rainbowhuh:

"Rainbow!" :facehoof:

"Seriously, though, welcome to FiMFiction!" :ajsmug:

I get that alot Dash.:ajsleepy:


That makes me smile, I hope for you a lovely day!

You have my curiosity

Next your interest.:unsuresweetie:

Yes how did you know?

I have to say, it’s looking good so far. I can’t wait to see how this story turns out!

A guess...I guess? :rainbowderp:

I'll do my best to keep at a steady posting pace.:rainbowkiss:

You can't watch, what you can't remember.

~ Fades away into obscurity~

Off to a good start! I'm surprised I don't see very many other stories like this!

You just put a blanket over your head


Yeah I tend to add that a bit.


Ironically, just asking the first person she saw, would awnser some of her questions.



Lol I typed NP my dumb auto spell turned it into NO, lol :rainbowlaugh:

Lol, I'll have the next few chapters out shortly.

i always rember...Wallflower.. i rember you. and everything..others might not pay attention..but i do.

Just one memory makes a difference.

Tempest here, welcome to the Family Wallflower Blush don't worry I won't forget you so easily.

Let's just say I can feel your presence, there's something special about you that keeps you hidden but I can feel that.

I expected no less than something insightful.

From the wonderful Tempest.


Tempest Shadow is the girls Physical Education teacher at CHS (plus some of the girls' sports teams coach (well, maybe Spitfire for say Soccer).

Please don't forget about this story forgetful

Will be posting a update today!

Been working on contest entries, needed the money it offered!

That plus work and bleh!

My schedule should start going back to normal now!

Did you make the cover art?

The sudden romance feels odd

Lol no romance yet, Wallflower just feels an extreme sense of connection with Crystalline.

Like a kindred spirit deal.

Never experienced that myself o^o


Nope, but I did makeshift the snapshot background with an editor.

Give me a sec I'll link the artist of the art, thought I sourced it but guess not...give me a sec.

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