• Published 18th Mar 2019
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A Sweetie Dreamland - Lucar

Sweetie Belle finds herself in another world, working for a fat penguin self proclaimed king.

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Chapter 7: Evil Sleepwalking Dedede?

In the dark of the night, who knows what is looming in the shadows? A dark form approaches castle Dedede, silently turning around it to spot what it seeks. Not a sound is heard, all the inhabitants of the castle sleeping soundly despite some of them being in guard duty. The sleeping Waddle Dees on the walls prove it. But who can blame them? Nobody has ever attacked the castle at night. The only time the castle has been invaded has been during the day. Anyway, they are not what it seeks.

It spots a window larger than the others, and knows that it may be what it searches. So it approaches the window and passes through it without a sound. And here he is, the king. Powerful, yet easily controllable. He will be perfect. Slowly, it approaches the sleeping monarch. Soon enough, this world will fall in darkness.

Two weeks have passed since the event with Nightmare, as peaceful as they should be. Sweetie Belle has enjoyed them as much as she could, either working with the other members of Dedede's army, training mainly her magic, or going out to explore Dreamland, often with her friend Waddle Dee, and sometime with Broom Sunglasses when he is off cleaning duty. She has now fully entered her new life, her room now better decorated with more plushies, this time of Rarity's friends, a portrait of Dedede given by Dedede, a lamp, a shelf with some books, and a closet with some clothes including a maid outfit that Broom Sunglasses as asked to be made for her to tease her because of how good she is at cleaning. She has found it cute, so she has decided to keep it, even if she will never wear it!

Well okay, she has worn it once to get her revenge on Broom Sunglasses. She has finally seen how Broom Sunglasses becomes all red each time she acts all cute beside him. When wearing this maid outfit, she looks absolutely adorable. Thus, by acting all cute while wearing it around Broom Sunglasses, the poor guy has almost died, along with a couple dozens of Waddle Dees, a few Waddle Doos, and a Blade Knight. Dedede has told her after that to only use this dreadful weapon against enemies invading the castle, and to make sure that no one else is present if it happens. That has been before being sent back to his bed, because he has lost consciousness when Sweetie has shouted "Yes sir!" and has saluted while still wearing the outfit. She has immediately taken it off after that.

At least, she can be proud to say that she has been able to knock out king Dedede without even touching him.

Some of Dedede's servants has started to name her 'Fatal Cutie' after this event, and now, a wooden plaque with written on it "Chamber of Sweetie Belle, the Fatal Cutie." with a skull at the bottom is studded on the door. Someone has placed it here when she has been exploring outside. She couldn't help but roll on the floor laughing when she has seen it the first time.

After, the inhabitants of the castle have fully started to treat her as one of them, discussing more often with her, helping her, joking with her (jokes often linked to the 'Fatal Cutie Incident'), and pretty much being more friendly to her. Waddle Dee is still her best friend in the castle, but now, the majority of the castle's inhabitants can be considered as Sweetie Belle's friends. However, she still has problem to differentiate them, making it a source of teasing on their part.

And she is being hugged, a lot.

Her training is also going well. She can now lift heavier weights, has an easier controle on two objects at the same time and has started training on three, she can jump high enough to punch Dedede in the face, and can now win a duel against a few of Dedede's soldiers. This has started when a few days ago, Dedede has told her to fight a Waddle Dee until one of them is knocked out. She has won, to his pleasure. The following days, she has tested her skills against a few more Waddle Dees, a Waddle Doo, two Bronto Burts, and a Blade Knight. She has won all her fight excepted the last one, where the Blade Knight, wearing a familiar red cape, has been able to use the guard of his sword on the back of her head to knock her out.

Each day would end with a big dinner at Dedede's table, a hot bath with everyone else, and a good night.

She hasn't seen Kirby since the Nightmare incident.


"And then, we were covered in sap! It took us hours to rid ourselves of it!" Sweetie says.

At the end of her tale, everyone listening to her starts laughing. She then end her drink with a proud smile at making everyone laugh, even if deep down, she is blushing in embarrassment at telling the misadventures of her and her friends to obtain their Cutie Marks. What a good way to start a day.


....This day will be a bad one, right?

Everyone gather at the main hall, only to be greeted by an unexpected sight: Dedede sleeping, while being on his feet.

What now? thinks Sweetie Belle, worried.

Once everyone is present, they are starting to wait. After a moment, some of them start to wonder if they should awake the king. That's when Dedede suddenly starts to talk... while sleeping!

"Everyone." he says emotionlessly. "I have decided on the next plan to show everyone that I am the king and that I must be respected." He then stops talking for a few seconds, before continuing. "We will go toward the Rainbow Islands, and destroy the Rainbow Bridges. This way, the inhabitants will be forced to take me seriously, and serve me." At this, the whole army starts murmuring about this plan, and Dedede's state. Sweetie can only watch in horror, Waddle Dee has told her about the Rainbow Islands, and she knows how the Rainbow Bridges are important for the inhabitants of the archipelago. "You are all dismissed. Let's prepare to depart for the islands and join the Dark Castle," he finally says before slowly walking... or sleepwalking toward the exit.

That's weird. Maybe I should wake him up. But wait, isn't waking up someone sleepwalking dangerous ? Better take the risk, rather than letting Dedede do something evil in his sleep. Thinking this, Sweetie Belle follows Dedede. "King Dedede! Wait!" she screams, only for Dedede to ignore her. So she continues running before sitting in front of him. "Dedede! Wake up! You are sleepwalking! I'm sure that in truth, you don't want to destroy those Rainbow Bridges!"

Dedede stops, looks at her for a few seconds with his closed eyes, and says, still emotionlessly, "Out of my way and go prepare yourself to go to the Rainbow Islands. If you don't, then you will be punished."

Sweetie Belle takes a step back. Then she gulps and goes at his feet, poking him. "C-come on, Dedede. It's me, Sweetie Belle. Wake up. You are being scary."

But then, Dedede does something she hasn't expected: he kicks her out of the way in the belly. Hard. In the blink of an eye, she hits a wall, totally out of breath, coughing and hurting. He then says "Last warning. Next time, I will kill you." and continues his way, letting Sweetie behind.

That... That can't be him. Or is it what he is deep down? I must do something, but what? Waddle Dee! Maybe he can helps!

After recuperating her breath, she runs back to the main hall, hoping that Waddle Dee is still there. "Waddle Dee!" she screams. At her call, all the Waddle Dees turn toward her, but only one of them waves at her.

"Yes, Sweetie?" he screams back, understanding that she calls him specifically.

Sweetie runs to him. "Can we talk in private? In my room? Please?"

"Uh okay?"

"No way!"

"Yes! I swear! He kicked me! And after, he threatened to kill me! Please Waddle Dee, you have to help me stop him! He his not in his normal state!"

"Well I... I don't know... I'm just a Waddle Dee. I can't..." He stops himself when he sees the filly starting to cry. He then decides to try to find something. After a moment, he talks, not believing what he is about to say. "Maybe... you should go warn Kirby. I don't see any other way."

"Y-yeah... You are right. Well then, I'm going. Thank you, Waddle Dee."

"You are welcome Sweetie. I will spread the word to the others, so they know what to expect. We may be forced to fight Kirby, so the king doesn't suspect us."

"Alright... As for me, I will hide in Kirby's house."

"No. The king will obviously find out that you have betrayed him. He may send one of his lieutenants to attack you, and nobody would be able to save you. I think it may be best if you follow Kirby, so he can protect you, even if this means we will have to attack you too. Consider this as more of your training to become stronger. I will make sure the others do."

Sweetie Belle looks at the floor, ears pressed against her head, before nodding, understanding that it's the best way. She then hugs Waddle Dee, who returns the hug. "Thank you."

"Take care, and good luck."

The two separates, and Sweetie run outside of the room, leaving Waddle Dee behind.

She exits the castle, goes down the mountain, and follows the path her and Waddle Dee has taken to join Kirby's house. After many minutes of running and jumping, she eventually reaches it. Taking back her breath, she knocks rapidly at the door, shouting "Kirby! Are you there?! It's me, Sweetie Belle! I need your help!"

Not a few seconds later, the door opens, showing the heroic puffball.


Sweetie Belle looks at him, takes her breath, and says "It's Dedede. I don't know what is happening. He is... sleepwalking. And now, he wants to destroy the Rainbow Bridges of Rainbow Islands!"

Kirby gasps at this news, and screams "Poyo?!"

"You must stop him! And wake him up! He is not himself!"

Kirby takes a determined expression, nods at her, and starts to run toward the castle. But he is stopped by Sweetie Belle. "Wait!" He stops and looks at her, tilting his head. "Let me comes with you! Dedede has probably found out that I betrayed him, and may send someone to kill me!"

Kirby looks at her, smiles, and nods, meaning she can comes.

"Thank you! I will try to be helpful! I have learned how to fight a little!"

And so the two take the way to the castle.

They reach the castle, only to find it empty.

"Oh no! They are already gone to the islands! What do we do?!"

Kirby waves at her and exits the castle, followed by her. Outside, she finds Kirby on a Warp Star, and he waves at her. Understanding what he wants, Sweetie gulps, jumps on the Warp Star and clings to Kirby, remembering how fast the Warp Star can go. "Oh boy... Oh boy... Oh boy..."

After a few seconds, the Warp Star flies away above the ocean, with Kirby and Sweetie on it, the filly screaming at full lungs. The Rainbow Islands aren't too far of the main lands, so it doesn't take long to reach them.

The Rainbow Islands are an archipelago of seven islands in a zigzag pattern. She can see that the first one has grasslands with what seems to be a small lake, the second one has a big forest on its whole surface, the third one possesses an immense lake, the fourth one is made of ice, the fifth is a canyon, the sixth is a mountain, judging by the hole at the top, a volcano, surrounded by clouds, and the last one is a big fortress, certainly the Dark Castle.

And no Rainbow Bridges linking them... He already broke them?!

Kirby sees this too and becomes angry. He then takes the Warp Star on a course toward the first island. If she remembers correctly what Waddle Dee has told her about the Rainbow Islands, it's simply named Grass Land.

Whoever named the islands had one heck of an imagination...

Author's Note:

And we start Sweetie's first adventure. Let's see how she will fare.

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