• Published 18th Mar 2019
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A Sweetie Dreamland - Lucar

Sweetie Belle finds herself in another world, working for a fat penguin self proclaimed king.

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Chapter 6: The Calm After the Nightmare

"What a day it was yesterday." says Waddle Dee.

"You don't say..." replies Sweetie Belle.

It's the day just after the events with Nightmare. Sweetie Belle and Waddle Dee are taking their breakfast, reminiscing the previous day, especially Sweetie.

"Nobody told me that Kirby could spit fire! I was thinking that I would get eaten, but no! I got roasted!" yells Waddle Dee while pounding the table.

"Wait, he can spit fire? Why didn't he use it against Dedede?" asks Sweetie Belle in surprise.

"What? This doesn't make sense!"

"No more than the fact that he could use ice!" says another Waddle Dee beside them. "You got roasted? I got frozen!"

"And I got cut!" says a third Waddle Dee. "He had a sword! I didn't know he could use weapons!"

"King Dedede too, apparently." replies Sweetie Belle. "Kirby ate his hammer, and a few seconds later, he was being clobbered ! The fight didn't even last a minute after that!"

"I know what happened!" says a fourth Waddle Dee. "I saw it! I was behind a Waddle Doo! Then Kirby ate him, and next thing I knew, he was wearing some buffon hat and a scepter from which he could shoot the same attack that Waddle Doo!"

"He can copy what he eats?!" screams many of the ones listening him.

"But I don't understand!" says a fifth Waddle Dee. "I found myself against Kirby the first time, and I saw him eat a Waddle Doo too, and yet, he didn't copy his attack!"

"Maybe he hadn't developed this ability yet." answers a Waddle Doo. "Does that means he will gain more abilities in the future?"

"I hope not !" says the second Waddle Dee. "If he can copy, then he is already powerful enough!"

"I saw him in a UFO! He passed right above me!"

"He crushed me! He had transformed into a rock!"

"Me and the others couldn't approach him! There were sharp needles all over his body!"

And this goes on for the rest of breakfast.

"Sweetie Belle, you didn't say what happened to you. Did you face Kirby?" asks Waddle Dee after breakfast, as they walk in the hallways of the castle.

"Sort of. I was trained all day by Dedede knowing that I would fight Kirby if he reached the fountain, but when I encountered him, he hugged me!"

"Say again?"

"He hugged me! And because of that, I couldn't resolve myself to hurt him! He was just so cute! That was not fair!" She sighs. "But in the end, it was for the better. He was able to beat Nightmare with the Star Rod."

"Really?! He was able to use the Star Rod?" Waddle Dee says with stars in his eyes.

"Yes. We saw him. He was shooting stars at Nightmare with it like this! Piouh! Piouh! Piouh!" At each "Piouh!", she swings her right hoof like Kirby has swung the rod in his fight against Nightmare.


"I know!"

"So, will you continue to train?" asks then Waddle Dee.

"Yes. I still want to get better at magic. And even, who know when Dedede will want to try his luck at fighting Kirby again? I may end up facing Kirby, and this time, what happened yesterday may not happen."

"I see your point."

Having some free time, Waddle Dee decides to show Sweetie Belle more of Dreamland. So he packs a lunch for the both of them, and they exit the castle, going down the main path. Now that it his daytime, Sweetie can better see Dreamland and all its colors. She his amazed by the beauty of this kingdom, and contrary to Equestria, not a single bad place like the Everfree Forest can be seen... outside of Dedede's castle. She can see the vast grasslands, with lakes, rivers and forests dispersed a little everywhere, and mountains in some places too. She can see the vast ocean, reflecting the light of the sun, with a few islands here and there. She remembers flying with Dedede above it the previous day to go to the Fountain of Dreams. She can even see cloudy structures! She can feels a calm fresh breeze on her fur, making her want to go sit under a tree and just watch the lands in calm, and maybe sleep. This really is a land of dreams, almost perfect to live in. To think that just the previous day, all of this has been threatened...

"I can see that you will love living here. Everybody does." says Waddle Dee.

"Yeah. It's so beautiful, and peaceful. I wouldn't mind living here forever, if that wasn't for... you know."

"Your family and friends back at your home. Yes. But if you find a way to come back and forth between our two worlds, then I'm sure Dedede won't mind you living at the castle. Unless you will prefer to build a house?"

"Well, it would depend if I am still working for him or not."

"Oh you know, you aren't forced to live in the castle to work for him. Most of us live a little everywhere in Dreamland, or even beyond. The castle is too small for our whole army. Dedede possesses a few more fortresses dispersed around the kingdom. Maybe you will see them one day."

"That's impressive! His army must be really big!"

"And yet we got beaten, twice, by a puffball." he laughs. "And the second time, we even had the supports of the Meta-Knights. I don't know if I must be impressed or scared by Kirby."

"Why not both?"

"Yes. Both. Both are good. Come, I will show you something. Look attentively by where we pass."

"And here is where the hero lives!" whispers Waddle Dee, both him and Sweetie Belle hidden in a bush. He points at a small white house that is a half sphere, with a door made of wood, a single window beside the door, and a chimney made of bricks. Beside the house is a tree, giving it some shadow. To reach it, Sweetie Belle and Waddle Dee haven't had to go too far, but Waddle Dee has had to help Sweetie jumping above some holes and small cliffs. So this is why she needs to learn to jump higher?

"This is Kirby's house? Why are you showing it to me? And why are we hiding and whispering?" whispers back Sweetie Belle.

"I am showing it to you so you know where he lives just in case. And we are hiding because I don't want to know what he will do to us if he finds out we are here."
"But he is friendly. At least to me. And he had no problems forgiving Dedede once he discovered why he destroyed the Star Rod. I'm sure he would not attack you as long as you don't give him reasons to."

"Maybe but... just... let's go. We will come back another time. He is probably recuperating after yesterday's events."

"Yes... Probably."

"Aah... It was good." says Sweetie Belle.

"Yeah... The cooks are real masters." replies Waddle Dee.

The two of them are sitting under a tree, Sweetie leaning against Waddle Dee. Beside them is the empty basket in which Waddle Dee has packed their lunch, now empty. Before them is a lake, as blue and clear as the sky, a group of Bronto Burts flies peacefully not far, and the fresh breeze end to make this moment perfect. Almost...

"If only she was here." says Sweetie Belle gloomily.


"My sister, Rarity. She doesn't like being dirty, but sometime, she would take a picnic with her family and friends. And this place..." She waves at the lake before them. "It would be so perfect, having a picnic with her, in the shadow of this tree, with that breeze. We would sleep together, letting time pass, in peace..." She sighs. "I miss her so much, Waddle Dee."

"Don't worry." says Waddle Dee, patting her. "You will see her again, one day. Remember, 'hope'? When that day comes, if you can, you will show her this place, and you will have a picnic under that tree, together. And you will recount to her every wonderful things that have happened to you."

"Yes... You are right. Thank you, Waddle Dee. Thank you..." she replies, before closing her eyes, falling asleep on Waddle Dee.

Seeing this, Waddle Dee puts his arm around Sweetie Belle to make sure she doesn't fall, before falling asleep too.

"Yesterday, I learned something." says Dedede. "You love cute things, and you have a hard time to bring yourself to harm one, especially if that cute thing is friendly to you."

"Sorry..." says Sweetie Belle, looking at the floor of the boxing ring.

"Don't be. You are a child, I should have seen it coming. This is why I will train you, from now on, to fight cute things!"


At this, Dedede puts two fingers in his mouth and whistles. A Waddle Dee comes from behind one of the stands and jumps on the ring.

"By punching him!" he exclaims pointing at the Waddle Dee. "This Waddle Dee will act all cute, and you will have to attack him despite this! You have the whole hour!"

"I-I don't know if I will be able to do it! They are so adorable!" Her words make the Waddle Dee blush.

"And yet you have to! If you don't punch him at least once by the end of the hour, no dessert at dinner!"


"And we will start again tomorrow ! And if you still don't, then the day after, and the day after, until you finally punch him! Until then, no dessert at dinner!"


"Now, start!" And at this, Dedede exits the ring, letting Sweetie Belle with the Waddle Dee.

Sweetie Belle stares at the Waddle Dee, who watch her back... with those eyes... those cheeks...

He tilts his head.

This will be hard.

"Breath in. Breath out. Breath in. Breath out."

"Five minutes left!" suddenly yells Dedede.

"Eep!" Already?! It's too fast!

Seeing her time closing, she finally decides to try something. She has passed the whole hour, eyes closed, breathing, trying to resolve herself to hit the Waddle Dee. Now in panic, she closes her eyes, takes one last big breath, and starts running toward the Waddle Dee. "I'm sorry!" she screams.

The Waddle Dee then do the worst thing he could have done to her. He stops her in a hug and says "It's alright."

"Aah...! Not fair!"


She stares at the Waddle Dee, then at Dedede in panic, then back at Dedede. She closes her eyes. "Raaaahhhhh!!!" She raises her right hoof, and bring it down fast right in Waddle Dee's left eye, throwing him on his back.

"Ah! My eye!" he screams in pain, putting his arm on his eye.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" she yells in panic at what she has done to that poor Waddle Dee.

"It... It's alright! You have done what you had to do. I'm not angry." replies Waddle Dee. "But now, I have to go take a bag of ice... Good job. By the way you have one heck of a punch."

The Waddle Dee gets out of the ring and exits the room. Dedede claps at Sweetie Belle.

"Bravo! Bravo! That's a good start!"

"Y-yeah but... he wasn't angry at me. He knew that I had to do it, and knew that he would be punched. But Kirby... I don't want to make him cry."

Dedede sights at her answer. "Then just tell him that you want to fight him. I'm sure he will understand. But that means goodbye to the surprise effect. So you will have to gain enough skills to surpass Kirby in a real fight."

"Which means more training."

"Exactly. Actually, from now on, you can train as much as you want. You will be both a servant and a soldier. So if you have nothing to do, you can come here. But don't overexert yourself. We don't have the Fountain of Dreams to recuperate your energie and to heal."

"Okay. Thank you, king Dedede."

"And now..." Dedede suddenly exclaims. "We will take more time to train! I will attack you, you try to dodge me, and you attack me in return. Remember? Like you did yesterday, excepted you will also try to not be hit this time by my own counterattack.

"But, isn't it dinnertime?" Sweetie asks.

"Dinner can wait!"

"Owie!" shouts Sweetie Belle as she is dropped on a chair at the king's dinner room.

The training has gone well for a couple dozen minutes, until she has finally gotten hit by the hammer. Now her back hurts like Tartarus! This has ended the training, and now, here they are, ready to eat. Before her is a bowl full of pasta, and behind it, a big chocolate cake, among other things. Dedede is really a big eater.

"You did good today. Don't worry for your back, it will heal quickly, trust me. Actually, you will not feel it by the end of this meal."

"How? It will take days before it stops hurting!"

Dedede smirks at her. "You will see."

After a moment, Sweetie starts to eat her pasta. Almost immediately, some sort of light surrounds her, at her surprise. She looks around her, only for the light to stop. That's when she feels that her back hurts a little less!

"What?!" she screams. She then watches closer the bowl of pasta, putting a fork in it. "Is there some healing potion inside the pasta?!"

At her reaction, Dedede guffaws. "Welcome to Dreamland! Where food can heal you! A simple fruit can heal a broken bone!"

Sweetie stares agape at Dedede. "No way!"

"And yet...!" He points at Sweetie's back. "Continue to eat and you will see!"

Sweetie continues to stare at Dedede in disbelief. A world where food can heal ?! If Twilight learns about it, she will have a meltdown ! And Pinkie... Ooh boy...

At the bath.

"So, how was training? You took longer today." says Waddle Dee.

"Awful. I had to hit a Waddle Dee. I was feeling so guilty! Then I got hit by Dedede's hammer, my back had hurt so much..." answers Sweetie Belle.

"Yeah, I can imagine that it must hurt." says Broom Sunglasses, on his floating chair.

"But then..." continues Sweetie. "I ate a bowl of pasta, and it didn't hurt anymore! You didn't told me that food can heal."

"I thought you knew. You mean food don't heal in your world?" asks Waddle Dee.

"Nope. It just makes sure that we aren't hungry anymore."

"Then how do you heal?" asks Broom Sunglasses.

"Healing spells, healing potions, or letting a doctor do its job, like stitch a big cut, put back the broken bone, put a bandage where it hurts, that kind of thing. Sometime, it takes months."

"Ugh. Now I know I will never go to your world. Wouldn't want to spend months stuck on a bed if I get hurt." says Broom Sunglasses.

"Me too!" says Waddle Dee.

"Yeah... My world must seems like Tartarus to you, see like this."

"What is Tartarus?" asks Waddle Dee.

"Hum... It's an underground prison where the princesses imprison the really bag guys. They spend eternity trapped alone in a cage, without food or water, and yet they somehow can't die."

"Wow. Eternity in loneliness without anything good. Harsh." says Broom Sunglasses. "But if they are 'really bad guys', then wouldn't it be easier to simply kill them like Kirby did to Nightmare? They must deserve it."

This makes Sweetie uneasy. "Mmh... Ponies aren't really fond in the whole 'killing' thing... I think we only do it if there is no other alternative."

"So your people are full pacifists? No wonder you suck at fighting." replies Broom Sunglasses.

"Hey! I'm still a filly! Of course I don't know how to fight bad guys like Nightmare of powerful Warriors like Dedede and Kirby!" She crosses her hooves and pouts. "Beside, thanks to Dedede's training, I'm getting better! I have hit a Waddle Dee today!"

Broom Sunglasses starts to clap. "Woah... You hit a Waddle Dee? An exploit worthy of a god."

Sweetie Belle stares at him angrily for a whole minute without saying anything while blushing at his obvious sarcasm. She ends it by sticking out her tongue at him and immerges herself more in the water until only her muzzle and above are left, her ears pressed against her head.

This makes Waddle Dee laugh while Broom Sunglasses starts venting himself with a fan, his head all red.

Author's Note:

So today a more calm chapter after the 'nightmarish' events of the previous day. It ends pretty much the first part of the story, the introduction. Is anybody dead of overcutness here ? If yes, then sorry, but I did warn to prepare the insuline. :trollestia:

Next time, we start the more serious business. The Dark business.

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