• Published 18th Mar 2019
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A Sweetie Dreamland - Lucar

Sweetie Belle finds herself in another world, working for a fat penguin self proclaimed king.

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Chapter 63: A New Friend in Need

More time passes.

As expected, the movie, Sweetie Belle's Dreamland, has known a great success, but even if they have already turned the first episode of the series, they have preferred to wait to turn more episodes before starting to broadcast them. By now, they are at five episodes, and they are about to finish the sixth.

They have also started to build the space resort with the help of the Warhammer. It's a really slow process however, having to build the resort piece by piece, before using the battleship to bring them in space where the minions are assembling them together. And because the space in the Warhammer is limited, they can't bring too much pieces at the same time, and the pieces can't be too big. At least, now, the resort is half finished.

By now Sweetie Belle just knows that it is always Spring in Dreamland. It has been over half a year since she has appeared in this world, and yet, no changes in the season. When she has arrived, it has been Spring in Dreamland, so by now, it should be Autumn, or Winter, and yet, it's still Spring. Well, she doesn't mind, because it's like always Spring in most Dreamland, there are places where it's always Summer, Autumn, or Winter, so if she wants to change season, she just has to go to one of those places. Or that world where you can change the season by passing some doors.

She has quickly showed the others her new whip, without revealing anything of what it can do. The new whip is made of metal, and actually looks more like a rope. The metal seems to be made of ten sections of equal length, but nobody knows yet why. But if this whip is anything like Dedede's new hammer that he has used in his last fight against Kirby on the ring, then this whip has probably many tricks hidden in it, and what are those tricks are the subjects of many discussions in the castle, and a few bets too.

Taking this long period of peace, the longest since she has come here, Sweetie Belle has been training very hard, to learn to use her new whip, to learn new things with her magic, with her soul energy, to better fight with her body, with other weapons, and without forgetting Yin and Yarn.

And now, she thinks that she is ready.

Right now, Sweetie Belle, Dedede, and Bandana Dee are strolling on one of the roads of Dreamland. The filming of the serie's sixth episode has finished for the day, so they have decided to spend the rest of it by simply having a good time before returning to the castle.

"How many episodes do you think we will turn?" asks Bandana Dee.

"Depending on the series' success, probably a lot," answers Dedede. "And judging from the movie, if we don't screw up, then I know that it will have a lot of success. Bwahahahahaha! My plan is working!"

Sweetie giggles. "Remember who gave the idea to do a movie?"

"Of course! And that's why, once the space resort is finished, I will name it after you! And don't forget that you have 40% of the profits. When you will come back to your world, you will be rich! And powerful! Hahaha! You could become the queen!"

"No thanks. I will not overthrow the princesses. Speaking of princess, I received a letter from Rarity saying that princess Twilight has now a pupil. I still remember the day she became a princess as if it was yesterday. And the day she first came to ponyville like it was just last week. Time goes too fast!"

Dedede gives a noogie to Sweetie Belle. "Yeah. I'm thinking the same thing. We are getting close to one year since you appeared, and yet, I still remember that moment as if it just happened!"

"Oh boy, yeah. Me falling in your cake. You chasing me in all the castle."

"Me convincing the king to spare you," says Bandana Dee.

"You being an harmless child that couldn't hurt a Waddle Dee, so you became a simple servant, cleaning the castle, trying to cook... Then you started training your magic, then I started training you to fight, and now, here you are, my second in command, Popstar's second greatest hero, and it's a matter of days before you surpass me!"

"Actually..." Sweetie Belle gets out of Dedede's arms and faces him. "I thing I'm ready. No..." She smirks. "I know that I have surpassed you now. I just need to prove it."

"Actually..." Sweetie Belle gets out of Dedede's arms and faces him. "I think I'm ready. No..." She smirks. "I know that I have surpassed you now. I just need to prove it."
Dedede stares at Sweetie Belle in surprise before guffawing. "You think so? Ah! We will see! Very well! Let's fight! On the ring!" Growl "But first, a snack!... Does any of you have food?"

They shake their head. "Nope."

"Sorry my king."

"But there is a strawberry shortcake over there," says sweetie Belle as she points behind Dedede to a strawberry shortcake beside a tree. "You can praise this world having food popping out everywhere, unlike my waistline..."

"A shortcake. It's not much, but it should calm my hunger enough until we reach the castle." However, as Dedede start approaching the shortcake, they spot Kirby running toward it and take it, water in his mouth. "Wh- Hey! I wanted it!"

Sweetie looks up at Dedede, then places the shortcake at his side, away from Dedede. "Poyo. Cake."

"No! It's my cake! I saw it first!"





Those two... thinks Sweetie Belle with a sigh.

Kirby suddenly runs away with the shortcake.

"Hey! Come back here!" shouts Dedede as he chases Kirby. "Give me back my cake!"


Bandana Dee starts to run after them. "Wait, my king!"

Sweetie Belle just sighs in exasperation while shaking her head before running after them. "You know we can simply find something else?" she shouts, only for Dedede to ignore her.

The chase continues on the road, neither Kirby or Dedede wanting to give up on the shortcake. After a few minutes, they pass beside Meta Knight sitting beside a rock forming a small arch, reading peacefully a book, not paying attention to what is going on. However, when he spots Sweetie Belle, she waves at him, and he nods back before returning to his reading.

The chase is however interrupted by a sudden bright light coming from the sky, which gains the attention of everyone accepted Dedede who bumps on Kirby as the pink ball stops in curiosity, making him drop the shortcake, to his dismay. Bandana Dee and Sweetie stop beside them, and they all look toward the sky at the origin of the light, some sort of swirling anomaly.

Then, from the anomaly, a star-shaped portal appears, and out of it comes a flying ship that is familiar to Sweetie Belle. It's blue and white, with two wings at the sides, and stars at the bow, including a yellow one at the very front while the others are blue.

Before Sweetie Belle has time to see in her memories where or when she has seen this ship, just as it finishes to pass the portal, something hits it on the back in a big explosion. This affects the portal as it starts to collapse with some cracks around it, causing everything to shake as the ship starts to lose height. Escaping it are many small spheres that Sweetie and the others can't identify from where they are, and quickly, the oars break off, followed by the wings, the stars at the bow, and the mast, the parts being enveloped in some kind of bubble before going in all directions with the small spheres. Along with the sphere, whatever has caused the explosion and the collapsing of the portal has also some star-shaped energy that also falls a little everywhere.

That's when Sweetie Belle is able to remember where she has seen this ship: on Ripple Star. It is one of the artefacts created by the Ancients that queen Ripple has shown to her!

She starts running after the ship, quickly followed by Kirby, then Dedede, Bandana Dee, and even Meta Knight. A few seconds later, they lose sight of the ship, but they hear it crash, so they continue in the direction it has been diving toward, and they rapidly reach the crash site. To their surprise, the hull of the ship is still intact.

Now that they are close, they can see that the bridge is a dome, but through the windows, they can't see the inside, the bridge being seemingly covered by a dark space that swirl, as if there is a small universe inside it. From the holes left by the oars and the stars at the base of the wings, they also can only see what seems to be space.

They slowly approach it from its left side.

"It's the ship that queen Ripple showed me in that book about the Ancients. It's one of their creations," says Sweetie Belle.

"So... Do we destroy it? So far, almost everything made by the Ancients were bad news," says Dedede.

"I don't know. I don't know if it's one of the artefacts that was corrupted by the Dark God."

"We first have to find out how to enter," says Meta Knight. "I don't see any door."

He has talked too quick. As they approach the ship, a part of the left side of the hull is covered in light, and when the light disappears, a round door has appeared, with a ramp leading from the ground to it. And at least, the doors doesn't seems to lead into space, but into light. They look at each other in wonder, then, seeing that nobody is getting out of the ship, Kirby advances toward it, starting to walk on the ramp. Sweetie, then the others, follow him, and they enter the ship.

The inside, unlike the outside, has clearly been damaged by the crash, many parts of the walls having fallen, leaving some holes. But there doesn't seem to be much, the room they have entered being big, revealing by the way that the inside is bigger than the outside, white, and above all, empty. All they see beside the debris is a large floating screen flashing a warning sign in an unknown language, closed doors at the sides, and in front of the screen, unconscious, an alien, probably the owner of the ship.

And nobody else... Wait. Then who has opened the door? Does the ship have some automatic door opening or something like that? Sweetie wouldn't be surprised then to suddenly a voice coming from the screen talking to them.


Nope, no voice. Not even one that screams "WARNING! WARNING!"

The alien himself has a egg-shaped body, with no legs and disembodied hands, he also possesses two horn-like ears. The only part of his body that they can see is the top of his head around his eyes, the head seemingly to be brown. All the rest of his body is covered in clothes. A blue suit with a golden cog design at the front, a white cape with gold trimmings, a white scarf with a blue belt interwoven covering his mouth, a blue hood covering his head with the cog design at the rim and white at the pointe of the ears with a golden ring just below the white, and cream mittens covering his hands.

As they approach him, the alien wakes up, revealing that his possesses oval-shaped yellow eyes.


Sweetie's greetings is suddenly interrupted by the alien jumping before looking around in panic at the damages, his body floating above the ground. Without paying attention to Sweetie Belle and the others, he turns toward the screen and starts to push buttons on a keyboard, muttering "Please no please no please no..."

The screen stops showing the warning signs, and now shows an image of one of those spheres that have been expelled from the ship earlier, revealing that there are cogs inside those spheres. Beside it is an arrow pointing toward a 120/120 and a full green gauge. But then, one of the 120 decreases until showing 0/120, and the gauge is now empty. A big red cross now flashes on the sphere, and the screen flashes red.

After that, the screen shows an image of the ship, and reveals one by one the parts that have broken earlier: the oars, the wings, a part of the bow with the stars, and the mast, the parts in question replaced by red crosses.

This greatly saddened the alien, whose ship clearly can't fly anymore.

"I'm trapped..."

"Uh... Hello?"

Hearing Sweetie's voice, the alien turns around and finally pays attention to his guests.

"Oh! Hello! Sorry if I have been rude, but I had to check the damage after this crash."

"And it's not good I presume," says Dedede.

"Not at all. The Lor Starcutter has lost his mast, oars, wings, and emblem, as well as its 120 Energy Spheres, which are its energy source. Without those five parts and a certain number of those spheres..." He looks down in sadness. "The Lor will not be able to take off anymore..."

Kirby approaches the alien before smiling at him and saying "Poyo!" with a bounce.

Sweetie joins him. "He is right. We can help."

They are joined by Dedede and Bandana Dee. "I will not miss this occasion to do some good action!" shouts the penguin."

"Yes! Because we are heroes! And heroes help others in need!"

Meta Knight then joins them too. "We will not let you down."

The alien jumps in joy. "Oh thank you! Thank you!"

"But what happened?" asks Sweetie Belle.

The alien's ears lower at this. "Well... Hmm! How about we do the presentation first before I explain everything to you?"

"Of course! My name is Sweetie Belle! And the pink ball here is Kirby!"


"I am king Dedede! The ruler of the kingdom where you crashed! And Sweetie Belle here is my second in command!"

"And me, I'm his loyal soldier, Bandana Waddle Dee!"

Meta Knight simply nods. "Meta Knight. Nice to meet you."

"I'm glad to meet all of you. My name is Magolor, and I come from another dimension, from a world named Halcandra."

Sweetie gasps. "You are from another dimension? Me too!"


She nods. "A magical accident sent me there."

"A magical accident that transported you across the dimensions? It must have been really powerful! Then the Lor will be able to help you. It can open portals to other dimensions. Once it's repaired, I can transport you back to your dimension!"

"Thank you, but no need for now. I have yet to do some things here before I can go back home."

"If you say so. So, back on topic. Like I said, I come from Halcandra. In this world, for ages, a dragon named Landia slept. It was said that he was a guardian of the land, protecting it from dangers. But then, he awakened and started to rampage. I tried to fight him with the Lor, but the dragon was too powerful. I had to escape. The Lor is a powerful ship, but Landia possesses a source of infinite power named the Master Crown, and it's thanks to it that Landia has been able to damage the Lor so much."

"A rampaging dragon and a crown of infinite power... Ok, that's new," says Dedede.

"Now..." Magolor pushes some more buttons on the keyboard, and the image on the screen now shows the five pieces of the Lor going toward the five branches of Popstar, with more signs appearing beside them. "Here are where the five pieces have fallen. The oars have fallen on the land named Cookie Country, the right wing in Raisin Ruins, the left wing in Onion Ocean, the Emblem in White Wafers, and the mast in Nutty Noon."

"How does the Lor know about Popstar and all those places? It's the first time that it comes here," asks Sweetie Belle.

"Good question, but I may know why. I will gladly tell you more later, but I think that we shouldn't lose too much time while Landia is left rampaging my world."

Meta Knight nods. "Yes. We can talk while we replace the pieces of the Lor."

"Yes. As for the Energy Spheres, many of them have fallen on Popstar, but some have fallen on Halcandra, so we will not be able to retrieve all of them right away. Thankfully, the number on Popstar should be enough for the Lor to take off and open a portal back to Halcandra.

However, there is something that you must watch out... Landia hit the Lor just as it passed the portal, which caused the barrier between this dimension and the other to weaken, and the crown's energy that was in the fireball to disperse on all Popstar. To put it simply, if that energy has fallen on locals, then the capacities of those locals will be boosted. Like, a swordsman will be able to invoke a giant sword.

As for the consequence of the weakening of the dimensional barrier, it means that you may fight dangerous creatures from my dimension named Doomers. They are creatures of negativity that eat positivity, like the Dream Matter that the Lor uses. Because those Energy Spheres are full of this Dream Matter, then the Doomers will be after them, and you may more than once have to chase a Doomer through a portal toward my dimension to fight them and recuperate the spheres. You may also have to open them using the energy of the crown somehow."

"That's easy!" says Bandana Dee. "Kirby will eat whoever has received this energy, and use those boosted abilities to find those portals!"

"Did I hear it well? Kirby can copy the abilities of the ones he eats?"


Magolor looks at Kirby, then at Meta Knight, then back at Kirby. "Could you be..." He shakes his head. "W-well then, I'm sure that you will have no problems gathering the parts and the spheres."

"And I will finally be able to explore more of Popstar!" says Sweetie Belle. "Let's go everyone!"

As Sweetie starts to run excitedly out of the Lor, quickly followed by the others, Magolor intercepts Meta Knight. "Hey. Are you a..."

"A Child of the God, yes."

"And Kirby..."

Meta Knight looks toward Kirby exiting the Lor. "Is much much more." He looks back at Magolor. "Maybe you know something about him. We will talk once we are back. Sweetie Belle will be happy to hear what you know, descendant of the Ancients."

At this, Meta Knight gets out of the Lor, and catches up to the others thanks to his bat wings. Magolor walks out of the Lor, watching them take off on two Warp Stars.

"I can't believe it." He frowns. "If it's really him, then I may have a problem."

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