• Published 18th Mar 2019
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A Sweetie Dreamland - Lucar

Sweetie Belle finds herself in another world, working for a fat penguin self proclaimed king.

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Chapter 57: Green Grounds

As always, Discord warns the ponies about the start of the new adventure, and the ponies, without the CMC that are in school, meet in one of Twilight's rooms to watch, curious what Sweetie will fight this time, and how powerful she has become since last time. Moreover, they have missed the last bad guy, Discord informing them that the evil knitting needles have tried to invade Dreamland, but Sweetie Belle has been able to stop them when they have attacked the castle, so this time, they don't want to miss.

"So, bad guy used magic to divide Kirby into ten smaller, weaker versions of himself, and Sweetie Belle now possesses all his powers," resumes Discord to the ponies before opening the portal. "That's all for now."

"Sweetie Belle with Kirby's powers?" asks Rainbow Dash. "How overpowered is she now?"

"Enough to give the bad guy a beatdown before he ran away. She can now use all the abilities that Kirby used until now without even needing to eat someone."

"All of them?" asks Rarity in wonder.

"ALL of them. I haven't seen it, but from what mini-me told me, it was quite the show."

"Oh! This means we may be able to see abilities that we have missed until now!" shouts Pinkie Pie.

"Now I can't wait," says Rainbow Dash.

"You will not have to wait long." At this, Discord opens the portal.

"Where do you think this Skull Guy went?" asks Sweetie Belle at the Kirby, front hooves crossed while she frowns in thought.

"Poyo..." says Stone Kirby, arms crossed too. "Poyo?" he asks at the Kirby at his left, Ice Kirby.

Ice Kirby deadpans at him. "Poyo poyo poyo. Popoyo poyo?" We are the same. If you don't know, how should I know?

"Maybe we should return to the resort and ask Dedede, assuming that nothing happened over there."

The kirbys all nods. However, before they start moving, they suddenly hear a familiar sound coming from above. Looking up, they spot a familiar airship with a red hat approaching.

"The Squeak Squad's airship? What are they doing here?"

The airship stops above them and a door opens. A Yellow Squeaker then comes and unroll a rope ladder before signing at them with his head to climb. Sweetie Belle looks at the Kirbys and they all shrug before climbing, curious to know what Daroach want with them.

The inside of the gondola is rather empty, only a few Squeakers and Daroach himself are present. Four of the Squeakers are sitting on chairs in front of computers at the front left, and another is in front of the steering wheel.

Once the last Kirby enters, Daroach starts to speak. "Welcome my friends."

Looking around, Sweetie Belle asks "Where are the others?"

"They are around. Searching for what I seek while scouting on what is going on. And I suppose that you want to know what is going on?"

"Well, yes. I mean, all we know is that this big bad skull guy attacked Kirby with his staff and divided him into those 10 smaller versions of him. Now we aren't sure what to do."

"Then let's make a deal. I help you, you help me. What do you think?"

"That's fair. We need help. So, what do you want?"

"You see, in those islands, there is an old treasure that I always dreamed of getting my claws on: medals."

"Medals? You mean like those ones?" She opens her bag and shows the medals she has collected to Daroach. His eyes seem to sparkle at seeing them.

"Yes! That's them!"

"We have been collecting them for a few days. Those ones are the ones that we found in Green Grounds."

As Sweetie talks, Daroach counts the medals. "They aren't all there."

"I thought so. I haven't explored the center of the island yet."

"Perfect. You would need to go to the center anyway."


"Necrodeus -that's the name of the bad guy- used his staff to seal the other islands in clouds of darkness. We can't go to them without defeating the guardians of the seals."

"Which one of them is at the center of this island."

"Exactly. With his staff, Necrodeus took control of most of the population of the islands, and the most powerful ones became the guardians of the seals. And the stronger being currently in Green Ground, without counting you, is at the center."

At this, Sweetie Belle and the Kirbys facepalm/hoof. "I bet everything I have that Dedede is now one of those guardians." Sweetie Belle then sighs. "And Lady Ivy is probably another one..."

"What is convenient is that the search of the medals is also needed if you want to beat Necrodeus," says Daroach.


He nods. "Necro Nebula, the island that is home of Necrodeus, is covered in a powerful cocoon of dark clouds. The only way for you to get rid of it is..." He takes one of the rainbow medals in the bag. "...by finding all those rainbow medals. They possess some Heart Power, and with all of them, the Heart Power will be enough to destroy the dark cloud."

She nods with a smile. "That's great! This means that I have already done more than half the job! I found all the medals of Sandy Canyon and Dedede Resort. They are stocked in a chest in my chamber in the resort. The only island that I have yet to explore is Volcano Valley."

"Ah yes... Volcano Valley. A dangerous island. I will tell you more about this island later, but first, we should finish with the medals of Green Ground. If you need advice to find the medals, don't hesitate to come back to ask. I have found out how to find all of them."

"Then why don't you come with us? It will be faster! You tell us where are the medals, and we collect them. And together, it will be easier to defeat the guardians, which means that we will join Dedede Resort and the other medals faster."

Daroach rubs his chin in thought. "Hum... I suppose that it is better this way. Very well. I'm joining you." He turns to the Squeakers. "I'm leaving the airship to you."

"Yes boss!"

Back on land, now with the leader of the Squeaks, they walked toward the center of the island.

"By the way Daroach, you seem to know much about this Necrodeus. Do you know who he is exactly?"

"I don't know his origins, but I know that he is the leader of the Skull Gang and that he wishes to draw all light in darkness. Normally, they fear the light, but since the day Necrodeus got his hands on this staff, they are able to go out in it. Until now, they have waited an occasion to start their invasion, only appearing to scare the locals or collect some of the medals, but it seems that with the arrival of Kirby in the islands, Necrodeus saw his chance."

"I see. He ambushed Kirby to eliminate the main obstacle and started the invasion at the same moment thinking that nothing would stop him now." She giggles. "Too bad for him, I'm here. I will beat him." She puts her hoof on her chest. "Especially now that I have Kirby's powers."

A chill crawls Daroach's back. "What do you mean by that?"

"When Necrodeus divided Kirby, there was actually an eleventh part: the heart of his powers. Under the form of a star, the heart came inside me, and now, I can use all of Kirby's abilities." She then looks at the Kirbys. "And I can give them the abilities that I want."

Thank the stars that I'm not her enemy anymore! thinks Daroach.

"Also, do you know who is the guardian here?" asks Sweetie Belle.

"Whispy Woods."

She facehoofs. "What is he doing here?"

"This island is home to most of his relatives, so he came here to celebrate his birthday."

"Oh? It's Whispy's birthday? Once we save him, I will make sure to congratulate him. And once we are done with Necrodeus, I will give him a gift."

"Poyo poyo?" asks Hammer Kirby. What could you give to a tree?

To say that the trek toward the center of the island is difficult would be a total lie. Between the ten Kirbys, Daroach, and especially Sweetie Belle, all the creatures trying to get in the way are knocked out faster than the time it takes to say it, and Sweetie Belle takes the occasion to try many combinaisons with the abilities.

A good example is that when a group of Oohroos, pear-shaped purple ape-like creatures, has tried to stop them, Sweetie Belle has used Metal to turn her body into metal, Wheel to turn her hooves into wheels, and Jet to make the jet wings appear. She has then turned the jet wings on, and thanks to the wheels, she has been propulsed forward, striking all the Oohroos with her metal body like a bowling ball.

Another time, she has used both Tornado and Fire to create a tornado of fire in front of her, sweeping and burning everything in the way. Mirror and Laser/UFO are a terrifying combo. Stone or Metal and Needle are merciless on the slopes. Ninja has so much possibility for the use of other abilities with the ninjutsu, and let's not even start with the Magic ability.

She has just become unstoppable. At this point, this adventure is more a game for her.

With this, it doesn't take long for them to reach the unexplored areas near the center of the island. Following Daroach who knows where to go, they jump in a tunnel submerged. Following it, they reach a point where they have to break a giant stone star block, opening a hole in the floor where the water starts going. They go through the hole too and enter a submerged cavern. Further, they press an interruptor that causes the apparition of a group of green apples that the Kirbys immediately eat. When the last apple is finished, a Jumbo Candy appear, and the Kirbys eat it too, making them invincible AND giant, turning them into an unstoppable force destroying everything in their way.

Thanks to that, they destroy a group of metal blocks that have been hiding a rainbow medal before passing a door, the Kirbys returning to normal just before it. In the next area, Sweetie Belle turns into metal, and her weight is enough to destroy the metal blocks blocking the way down. At the instructions of Daroach, they don't mind the door and continue down before destroying a cracked part of the wall hiding another medal. With the medal in their possession, they pass the ignored door and find a third medal in a shell. In another shell, they discover a door leading to a room with another shell containing a fourth medal, along with a jellyfish-like giant square-shaped creature that is quickly dealt with.

Returning in the previous area, Daroach points up at a part of the ceiling that is cracked, and upon destroying it, find yet another door leading them to an area out of water with a closed door in the ceiling. Daroach precises that the next medal is in a chest, and that the key is behind this door, so they have to open it. Opening it is not hard, they just have to press a few musical switches in a certain order. The order is shown with the switch that must be pressed flashing. With the door open, Daroach takes the key that drops, and they return in the previous area, only to pass another door at the end.

In the next area, they are blocked by a very fat bipedal green giant turtle-like being with a black shell and a helmet on the head sleeping in the way.

Sweetie Belle pokes the turtle's belly to wake him up. "Hum... Excuse-me sir. We need to pass. Could you move, please?"

The turtle wakes up, only to look at her angrily.

"Please. Don't be angry. I'm sorry for waking you, but we must pass. You just need to move, and you can go back to sleep."

The turtle answers her by getting up with clear bad intentions, but before he can do anything, she touches him, and the next instant, he is enveloped in electricity.

After a full ten seconds of this, she stops touching him, and asks again "Can you move please?"

"Trust us buddy, that shocking thing was nothing compared to what she can do," says Yin.

"Yeah. For your health, just accept to let us pass," continues Yarn.

The turtle quickly nods before slowly waddling out of the way, letting them pass.

"Thank you sir!"

After passing the door that has been behind the turtle, Daroach says "For being a hero, you can be evil when you want."

"Hey! I asked him gently! It's not my fault if he forced me to use a more persuasive move."

"Anyway. The chest containing the medal is in that giant shell," says Daroach as he points to a giant orange shell.

As he has said, opening it reveals a chest, and Daroach uses the key to open it, getting the medal inside. After the chest, they break a stone star block in the ceiling, and the water is suddenly expelled upward through the opened way, the current dragging them until they reach the surface. Back on dry floor, they get back their senses before passing a door, moving toward the next area.

The next area is extremely easy to traverse. They find a Jumbo Candy and use its power to smash their way through countless blocks and a few enemies, gaining easily two medals this way, Sweetie Belle going along with her Metal/Wheel/Jet combo. At the same time, Daroach find a key on an elevated platform, and uses it to open a chest in the path, obtaining another medal. By the end, they enter a small cavern where some kind of giant worm with round and metallic body segments and a spiked helmet is waiting for them, only to be smashed by the charging giant Kirbys, freeing the door trapped in his body. When they return to normal, they pass it, ready to explore the last area of the island.

In this last area, they finally encounter the famous relatives of Whispy Woods, the first that they encounter trying to blow them away with their breath, but they are quickly calmed down by sealing their mouths with ice, letting them pass while they also deal with the spider-like creature trying to grab them from above. Some cannons later, they find a rainbow medal behind some metal blocks in the ceiling, before Sweetie Belle gives to all the Kirbys the Wing ability so they can all fly above the water section that follow behind one of the living trees.

In this section, they find a medal between two mushrooms above them before they reach the end, avoiding the tree that has, for some reason, his base almost fully chopped. Giving back to the Kirbys their first abilities, they pass a small tunnel before they enter a darker part of the forest where they have to avoid a rolling giant log that is somehow alive. After avoiding it, they enter another tunnel where they have to avoid another rolling log, this time having no choice but to use a triangular hole in the log to not get crushed before they exit the tunnel and find a skull key.

Like the previous times, a portal opens and sucks everyone in a dark area where they are assaulted by a dozen of those skull things. Daroach names them Skullys, the grunts of the Skull Gang. The Skullys don't last more than five seconds against all of them united, and one of them drop the skull chest that the key opens, and they obtain another medal while the area becomes clearer. The portal opens again, and they are back in the previous area as if nothing happened.

Finding a door hidden in the leaves of another relative of Whispy, they find a fourth medal is found behind more metal blocks, using a spring cannon to destroy them, before returning in front of the relative of Whispy with the door hidden in his leaves. This time, they destroy metal blocks in the ground, opening the way to another tunnel where they have to avoid another rolling log while destroying more metal blocks to pass a door leading them to another medal that a spider holds. They easily deal with the spider, and return in the tunnel with the rolling log, but this time, they go the opposite way to find a cannon that get them out.

It's not long after that they end up in front of Whispy Woods. However, knowing who they are up against, they have come prepared, all the Kirbys now with the Fire ability. Before the tree can do anything, the fight is already over, and a purple fire get out of him before disappearing.

"Happy birthday Whispy!"

"Thank you Sweetie..." answers weakly a blackened Whispy Woods with a smile.

"Weird way to celebrate a birthday..." comments Pinkie.

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