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A Sweetie Dreamland - Lucar

Sweetie Belle finds herself in another world, working for a fat penguin self proclaimed king.

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Chapter 44: A Bouncy Battle

They are dropped by the portal in a pathway not far of a big ruined structure, before the entrance of a tunnel. Without a word, they start to walk inside the tunnel, using the paintbrush to pass above giant metal balls threatening to crush them.

While doing so, Sweetie Belle thinks about what she has done with this fake Paint Roller. Fake or not, that was a surprising sadistic moment coming from her. Well, Paint Roller has asked for it, but she knows that the old Sweetie Belle wouldn't have done what she has done. She would have knocked out Paint Roller to make him pay... No, she would have been angry, but she would have let him go to directly find a way to break the glass tube. But to actually tie him to a bomb to make him taste his own medicine in a more hardcore and sadistic way... What would the ponies think? What would her family think? No, worst. What is Rarity thinking? Mini-Discord has probably warned the real Discord about her new adventure, who in turn has warned Rarity and her friends, who are probably watching her right now.

They pass a stone door just in time before it closes, and find themselves at the base of some red structure built in the rock, where a small cannon propulse them up. A second cannon propulse them to a second part of the tunnel where they have to avoid more metal balls by hiding under platforms below them.

She has... changed, since coming to this world. In many ways. She has far less scruples to harm others. Before, she couldn't hurt a fly, unless she became REALLY angry, but now, she doesn't think anymore before punching an enemy. Of course, it's a consequence of Dedede training her to fight Kirby, by forcing her to punch a Waddle Dee. Punching that Waddle Dee has broke something that has made her less hesitant to punch the next one. From there, she has started to really fight while training, and by the time she has had her first adventure, against Dark Matter, the only reason why she would first hesitate before punching an enemy has been because they haven't been really her enemies, but friends forced to fight her, and even then, after a moment, that hesitation has disappeared. But against the Meta Knights, when they have tried to conquer Dreamland not long after, she hasn't hesitated one second before attacking. She has even started liking fighting by this time.

They pass above water, avoiding a boulder falling from the ceiling, before entering another small cannon that propulse them on a small platform at the start of a big room. From there, they have to destroy a few star blocks, and fight their way through a few Pactos, enemies with a big fanged mouth with little stubs as limbs, jumping from holes under the platforms to try to eat them.

Getting used to fight doesn't explain however why she has acted so sadistic against Paint Roller. Actually, the instant she has learned that all those enemies are creations of Drawcia, she has started a real slaughter against them, attacking and destroying them with absolutely no remorse, and has even smirked, taking pleasure at being able to go all out against them, knowing that they aren't really alive.

As they return in front of the red structure, she looks up, seeing the entrance, while Kirby drinks a bottle hidden below.
It may be because she is angry at Drawcia, and by extension, her creations, because she has taken her horn (and Kirby's limbs), and she wants to make her pay. Paint Roller has also almost killed Kirby, so it could also explain why she has lost her cool against him. The fact that they are just lifeless creations made of paint is just an added bonus so she can blow off steam by pulverizing them, rather than just knocking them out, which leads to the same result anyway.

And it may also be because... she knows that she has lost a part of herself during what happened with Zero. After Zero, she has stopped caring about what happens to the bad guys she fights. When the Dark Matters have come back for the third time, she hasn't batted an eye when they have been destroyed by Ribbon's crystal, and has been actually happy at seeing them explode. Against that creature of magma that they have fought in the volcano, while sad that they have had to kill it, in the end, she has quickly forgotten about it. The weird Dark Matter from Ripple Star, she has taken joy in seeing it disappear in pieces. Zero Two, while she has been saddened to discover his real backstory, she has had no remorse giving the killing blow, before learning about it, she has had a deep satisfaction at seeing him suffer at each blow, and his death has been quickly put behind. Dark Meta Knight, she hasn't cared. Dark Mind, because it was a mirror version of Zero, she has had some pleasure seeing him disappear in her giant beam. For Drawcia, while she will try to convince her to stop this folly, if she refuses, she will not care if the following fight ends up killing her too. She knows too that if she had fought Marx after Zero, then she wouldn't have had a breakdown at his 'death' like she has gotten. She would have accepted it, and moved on.

Like Kirby, she just doesn't care anymore about the fate of her enemies. If they die, they die, end of the line. If they live, then good! As for Drawcia's creations... Well, again, they aren't even truly alive, so more reason to not care about them. Contrary to Kirby, she has developed some pleasure at seeing an enemy that deserve it to suffer.

And so, this sadistic episode would be the result of all that: anger, not caring, and wanting to see him suffer. Still, she will make sure to avoid another episode like that. Knowing that she can now take pleasure in harming an enemy is already disturbing, but doing things like tying someone to a bomb, only psychos do this! No more 'death games', if she kills an enemy, it will be in a fight.

She already knows that she will take great pleasure fighting Drawcia.

In a way, she is really becoming like Dedede. The penguin seems to possess some sadistic amusement in harming his enemies. But she will keep true to what she has said to Meta Knight this famous night: while she doesn't care, and even take pleasure, she will only kill if this is really the right thing to do, or the only way. She will not become someone that will kill all the enemies that cross her path without thinking.


She blinks, and looks down to see Kirby watching her, not without some worry. She has been standing there without moving for a couple of minutes.

She smiles at him. "Sorry Kirby. I was just thinking about something."

Kirby rolls beside her before rubbing himself against her. In return, she hugs him, her smile growing. Even if she has stopped caring about her enemies, even if she has changed, she will never stop caring about her friends. This, she knows.
After a few seconds, she stops the hug and uses the paintbrush to draw a line between them and the entrance to the red structure. She goes first in case there are any dangers, and Kirby soon follows. Entering the structure, they quickly find out that the inside is not lighted at all, the only light coming from the entrance, leaving them almost in the dark. If Sweetie had her horn, she could have used her light spell, but now...

"Oh! Of course!"

She takes the canvas that Paint Roller has... kindly given to her, and that she has kept on her back under her cape with a small rope, and starts to use the paintbrush to paint something on it. While she is not as good at painting than at drawing, she still has no real problems painting a lighted lantern. With the power of the paintbrush, the lantern gets out of the canvas, she catches it, and they now can see what is in this room, and where to go.

Exploring the room, they rapidly find the door before a dead end, and they enter another room, this one lighted, so Sweetie gets rid of her lantern. At the other side of a hole, there is a cannon. Above them, a ceiling made of stone blocks. Above the cannon, a hole. By two and two, they conclude that they have to use the cannon to go up in the hole. To their confusion, the hole only leads to a dead end, and a headache at hitting the ceiling. Falling back down beside the cannon, Sweetie Belle decides to use it as a cannon should be used to: blowing holes. She returns under the ceiling made of stone blocks, and paints a second cannon, this one shooting cannonball. The cannon fires, and the cannonball blows a hole in the ceiling. She can hear the cannonball destroying more blocks in the way, and sometimes, she can hear explosions, meaning that it has hit bomb blocks. For good measure, she fires a few more cannonballs, each going at a different angle, blowing more holes and destroying more stone and bomb blocks. At a time, the ceiling made of stone blocks is fully destroyed, and a second cannon falls, destroyed, beside the painted cannon.

They can now see a static area, along with many levels of stone blocks full of holes. From there, they can spot the exit at the very top. At this, they push the destroyed cannon in the hole, push the painted cannon right under the exit, jump in it, and let it propulsing them toward the exit.

They land on the floor of the next room, where they discover a spiked fan in the way, under the part of the ceiling where they have to go to continue. Carefully, Sweetie wait until the right moment and draws a line to reach the next level of the room before the fan destroys it and hurts them. They have to do this a few more times, before reaching a new section of the room where they have to use air currents created by propellers to go up while avoiding the fire projected by cannons. In the way, Kirby decides to eat a Rocky, thinking that his Stone ability will be very useful as a ball. At the end, they have no problems reaching the door, eliminating a Bomber in the way.

The next room is rather small, and full of enemies. The perfect occasion for Kirby to use his Stone ability and crush a good number of them by falling and rolling on them as a small boulder. Sweetie Belle easily deals with the survivors, thanks to her whip. The portal is just after them.

They are now in a cave, the colors here contrasting. Sweetie must say, even if Drawcia is crazy, she knows what she creates with her painting! She can also spot ponds, making her understand that they may have to swim at some point. The first part of the cave is rather easy and fast to pass, consisting or Shotzos, some spikes, and many square-shaped stone-like enemies looking like Kabus trying to fall on them, like those one eyed green bloc-like enemies from their previous adventure, excepted those ones take one second before falling, leaving them enough time to glide rapidly under them. In the end, all they do is glide, glide, and glide again without stopping while following the path until reaching the door, where they destroy a couple of Spear Waddle Dees guarding it. As in, Sweetie Belle kicks the first one with so much strength that she projects him to the second, and both of them end up as paint stain on the wall.

And now, they are on a platform above water. Jumping in it, they discover a small problem: without limbs, Kirby can't swim.

"Poyooo..." he groans.

Sweetie frowns. "I hope we will rapidly get you back to normal. You are really limited in this state. Now I am glad that Drawcia only took my horn. I don't know what I would have become without my hooves."

Kirby imagines Sweetie Belle without her hooves... and isn't sure what to think about the image. At this moment, Sweetie Belle grabs him and start to swim under the water. Deciding to help her, he turns into stone, and his weight help them reach the bottom of the water faster. From there, Sweetie swims until reaching a pipe dropping them in another pond, this one full of Blippers. Not far, they find another pipe leading them in a small room with even more Blippers, falling boulders, and a Maxi Tomato. Avoiding the boulders, Kirby lets himself float up before turning into stone to crush the Blippers. At the same time, Sweetie Belle simply punches any Blippers getting too close, even sending the boulders on them. Once all the Blippers eliminated, the door appears. They eat the Maxi Tomato, and pass it.

And now, they are on star blocks, both small and big. Using the Stone ability, Kirby destroys countless blocks under them, until reaching a floor. From there, Sweetie Belle destroys around thanks to her whip. Exploring, they find more blocks in the floor, and Kirby uses again the Stone ability so they can go further down, where it seems to be the right way. After some time, they reach a static area, and Sweetie is forced to hold the paintbrush. At least, in this part, there are not many blocks, only a few blocking some of the ways. Choosing one, they destroy the blocks in it, and eventually exit the static area, only to fall in another section full of blocks. After a minute of destroying the blocks and fighting enemies hidden among them, they find the portal.

Now, they are in a different cavern, there one looking like it has been drawn by a foal using colored pencils.
"Well... This is an art form... I suppose..."

just in front of them is a red door, with three colored switches on the wall beside it, one red, one blue, and one yellow. Sweetie presses the red one, thinking that it will open the door, only for the switch to turn blue. She raises an eyebrow, and presses the switch again, this time turning it into yellow. Another press and it turns back to red. Having an idea of what to do now, she presses the blue switch two times, and the yellow one one time, turning them into red switches. The door opening indicate that this is the right thing to do.

After this door, they open a second door, this time by pressing a normal switch, before reaching a water section again. Grabbing Kirby, sweetie Belle swims and fights the Blippers until reaching the end. Out of the water, they press another switch opening a spiked door, then pass two doors opening and closing alone at regular intervals. After the two doors, a mechanical claw grab suddenly grabs Kirby from the ceiling, and she rapidly clings to him. The claw leads them above an electrical floor, before dropping them in front of a room with a floor made of stone blocks, and a wooden pillar at the center. Kirby crushes it with Stone, destroying the blocks and revealing water under them, but nothing of importance.
After the room, they have to destroy a bomb block to open the way, causing Blippers to also fall on them. Seeing them coming, Sweetie swings the paintbrush to send them away. They pass another small water section, then above two holes, and then a section with cannons, before finally reaching a black door.

In the next part of the cavern, they have to run to avoid being crushed by falling boulders, having to press a switch in the way to open a door, and having to destroy a bomb bloc to open the way to a new water section with a strong current where they now have to avoid saws. After the saws, they have to open another door with a switch, followed by a spiked door with another switch, before entering a room without currents, but full of doors and switches. To their annoyance, the switches don't always open the right doors, forcing them to do some small detours. After this room, the current reappear, leading them to a pipe, then to another that make them exit this water section. A last pathway force them to rapidly glide on a line without stopping to avoid falling boulders and holes. At the end, just before the door they are almost crushed by one of those squared stoned Kabu half hidden in the ceiling.

For such a childish area, it is certainly full of traps.

Following the door, it doesn't take long for them to enter a new section with water, Kirby's stone form helping them reaching the bottom where there is a pipe. In the room that follow the pipe, there is a ceiling full of stone block, and a red door with colored switches at the bottom, the switches guarded by Glunks. Eliminating the Glunks, they quickly open the door, leading to a dead end with another switch. Pressing it causes the destruction of the stone blocks, opening the way. From there, they just have to follow a passage with another strong current, and many enemies, ending with another pipe leading to the room with the portal. Problem, the portal is carried by the current in the room. Seeing this, Kirby quickly turns into stone, and Sweetie clings to him while fighting the enemies coming at them. After some waiting, they see the portal coming, and Kirby returns to normal before they intercept it, and enter it.

Judging by the gears and various machines in the next area, they are now in a factory, a very grey, and empty one.

"Hopefully, this one is not as creepy as the one we saw in that frozen Earth."

They start their exploration, already reaching a small cannon. going in it, they are propulsed into a small hallway with bouncing floor, walls, and ceiling all the way until they fall on a platform with green paint, where they shake their heads to regain their senses, before Sweetie giggles.

"I will ask Dedede to install that in the castle."

They then pass a laser, and enter a hallway with Blados, cousins of Gordos with blade instead of spikes, and more lasers, before they enter a door to enter another hallway with a big hole with Shotzos of star blocks. Sweetie uses the paintbrush to destroy the star blocks and make the Shotzos fall before drawing a line and using it to pass above the hole. After the hole, Kirby sees another rocket-like enemy and decides to give up Stone to eat him, thinking that the missile could be useful. They take the cannon that follow, propulsing them in another cannon that propulse them, to their surprise, to a bumper. They bounce on a few more bumpers before hitting the ceiling. There, Sweetie Belle catches Kirby and puts him on her back, gaining the rocket hooves and using them to hover while she looks at what is following.

Bumpers everywhere, with a few cannons and many enemies.

"This must be Pinkie's best dream come true." She smiles. "And I love this!"

She charges toward the nearest bumper as fast as she can. Before hitting the bumper, she throws Kirby at another bumper, and the two of them are now bouncing around, ramming the enemies. To help them, Sweetie also uses the paintbrush to draw lines to make them bounce toward a better direction.

Why isn't there something like that in Equestria?

"Why don't we have something like that?!" complains Pinkie Pie.

"Probably because nopony thought of building something like that," answers Twilight.

"I can make one," says Discord. "I will make sure to do this once this ends. It will be a success among the young ones."

Pinkie bounces in joy around Discord. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!"

"Uh. Usually, it's Twilight who does that," he says.

After a couple of minutes bouncing around, Sweetie and Kirby reach the door. Back on the floor, they are both laughing.

"Now I HAVE to ask Dedede to build one!"


They continue laughing as they pass the door, appearing at the bottom of a big vertical room with a few platforms above them, and many star blocks beyond. As they feel the floor starting to rise, they stop laughing.

"Oh oh..."

They look at the floor, then up at the star blocks. Understanding what is going on, Sweetie Belle quickly uses the paintbrush to destroy the block before they are crushed between them and the floor. Once there is some space, she puts Kirby on her back to regain the rocket hooves, and starts to fly up to gain a lead from the rising floor. She has to pass many levels of floor and platforms full of obstacles, mainly explosives and stone blocks with bomb blocks to destroy them. Blados eventually join the party, before she reaches a red door with the colored switches. She quickly turns the switches red, only to discover another door, this time blue, after this one. Opening it by turning the switches blue, she destroys some more stone blocks before finally reaching the portal, passing it before being crushed by the rising floor.

She flies out of the portal, only to crash in a totally dark area, Kirby bouncing from her back. On the floor, she groans, saying "Ugh... Seriously... Kirby? Are you alright?"


"By Celestia, I can't see you! This is worst than this dark room in those ruins!" She takes the canvas. "Darn. I can't even see what I'm painting. How will I do...? Oh! I know! I will paint a sun! It shouldn't be too hard to paint one, even in the dark."

So, using the paintbrush, she slowly paints a yellow circle, before surrounding it as best as she can with yellow lines to represent the light. Once she thinks that it's good, she let the paintbrush's magic giving life to the painted sun, and soon, it rises, lightening the area. She then can see three things:

One. She is really bad at painting in the dark. The sun is weird-shaped, and the yellow lines aren't all attached to it, some of them even crossing. At least, it works.

Two. They are in an area similar to the one with the spooky town.

Three... They are surrounded. Dozens of Waddle Dees with many Waddle Doos and Bronto Burts are looking at them.

"For Drawciaaaa!!!"


They all charge at both Sweetie Belle and Kirby, burying them under their number. The pile around Kirby quickly explodes, the puffball having turned into a missile before exploding immediately after hitting an enemy. A beam from a Waddle Doo, however, knocks his Missile ability away, leaving him vulnerable. Before they can jump on him, the enemies constituting Sweetie's pile are suddenly propulsed in the air by a powerful force, that is none other than Sweetie Belle expelling her energy all around her in a powerful shockwave. She then see Kirby surrounded, and throws a Giga Blast, eliminating a few of them. Taking the occasion, Kirby inhales a Waddle Doo, gaining the Beam ability. He follows this by shooting his whip-like beam all around him, giving him more space. At the same time, Sweetie wraps her whip around a Bronton Burt and rams him into his comrades around her before releasing him.

Their surprise attack having failed, the remaining enemies don't last long against Kirby's beams and Sweetie's whip and hooves. By the time they leave, a painted lantern in Sweetie's hoof, all that remain are paint everywhere on the floor. A few minutes later, after much gliding, walking on platforms, avoiding spikes, and making fall a few Shotzos toward the end, they leave by a black door.

In the next part, in a tower that is not as dark, they decide to rest a little.

"I must give it to Drawcia, that was a smart move. Between that, and Paint Roller, she is crafty. Even Vul's tentatives to kill us weren't that smart. We should stay on our guard from now on."

Kirby nods. Drawcia has certainly proved herself to be redoubtable in a different way. Rather than trying to kill them with power and strength, she uses clever traps and cowardly moves. Too bad for her, she hadn't counted on Sweetie's own power, even without her magic, and her getting the paintbrush.

After a few minutes, they start climbing the tower, and rapidly reach the top where they pass another door. The next section after the tower is more problematique. They are outside of the tower, in front of a wall covered in spikes. They have to go down, but the path is full of Gordos and spiked platforms. With the help of propellers releasing air currents to keep them hovering in the air, they are able to slowly glide until the next door at the base of the tower.

They appear in another dark area. Thankfully, Sweetie has kept the lantern, and doesn't have any problems seeing the electrical floor and ceiling in the path in front of them. Using carefully the paintbrush again, she passes them and reach the door to another area less dark, at the top of the tower again, on the other side. Yet again, they have to go down while avoiding Gordos, but this time, there aren't any spikes, only bubble blocks that pop at contact. They drink the bottle at the base, and pass the door just behind it, entering yet another dark area. But with Sweetie's lantern, they see that there is nothing. After advancing, however, they enter a small room where the exits close, and dozens of parachuted bombs start to fall on them. Sweetie uses the paintbrush to draw lines under the bombs, so they explode on them. Quickly, all the bombs are destroyed, and the exit opens, leading to the portal.

The new area is now a copy of that futuristic town. Maybe it's even the same... Not questioning too long about it, they advance and quickly reach a platform with the green paint. as soon as they are on it, it starts moving up, leading them to a second similar platform that moves too. After the platform are two cannons, leading to a third platform lifting them above an electrical floor. Above them are star blocks. Surprise, a Blocky destroys one of the blocks and almost crushes Kirby. sweetie moves him out of the way, and pushes the Blocky beyond the edge of the platform, making him fall on the electrical floor. She then uses the paintbrush to destroy the remaining blocks, dropping more Blockys on the electrical floor.

After that, another cannon propulse them up, at the start of a pathway covered in spikes, forcing Sweetie Belle to be careful again, drawing a line as straight as possible between the spikes, until entering a conduit. They pass a small room that somehow possess air current, and enter a second conduit. When they exit it and fall on another platform with the green paint. From there, they have to pass from moving platform to moving platform, while Sweetie has to use the paintbrush to protect themselves from Shotzos, many, many Shotzos. At the end is the door.

They now enter a weird room. Behind them is a red door, but no colored switches. The floor, the wall in front, and the ceiling are yellow with bombs drawn on them. There is also a bomb block in the floor. They destroy it, destroying the floor and revealing another yellow wall, and a conduit, which is the only way right now. Taking it, they reach a hallway with blocks in the floor and the ceiling that regularly let spikes out of them before retracting them. With the paintbrush, they pass it, and reach another conduit in the ceiling that lead them in front of another yellow wall, forcing them to go further up beside a wall covered in spikes. They enter another conduit, and destroy a yellow floor. They fall on more blocks with the spikes, and Sweetie quickly jump with Kirby on a line before the spikes get out. Slowly going between a few levels of those blocks, they reach a cannon that propulse them on a green painted platform. Jumping from platform to platform, they enter a static area, and jump inside a conduit leading them in front of a red door with colored switches. sweetie presses the switches until they are all red, opening the door.

They enter a conduit behind the door, slide up between bubble blocks, and destroy a bomb block in a wall, destroying a yellow wall in the opposite direction, letting them where they have started, where they see that the red door has opened, only to now spot a blue door, and there is a normal switch in front of it. Sweetie presses it, but as she has guessed, it doesn't open the blue door. Instead, it creates stone blocks around the conduit that they have used earlier, and destroy the yellow wall beside it, revealing another switch. Pressing it, they hear that it destroys another wall, but they aren't sure which one. Well, they haven't much to go. They go up beside the same spiked wall than earlier, and enter the same conduit leading them to the room with the many levels of spiked blocks, only this time, the yellow wall that has been above them has disappeared. So they go up, and destroy another yellow ceiling, causing a cannon to drop on a stone platform.

The cannon propulse them through iron blocks, and they landed in front of another static area. Many other static areas follow this one, with enemies waiting for them in each one, until they reach a blue door with colored switches. Opening it by turning the switches blue, they destroy the yellow floor behind it, pass another room with more bubble blocks, and press in the way another switch that destroy another yellow floor further down, leading them back to the start. This time, they see that there is a yellow door blocking the way, much to their annoyance, but luckily for them, they see that the way above it has opened, revealing colored switches. Once they are all turned yellow, they hear the yellow door opening, and they don't lose time passing the black door just behind.

They are now outside, with many star blocks blocking the way. They have no problems destroying them and the enemies among them, even if they have to be careful because destroying some of the blocks reveal holes that they don't want to fall in. Following the path, they drop two Shotzos before having to go from platform to platform until reaching another building with more star blocks blocking the way. After the blocks, they discover the portal, and leave the colorful city.

They appear in another white building, this one seemingly constituted of white blocks, with the only way to go up. They pass some weird metallic door, only it to shoot some weird colored beam at the paintbrush before closing below them, leaving them in a room full of green star blocks with a few yellow star blocks with two stars, and some enemies at the top.

"Are you alright, paintbrush?"

The paintbrush simply floats for a few seconds, before it starts to draw a line, only, it is not drawing a rainbow line, but a red line with a circle at the start and at the end, confusing both Sweetie Belle and Kirby. The paintbrush draws another line, identical to the previous one. Sweetie decides to test it and jumps on it, but when she lands on it, the line bends like rubber, and she ends up bouncing on it, causing the line to disappear. She makes the paintbrush draw another line, looks at it, then at the blocks, then at Kirby, and facehoofs.

"Really Drawcia? A Breakout game? Are you an evil witch, or Button Mash's long lost sister?" She sighs, and looks at Kirby. "Looks like you will play the role of the bouncing ball. It will be more effective with you than with me. Watch out for the enemies."

He nods, before looking at her with a raised eyebrow. "Poyo poyo?"

She tilts her head in confusion at what he asks. He looks up toward the closed door in the ceiling, which is the exit. She understands. "Oh. Yes. How will I go up?"

He nods.

She puts a hoof under her chin. "Mmh... I think I know. Once the door is opened, I will bounce you back to me, then I will put you on my back, and I will bounce from line to line until the door."

He smiles and nods, before looking up, ready. Sweetie nods at this, takes him, draws a line, and throws him at it, making him bounce up. After destroying a few blocks, they quickly discover that they aren't forced to destroy all of them to open the door. It indeed opens when Kirby actually eliminates all the enemies in the room. The door open, Sweetie does as she has said, and soon they enter the next room, with more enemies, more blocks, and with some spikes. In this room, they discover blue blocks with three stars, and red blocks with four stars. The thing is, the number of star shows the number of times Kirby must hit a block before destroying it. Sweetie can help him by sending the paintbrush damaging the blocks, gaining them sometimes. Eventually, they also discover yellow blocks that explode not long after being hit, and bubble-like blocks that appear and disappear regularly.

A few rooms later, they enter a room divided into a few sections one above another separated by blocks. Because of this, Sweetie lose sight of Kirby, and she is forced to follow him using the bouncing lines, even if the door is still closed, so she can still help him. At the end of this room, instead of a metallic door like the previous ones, there are black chains. Once Kirby eliminates the last Bronto Burts before them, the chains disappear, and they enter the next room.

In the next room, Kracko is waiting for them.

He doesn't let them time to understand the situation. Barely they enter the room, he shoots a lightning at Sweetie Belle. Grinding her teeth, she pokes his eye with the paintbrush, forcing him to close it. With Kracko now vulnerable, she makes Kirby bounces toward him, and Kirby uses his Beam ability to hult him before he bounces from him, causing a part of his cloud to disappear. Kracko opens his eye and charges at Kirby, but Sweetie is able to make him bounce away, and with a few more lines, she makes Kirby bounce back toward Kracko. However, seeing him coming, Kracko surrounds himself in electricity, shocking Kirby and making him lose the Beam ability.

Kracko is then surprised by Sweetie ramming him, the filly having used a bouncing line. As she hits him, she punches his eye before bouncing away. His eye closed again in pain, she bounces Kirby back toward him, and Kirby successfully rams him in the eye. Kracko, his eye still closed, start shooting lightning all around him, and badly hurts both Sweetie and Kirby. He is rapidly hit again by Kirby, and Sweetie starts bouncing around the room before charging toward Kracko. Kracko yet again surrounds himself of electricity, but Sweetie Belle just grinds her teeth as she rams again the eye, and pass through the cloud with it. On the floor with the eye, she flattens it against a wall, and pummels it with a rain of powerful jabs until it turns back into paint.

Better this way. Sweetie hasn't wanted to let him use his full power against them, like his lightning rain, of his wind. It's already hard enough to dodge his lightning while bouncing, Kirby doesn't have an ability anymore, and she doesn't have her magic. It would have been too dangerous to let the fight drag.

Kracko's defeat opens the portal in the center of the room. Sweetie Belle puts Kirby on her back, and bouncing on another line, she passes through it.

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