• Published 18th Mar 2019
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A Sweetie Dreamland - Lucar

Sweetie Belle finds herself in another world, working for a fat penguin self proclaimed king.

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Chapter 42: A Colorful Adventure Begins

The few days following the letters are rather uneventful for Sweetie Belle, which is not a bad thing. Outside of her now daily routine consisting of training and passing good times with her friends, nothing really special happened, not even in the castle. The only interesting thing that has happened has been when Mirror Kirby has come to warn her that someone has stolen the Great Mirror. She has spread the message to everyone else, but so far, they haven't found it or the thief. Sweetie suspects the Squeak Squad, but good luck to find those rodents.

The day she gets her hooves on them, they will have a bad time.

She has also learned that Dedede has put the cursed chest in the royal treasury among all the other treasures. She couldn't help but facehoof at this. What if the Squeak Squad comes to steal the treasures, and takes the chest, thinking that it contains something of value? But after this, Sweetie Belle has gotten an idea. Now, if the Squeak Squad tries to steal anything in the treasury, especially the cursed chest, they will have an explosive surprise. She sneakily laughs thinking about this.

Gosh, Dedede is really rubbing off on her. She should stop listening to him forming plans to defeat Kirby.

She hasn't told anyone about Discord. The Draconeequus has been clear that he will do nothing to interfere with her new life and her new friends, and will only do something if she is about to get killed, and they would probably be weirded out knowing that they are watched by this unpredictable being. With this, Discord only talks to her when she is alone. At least, when they talk together, they have really animated discussions. He really loves having somepony talking to him (almost) at his level.

Right now, she is strolling around Dreamland, taking some cool fresh air. The stroll is also an excuse to train her shield-claws, climbing trees to sit on their branches and take the view, or even have a quick nap. It's as she is sitting on a branch that she sees Kirby coming, apparently strolling around too.

When the puffball is walking beside the tree where she is, she raises her hoof, and shouts "Hey! Kirby!" Hearing her, Kirby looks around, trying to spot her. She laughs. "Up there!"

He looks up, and finally sees her. He smiles, and wave his arm. "Hii!"

"Hello! Taking a stroll too?"

He nods. "Poyo!"

She jumps from the branch, and lands beside him. "Can I come with you? I won't mind some company."

He nods again.

"Thank you." As they start walking together, she continues talking. "You know? I have been able to find a way to contact my family and my friends in my homeworld."


"Yes. It was so nice to talk to them, even if it was just by letters. I told them everything I could think of, and in return, they told me what happened in Equestria."

Kirby bounces in joy at hearing this. His friend has contacted her homeworld! He is so happy for her! To congratulate her, he hugs her.

She hugs him in return. "Thank you Kirby. It has been important to me. I really miss them."

Kirby rubs her back at this, before letting her go with a big smile. Sweetie Belle returns his smile, before she spots something weird in the sky. Focusing on it, she can see that the clouds look... different. They look like they have been painted.

"Kirby? Is it normal?"

"Poyo?" He turns around and looks at the clouds. Seeing their state, he raises an eyebrow in confusion. "Poyo?"

As they watch, they see that more clouds are suddenly taking various colors. Not only them, but the sky too above them is changing color, with some red, purple, yellow, or orange adding to the blue, all the colors swirling around in a chaotic pattern that Discord is probably finding of his tastes. Whatever phenomenon is causing this, it's spreading rapidly, and soon, they can see the earth, the trees, the rocks, and everything else starting to change color too. The whole landscape is becoming like a giant painting made by some painter of one of those artistic movements that like to put colors everywhere to 'exprime their feelings' or whatever.

Sweetie Belle frowns. "That's new."


A sudden, very high-pitched laugh is heard coming from the sky. Both Sweetie and Kirby look up, and spot some being flying, a paintbrush floating beside them. With one swing of the paintbrush, and another high-pitched laugh, the landscape around the two of them undergo the same transformation than they have seen previously, turning into a mess of colors. From where they are, they can already see that the being is a female in some purple robe with a purple witch hat.

"Bad guy spotted," says Sweetie Belle. She starts to charge a beam while huffing. "She seems to have fun, but turning the landscape into Colorland is a little too much. Sorry for her, but her fun must stop."


She looks at the color witch, takes her time to aim, and just when the witch stops to swing her paintbrush again, she shoots her charged beam at her. The beam takes the witch by surprise, and hits her from below, the force throwing her a few meters up. The witch quickly recovers, and spots them.

Both Sweetie and Kirby prepare themselves for a fight, thinking that the witch will come at them, but to their surprise, the witch flies away.

"Hey! Come back there!" Sweetie Belle shouts at the witch, in vain. She turns toward Kirby. "Quick, Kirby! Jumps on me!"


Kirby does as she has asked, and once he is on her back, Sweetie creates a shield-platform and jumps on it. With the platform, they chase the witch in the sky. The chase doesn't last long, because they see the witch disappear in a rainbow-framed swirling canvas. Sweetie looks toward Kirby, both of them gulp, and they fly through the portal.

The portal leads them... they are not sure where exactly. It seems to be a painted land that look like Dreamland, with hills and small mountains everywhere. Green is clearly the main color of this place.

They look around in wonder. "Do you recognize this place Kirby?"

Kirby shakes his head.

They quickly spot the witch not far, still flying away. Not wanting to let her escape, Sweetie envelopes both her and Kirby in a round shield, and charges at the witch at great speed. The witch only sees them coming at the last second when she looks above her shoulder, and is not able to avoid being rammed from the back. Sweetie doesn't stop her charge, and the three of them crash in the green land below, leaving a small crater with then at the center, Sweetie standing beside the witch as she starts to fly again, this time facing them.

With the witch this close, Sweetie has no problems seeing her in more details. She can't see her face, the witch hiding it behind some pink cloth, letting only her yellow eyes visible. She has long blue-grey hair, and what seemed to be a purple body that she can barely spot under the robe. She can also spot a yellow thing under the robe, but she is not sure what it is. Her robe, while purple, possesses blue and yellow parts at the bottom, and white and yellow zigzag pattern at the center, where it opens to show a small part of her body. There is also a pink fabric at the base of her hat, and golden shoulder pads at both sides of the pink cloth covering her face.

"Alright, witch!" shouts Sweetie Belle. "Bring Dreamland back to normal, and we will let you go. If you refuse..." She takes her whip. "then we will force you!"


"That's not funny! We are serious!"


The witch suddenly shows her underside, where the yellow body part move, revealing it to be some mouth, while the body itself seems round. The mouth opens, and shoots some purple energy ball toward them. They easily dodge the ball with a jump, and Sweetie counterattacks by shooting a beam, hitting the witch in the face. This clearly hurts the witch, but despite this, she continues laughing.

"Will you stop laughing?!"


A framed canvas appears beside the witch, and with the paintbrush, she paints a bomb with a parachute. The next instant, half a dozen of those bombs appear above Sweetie and Kirby. Taking the occasion, Kirby inhale some of the bombs before spitting them at the witch, while Sweetie destroys the remaining bombs. The spitted bombs stun the witch, and Sweetie Belle takes the occasion to attack her with her whip multiple times, before finishing with a charged beam that greatly hurt the witch.


"Shut up!"


Taking the paintbrush again, the witch charges toward them. Then, with a swing of the paintbrush, she splashes colours on them, forcing them to close their eyes. A second swing of the paintbrush, this time directly on their bodies, causes a weird feeling to Sweetie Belle. When she is able to rub off the paint and open her eyes, she looks at her body, but see that nothing seems to have happened. She then looks at Kirby, and gasps.

Kirby has lost his limbs, turning him into a simple pink ball with a face!

"Poyo?" Kirby tries to move, but it only causes him to roll a little, endind with his face upside down. "Poyo..."


Sweetie looks back at the witch, anger filling her. "Turn Kirby back to normal!"


"And stop laughing!"

Sweetie Belle decides to attack again, and shoots another beam at her. But strangely, no beams are shot from her horn. Confused, under the witch's laughter, she tries again, with the same result. Annoyed, she puts a hoof on her horn to see what the problem is, only for the hoof to touch nothing.






At this instant, the witch flies away.

"HEY!!" Seeing the witch is not stopping, Sweetie Belle looks at the Kirby ball.


"Sorry Kirby." She takes him, tosses him up, jumps after him, and kicks him violently. Kirby finds himself flying toward the witch very rapidly.



The witch hears him and looks above her shoulder, only to be hit in the face by Kirby. Unknowingly to her, Kirby bounces from her face, and hit the paintbrush, knocking it away. The witch however quickly recovers from the hit and rams Kirby with her body, sending him back beside Sweetie Belle before flying away, laughing again.


But it's no use. Before long, the witch is just a speck on the horizon. Defeated, Sweetie Belle sighs and sits beside Kirby, both of them looking down. That witch! Taking away her horn and Kirby's limbs!

She looks at Kirby in determination. "Don't worry Kirby, I don't have my magic anymore, but I can still fight. I will go after her, and force her to bring everything back to normal, including us."

Kirby nods, before sighing. "Poyo..."

She rubs him. "Sorry Kirby, seems like you will not be able to do much this time..."

Before Kirby nods in understanding, he spots the witch's paintbrush not far. Rolling, he approaches it, and turns toward Sweetie Belle. "Poyo!"

Sweetie Belle joins him, and looks at the paintbrush. "You think we could use it?"

He nods, and Sweetie touches the paintbrush to see if it does anything. Just after touching it, the paintbrush starts to float, before coming beside Sweetie Belle, floating at her left. She then feels in her mind a connection appearing.


Testing this new connection, she is able to swing the paintbrush with just a thought, creating by the same occasion a rainbow colored line in the air. The line disappears a few seconds later. She looks at the paintbrush, then at Kirby, and paints another line, starting from the floor before making a slope going up, and walks on it. To her surprise, she starts sliding in the same direction she has painted the line, making her go up, until reaching the end where she falls back to the ground. Once on the floor, she sees that Kirby as been able to follow her on the line. At this, she smiles.

"Maybe you will not be forced to remain on my back, finally."

"Poyo!" shouts Kirby in joy.

She looks at the paintbrush. "Thanks to this paintbrush, it will be easy to chase this witch, even without my magic!"

At this moment, the paintbrush floats away, and starts to paint something in the air.


"I don't know Kirby, I'm not the one making it more this time!"

The paintbrush finishes painting, revealing to have actually written with rainbow colored lines DRAWCIA.

"Drawcia?" Sweetie Belle tilts her head. "Is it the witch's name?"

The paintbrush bounces up and down in the air, as if to nod.

"Wait... You are alive?"

It bounces up and down again.

"Nice... to meet you... You are going to help us?"

It nods again.

"But isn't Drawcia your mistress?"

This time, it goes left and right, saying "No."

"Oh. You were forced by her?"

It nods.

"Well then, nice to have you in the team."

At this, the paintbrush returns at Sweetie's left. Sweetie then looks at Kirby, and they smile at each other, before walking/rolling in the direction where Drawcia has flown away.

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