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A Sweetie Dreamland - Lucar

Sweetie Belle finds herself in another world, working for a fat penguin self proclaimed king.

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Chapter 39: Celebration

After many well earned hours of playing or resting on a beach and in the ocean of Aqua Star, queen Ripple guides Sweetie Belle and the others back to Popstar. After a ride of a few minutes on Warp Stars, they reach the Star-shaped world, and land in Dreamland, not far from the mountains where is Dedede's castle.

As she looks around, queen Ripple says "It's a nice world. I wouldn't mind coming back here sometime."

Ribbon nods. "I know I will."

"And I will be happy to return to Ripple Star one day too," says Sweetie Belle.

"I agree/Poyo," says Kirby, Adeleine and Waddle Dee.

Ribbon hugs the team one by one, saying "I can't wait for that day. I will miss all of you."

Dedede chuckles. "You know, I plan to celebrate the ultimate defeat -I hope- of the Dark Matters, the biggest threat of the universe. Well, without counting that Dark God" He spreads his arms. "Tomorrow, there will be a huge party! My Waddle Dees will spread the word to all of Popstar! This will be the biggest celebration ever, from dawn to dusk, and even beyond! So if you want, you can come!"

Pinkie Pie puts a hoof on her heart and take a huge breath. "That feeling... It's like the biggest party ever is about to happen... And I'm gonna miss it!"

Ripple and Ribbon both smiles widely. "I would be happy! And I'm sure that all the fairies will want to come too!" says the queen. "Goodbye everyone, and thank you again for saving Ripple Star." At this, she bows at them, waves her right arm, and start to fly toward the sky.

"Goodbye!" shouts Ribbon as she follows her queen. "See you tomorrow!"

The heroes shout goodbye and wave at them as they see the fairies getting smaller and smaller in the sky, until they disappear.

After that, they all go back to their life while waiting for tomorrow's party, or almost. While Dedede and Waddle Dee return to the castle, and Adeleine returns to her home, Sweetie propose to Kirby to do something they have talked about in their journey : exploring the other side of Popstar. Curious, Kirby acceptes, and rapidly, the two of them climb on a Warp Star and go to the nearest edge of the world.

To their disappointment, the other side of Popstar is... normal. As they fly, they see oceans and lands of various shapes, generally stars, with grasslands, forests, mountains, deserts, and so on. Anyway, they still separate to explore, in the hope of finding something interesting.

Now that she thinks about it, she should explore the first side too. Outside of Dreamland, Rainbow Islands, Rainbow Resort, and a part of Orange Ocean, she hasn't seen much.

It's only an hour before dusk that Sweetie finds something that may be of interest: a very old, ruined structure carved in a mountain. Sadly, seeing that it's getting too late, she simply report her findings to Kirby as the two go back to Dreamland, the filly deciding that she will explore this ruin another day.

At least, they have made friends with a few of the inhabitants of Popstar living on the other side, that aren't different actually. Also, they have had to fight a few ones.

The inhabitants of this universe really love fighting, uh?

Once back in Dreamland, Kirby waves goodbye to Sweetie Belle and returns to his home. However, before going back to the castle, Sweetie Belle does a quick detour to Marx's home to tell him about the party tomorrow. Now that Dedede knows that he is alive but doesn't seem to want to kill him, then why couldn't he come? Beside, he is a jester. A party will be perfect for him.

He couldn't stop bouncing in joy once Sweetie has told him about it.

When she finally comes back to the castle, it's to see the servants busy preparing the party. They will probably be at it all night, but seeing their expression, they don't mind. Celebrating the end of the Dark Matters will be worth it. It's still surprising, seeing how they have been at it since Dedede's return. The numerous stands and other things being built that she has spotted in the way to the castle are a big proofs of how busy they have been. While the party will extend to the whole world -not everyone will go all the way to Dreamland-, the heart of it will really be in and around the castle.

Watching them, their excitation spreads to Sweetie Belle. Sleeping is for the weaks! She is gonna help them all night! Beside, as second in command, she has to give the example. What would it look like if she was sleeping while they were doing all the work?

But before, a quick dinner, and after that, she will do something she has been thinking about doing for Waddle Dee. Hopefully, she will be able to do it. Making a bandana should be easy, right?

The party starts just as the first rays of the sun show above the horizon, and it is like Dedede has said: grandiose, to the point that it looks more like a giant funfair. Already, there are hundreds of inhabitants of Dreamland either eating the tons of food proposed, or playing the many games, often related to the destruction of the Dark Matters. whack-a-moles with Dark Matters instead of moles, shoot the target with Dark Matters as the targets, Dark Matters pinatas, put the Rainbow Sword on the Dark Matter, and so on.

They are not the only things proposed. Dedede has really diversified the activities. So there are also various competitions: fighting competition, competitions to test the strength by hitting piles of blocks of marble (Knuckle Joe loves this one), racing, with or without vehicles (including one similar to what they have had in Aqua Star, with the river and the rafts), dancing, and so many others. At this, we can add a gallery made by Adeleine where she has painted various things from their adventure, the other worlds, the places they have visited, the enemies, and some key moments of their fights like Waddle Dee piercing the head of the creature of lava with his spear covered in ice; stages to sing where bands are sometimes playing Dedede's anthem on some of them; fireworks everywhere, everytime; bouncy castles; a haunted manor; a mirror maze...

Actually, more than a funfair, it really looks more like an amusement park. All it misses is a roller coaster and it would be complete.

After a small breakfast followed by a nap to regain some energy after a whole night of work, It's almost noon when Sweetie Belle joins in the festivities. She can see that the fairies have come, the little beings flying around to do the various activities among the inhabitants of Popstar. She can see queen Ripple on one of the stages, singing shyly some song, with a few fairies doing the choir, and she spots Ribbon beside Adeleine at the entrance of the gallery, the girl painting the fairy who is standing on a big Dark Matter plushie, wearing proudly a crystal gun smaller, and certainly less powerful than the one used against Zero Two, but easier to use.

She first decided to test how she is doing in the competition with the blocks of marble. Once in it, she is led to a pile of ten blocs, and there are three other piles, each with an opponent, which are a Bonker, a Big Mam, and a Knuckle Joe. She can also see some cracks in the ground.

The Knuckle Joe waves at her. "Hey! Sweetie Belle! Nice seeing you competing there!"

She waves back at him. "Nice seeing you too! I'm not surprised to see you there! This is totally your kind of competition!"

"Exactly! It's already my tenth participation! I haven't won any, but I have so much fun testing my strength against others!"

"Alright everyone!" shouts a Waddle Doo with a whistle. "Be ready! Once I whistle, you will hit your piles of blocks!"

Sweetie Belle takes position behind her pile, and readies her right hoof, wrapping it in her energy. After a few seconds, she hears the Waddle Doo whistling, and hits the pile with all her strength, and to her surprise, is actually able to break all ten of them and even create a very small crack in the ground under it. At the same time, she feels the earth shaking and looks to see that the Big Mam has not only pulverised her pile of blocs, but has also created a crack at least five hooves long! Bonker has also created a crack barely bigger than Sweetie's, while Knuckle Joe just has destroyed the ten blocks without forming any cracks. Seeing the full strength of what she has fought in the past, she can't help but sweat. How has she not gotten her spine broken into dust?

Waddle Doo raises his right arm. "Big Mam is the winner! Followed by Bonker, Sweetie Belle at the third place, and Knuckle Joe at the last place!"

"That's awesome Sweetie Belle!" shouts Knuckle Joe. "You have surpassed me!"

"I... Woah..."

"I know, right?!" At this, waterfalls of tears start to fall from his eyes. "The student has already surpassed the teacher! I am so, SO, SOOOOOO PROUD!"

"Uh... Thanks. Well, I gotta go! I want to test the other activities!"

"Of course! Good luck! You should try the fighting tournament! I'm sure you will win it! Urh... Maybe not. I have heard that the king will participate in it."

"Yeah, I don't think I'm of Dedede's level yet. But I can still try."

The tournament is rather surprising. While all the fights are actually duels, if she is to trust the board, the final will be a free for all battle between four fighters. After enrolling, she looks at who are the others participants. There are still a few spots without participants, but she can already see that her first fight will be against a Sword Knight, and her second, probably a Bugzzy, seeing that he will fight against a Waddle Doo. Among the other participants, she can see that there is Dedede, as she has been told, but also Kirby, probably forced in by Dedede so the penguin could fight him. Kirby has no reason entering a tournament unless the price is a big cake.

Oh... The price is a big fruit cake.

Well, again, the price is probably a bait made by Dedede to assure that Kirby would enter the tournament. She doesn't care about the cake, but if, and that is a big IF, she wins the tournament, she will make sure to partage it with Kirby, and Dedede to not make him jealous.

Once she is called for her first fight, she enters the arena, a simple round area without any obstacles surrounded by a stand with many spectators, and sees the Sword Knight she is about to face. She then hears someone shout in a microphone "Ready?!" and prepare her whip. When she hears "Fight!", she cracks her whip toward the knight, forcing him to jump back. As he jumps, she shoots a beam at him, and hits him in the head. Seeing that he is not knocked out yet when he lands, but that he is a little stun, Sweetie Belle charges at him. She jumps to her left to avoid a poor swing of his sword, an uppercut him, sending him flying. She then wraps her whip around his foot, and tugs at it, making him violently crash in the floor.

He doesn't get back up.

"Winner: Sweetie Belle!"

Under the cheers of the spectators, she leaves the arena to wait for the next fight. It doesn't take long for her to be called back. She enters the arena at the same time that the Bugzzy, as she has guessed, and once they hear "Fight!", the Bugzzy immediately charges at her to grab her. But at the last second, Sweetie Belle creates a shield and sends it toward him. As a result, Bugzzy is not able to avoid the shield and hit it full force before being sent back, landing on his back not far of the edge of the arena. At this, she charges a beam, and just as Bugzzy gets back up, she shoots it at him. Bugzzy, too busy rubbing his head in pain, only sees the beam come at the last moment, and can only panic as he is sent back again, this time hitting the wall at the base of the stand. Another shield sent at him ends the fight by making him go through the wall, leaving a Bugzzy-shaped hole.

"Winner: Sweetie Belle! However, could you please avoid destroying the wall?"


This makes two wins, and already, it's the final. She already knows that she will fight Kirby and Dedede, but now, she wonders who will be the fourth one. Before she has time to go look at the board, she is already called. Well, I'll quickly find out, she thinks.

She enters the arena, and sees that Dedede is already there. Kirby is the next to come, quickly followed by none other than Meta Knight, to the surprise of the three other fighters.

"You are here too?" asks Dedede.

"I saw Kirby and Sweetie Belle participating, and I wanted to fight them again. And I'm curious to see if you have gotten better since our last fight."

Dedede smirks at him. "I have trained hard! However, you are not my priority target." He turns toward Kirby. "You hear that? Prepare to be clobbered!"

Kirby takes a fighting stance toward Dedede. "Poyo!"

"Uh. Remember Dedede, it's a free for all," says Sweetie Belle. "If you focus too much on Kirby, you will open yourself to me or Meta Knight. And it's not because I serve you that I will go easy." She then frowns while looking at the three of them, sweating. "However..." She turns toward the stand. "Hum... Maybe you should evacuate the stand everyone. I fear that this fight will get out of proportion."

The referee then starts to speak with the microphone. "No need." At this, a few Simirrors create a dome made of mirrors around the arena. "When I saw who was participating in the tournament, I immediately knew this would end like this, so I recruited a few Simirrors to protect the stand."

"Good thinking," says Dedede. "However, this means that we will also have to watch out for the projectiles that bounce from the mirrors."

Meta Knight chuckles. "I don't mind this new challenge. This will make this fight even more interesting."

"Now, are you ready?" asks the referre. "Time to start the big final of this tournament! 3... 2... 1........... FIGHT!"

The very instant they hear the word, Meta Knight opens his bat wings and flies up while Dedede charges at Kirby with his hammer. He however jumps back to avoid a dive attack from the knight and swings his hammer at him, only for Meta Knight to parry it. The dive attack from Meta Knight has caused the apparition of a yellow star that Kirby inhales before spitting it at Meta Knight from behind, judging him to be the more dangerous. The hit causes Meta Knight to lose balance, opening him for another swing of Dedede's hammer that projects him in the air.

As Dedede looks at the knight with a proud smile, he is suddenly hit on the head by a shield, followed by another shield hitting him from the back, almost making him fall on Kirby, the puffball running away before being crushed. Sweetie Belle then jumps on Dedede's back, saying "Forgot about me?"

Dedede growls. "So you wanna play like this?"

Before Sweetie can answer anything, she has to use another shield to protect herself from Meta Knight attacking her. Quickly, Dedede gets back up, making the filly fall from his back, and jumps in the air to try to crush both Sweetie Belle and Meta Knight, only for the two of them to separate just before. Again, Kirby takes the occasion to inhale one of the stars and spits it at Dedede, hurting him. Rather than attacking directly Kirby in vengeance, Dedede starts inhaling, targeting Sweetie Belle. The filly is not able to stop herself from being inhaled, and when she is in Dedede's mouth, the penguin spits her at the puffball. He jumps out of the way, but is slashed by Meta Knight, and both of them are crushed under Dedede's belly. Meta Knight, of course, doesn't let himself being crushed like that without answering, and slashes Dedede's belly, forcing him to get back up.

Kirby kicks Meta Knight to stun him a little, and quickly gets away, only to have a whip wrapped around him, and Sweetie throws him back at Meta Knight and Dedede. Meta Knight steps out of the way, so Dedede is the only one hit, but it only causes him to slide a little before he catches Kirby and slams him on the floor. Meanwhile, Meta Knight sends three shockwaves at Sweetie Belle, forcing her to run, before he charges at her. She is slashed a few times, until, between two slashes, she punches Meta Knight with an energy charged hoof, making him step back, followed by another punch that is parred. He swings back, she dodges, she punches, he parries, he swings, she punches the sword, he punches her in the muzzle, and he follows it by a headbutt.

The filly stunned, Meta Knight grabs her, and throws her toward Kirby and Dedede, the both of them busy attacking each other, Kirby having the advantage. Sweetie's head rams Kirby, opening the both of them to Dedede, who swing down his hammer on them. At this instant, Meta Knight sends a tornado at them, taking Dedede by surprise, and the three of them are swept away by it.

As they land, and goes back up, Dedede is the one parrying Meta Knight charging at them, and Sweetie Belle jumps on a shield before flying away. Once far enough she shoots elemental projectiles randomly at the mirrors. The beams are reflected by them, and soon, they are flying everywhere from all directions, threatening to hit everyone. dedede is hit by a fireball in the back, putting him in fire, and Meta Knight reflect the projectiles about to hit him with his sword. The projectiles hitting the ground cause the apparition of many stars, giving ammunition for Kirby. But to his curiosity, he can see that the stars are colored differently. The ones left by the fireballs are red, the ones left by the ice balls are blue, and the ones left by the lightnings are green. Having an idea, he inhales one of the green stars, and gains the Spark Ability, to his pleasure. Immediately, he electrifies Meta Knight, only to be hit by an iceball freezing him and knocking the ability away.

After being burned again by another fireball, Dedede has enough and grabs the frozen Kirby before tossing him up. Like he has done with the beach ball in Aqua Star, he hits him with the hammer, and sends him toward Sweetie Belle, only for the filly to make the shield go slightly to the right, making Kirby pass at her left. The puffball is reflected by a mirror, and as he comes back toward Sweetie Belle, she kicks him, sending him back at Dedede, only for him to be hit again by the hammer, and to be sent back toward the filly. Sweetie Belle being too busy preparing to intercept Kirby again, she doesn't see the shockwave sent by Meta Knight at her. Because of it, she lost her focus, and is hit by Kirby, making her fall from her shield.

As she falls, Kirby is finally able to get out of the ice, just in time to avoid another shockwave of Meta Knight, followed by the knight himself charging at him. Not wanting to be slashed again, as he falls, Kirby opens his mouth and starts inhaling, forcing Meta Knight to stop his charge and use his wings to resist Kirby's aspiration. Suddenly, he is hit from behind by Dedede's hammer thrown at him by the penguin. the hammer is rapidly grabbed by Dedede who has jumped after it, and swings it down at Meta Knight, sending him toward Kirby who has now landed beside Sweetie Belle who is slowly getting up. Kirby still trying to inhale him, Meta Knight find himself inside the puffball's mouth, who spits him back at Sweetie Belle before she is able to fully get back up.

The hit causes Sweetie to roll on the floor, until she stops near the mirrors, and she yet again tries to get back up. Seemingly forgotten by the three others, who are now busy trading blows to each other, she is able to get back on her hooves, and she slowly walks toward the center of the arena. Meanwhile, Kirby avoids Dedede's hammer and counterattacks by inhaling the star it left behind. However, rather than spitting it at Dedede, he targets Meta Knight, only for him to deflect the star at Dedede. Meta Knight follow this by attacking Dedede, and the king steps around him to avoid his sword before trying to hit him with his hammer, only for the knight to spin around and parry the hammer, and punch at the same time Kirby in the head as the puffball has been about to punch him.

At the center of the arena, Sweetie is now surrounding herself in a shield, at which she gives more and more energy with some difficulty. Once she thinks she has given enough, she releases a big "AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" and expands the shield in all directions. Hearing her, Dedede looks above his shoulder toward her, only to be hit by the shield which continues to expand. Meta Knight being in front of Dedede, and not having seen the shield coming, he is rammed by the penguin, finding himself against his belly. As Meta Knight has been between Dedede and Kirby, Meta Knight himself collides with the puffball. They very rapidly reach the mirrors, which are able to stop the expanding shield that then disappears, leaving behind a crushed Dedede that falls back to the ground, leaving behind a crushed Meta Knight that falls back on Dedede, leaving behind a crushed Kirby that falls back on Meta Knight, who has, by the way, lost his mask, again. Sweetie Belle herself is now unconscious, not having any energy left.

This left the arena in a deep silence, not even the spectators saying anything. After a moment, seeing that none of the fighters are getting back up, they start hearing the referee speaking in the microphone.

"What do we do? The four of them are unconscious. Do we wait for the first to get back up?"

"Sweetie Belle has knocked out the three others. Maybe we can count it?"

Eventually, after some discussion, the referee says "The four fighters have fallen unconscious at the same time! It's a draw! In consequence, the four of them are considered victorious!"

At this, the mirrors disappear, and the unconscious fighters are given Maxi Tomatoes under the cheers from the spectators. The first one to wake up is Sweetie Belle, quickly followed by Kirby, then Meta Knight, and finally Dedede. As soon as he sees that his mask is broken, Meta Knight flies away without saying a word.

"Who won?" asks the filly.

A Waddle Dee answers her. "It's a draw, so the four of you are considered victorious. But you still have done a really good job. You have been able to knock out Kirby, King Dedede, and Meta Knight with that last attack. Too bad you lost consciousness, because you would have won."


Dedede approaches her. "You have still done what none of us has been able to do until now: knock out Kirby. Even if it was a free for all, and that me and Meta Knight have helped, that's still a big exploit. Just for that, you deserve a whole buffett worth of Maxi Tomato pies."

"No thanks. I don't have a black hole for a stomach like you and Kirby, and I don't want to become an immobile ball." After some thinking, she adds "A single pie should be enough. And this can wait for tomorrow. There is already enough food in this party. Just the cake that we will eat as the price of this fight will be filling enough."

Dedede chuckles. "True." He then noogie her. "You still made me a proud king today. Ask me anything, and you will have it."

"That wasn't already the case from the moment you made me second in command?"

He laughs. "Good point."

After this, and eating the cake, they go their separate ways. A quick rest later while looking at a butterfly flying around her, she enters the raft racing, that she is able to win rather easily. She will definitely have to race again one day against Kirby, Waddle Dee, Dedede, and Adeleine, and maybe more. It would be nice if Broom Sunglasses, Cape Knight, Knuckle Joe, the animals, Gooey, or Marx come racing too. She will ask Dedede to organise that.

She then tries the haunted manor, which is really haunted with real ghosts, of course recruited to scare the fools testing their courage. But while she does get a few starts because of the ghosts jumpscaring her, she is not scared by them. No wonder, after fighting a few ghosts in her previous adventure. And frankly, after Zero, ghosts are nothing. At least, she has some fun.

And then, she finds Waddle Dee racing with a Poppy, a Plugg, and a Broom Hatter. In the end, he wins the race, with the Hatter being second, the Poppy being third, and the Plugg being last. Seeing him winning, Sweetie Belle cheers him, attracting his attention.

"Sweetie Belle! Have you seen it?! I won!"

"Yes! I saw! I knew you would win! Let's get some ice cream to celebrate this!"


Once they get their ice cream, they sit on a bench not far, and they start eating. Sweetie Belle then says "I have something for you."


She nods and take something from under her kerchief, revealing it to be a blue bandana. "I wanted to thank you for helping us saving Ripple Star, and I thought of a way to make you really unique among the Waddle Dees, especially now that you have started to use a spear to help us fight bad guys. And after some thinking, I thought that a blue bandana would be nice on you." At this, she gives the bandana to him. "I made it last night. I hope you like."

Waddle Dee looks at the bandana. "Th... Thank you, Sweetie Belle. It's the first time that I get a gift." He gives his ice cream to Sweetie Belle, and wraps the bandana on his head, doing the knot at the back. "How do I look?"

She claps her fore hooves. "As one of my friends would say, you look awesome!"

He takes a proud pose. "Then from now on, you can call me... Bandana Waddle Dee! Or Bandana Dee for short!"

She giggles. "It will take some time to get used to it."

After noon, Sweetie Belle is now with both Kirby, Bandana Dee, and the animals in front of one of the stages, listening to Pitch singing. Being a bird, he is a natural. Once he finishes, they all applaud him, Pitch's mother being the loudest.

Bandana Dee then turns toward Kirby. "Hey Kirby, I heard that you can sing. You could try."

Sweetie Belle frowns. "I have heard too. But I also heard that his singing is painful. Some soldiers complained that they almost became deaf." She looks at kirby. "Can you sing without breaking our ear-drums?"

Kirby looks at the both of them, smiles, and go on the stage. Everyone around the stage immediately prepare their hands, claws, hooves, wings, or whatever to protect their ears as Kirby takes the microphone.

And then, he starts to sing, and to everyone's relief, he is not singing to the point of making them half-deaf. In fact, he is singing pretty well, even if it's just with "Ahahaaah!", and the song is really good! It's so... happy-go-lucky, that they all just have to smile at hearing it, and some of them even start to hum it, and Pitch rapidly help him by singing a fast paced accompaniment.

"Cheep cheep cheep cheep cheep cheep
Cheep cheep cheep cheep cheep cheep
Cheep cheep cheep
Cheep cheep cheep
Cheep cheep cheep cheep cheep cheep."

Sweetie Belle eventually joins them on the stage, and once he starts a new verse, she starts singing.

"In Dreamland
Lives a little pink puffball
So joyful, so playful, and gourmand
But watch out
He defends the world from all
That threaten to bring it to it's end
This hero's name is Kirby

Back and forth he journeys with his friends or alone, fighting foes, the darkness, to bring baaack dreams!
In the sea, in the space, with courage, he will go, bring peace and return to the land ooof dreams!

In Drea-"

Prt prt prrrrt!

Just as they start the next verse, they are interrupted by farting noises cominf from behind the spectators that are doing the song. Looking at the origin in annoyance, they see that it is Marx using a big whoopee cushion, pressing it with his right foot in the rhythm of the song. In anger at having the song stopped like that, Pitch starts chasing him, and Marx sprouts his wings to escape him while laughing maniacally.

For a few seconds, Sweetie Belle growls in annoyance as she watches Marx, before slowly, her growl turns into laughter. She is quickly followed by Kirby and some of the spectators, including Bandana Dee, while others are rather pouting, like ChuChu or Pitch's mother.

She is glad to have given Marx a second chance. He is really good at making things more entertaining. Without him, this party would be less fun, even if not everyone has her opinion.

"I like this guy!" she hears Broom Sunglasses says among the spectators.

Her laughter increases.

Many hours of fun later, as the sun sets, Sweetie Belle is now with all her friends looking at a pyre where is burning a dummy of Zero -an idea of Gooey, surprisingly-. They are all there, even Meta Knight. Strangely, watching this dummy burn is making her nostalgic. Zero is definitely dead, his whole body having exploded, leaving nothing for him to regenerate and come back as a 'Zero Three', meaning in the same case the end of the Dark Matters. But the Dark Matters have been her main enemies until now. She has had four adventures until now, the Halberd not really counting as one, and among those four adventures, she has ended up fighting the Dark Matters in three, and Zero in two. She probably would have remained a simple filly training to fight a puffball if that hasn't been for the Dark Matters forcing her hoof to become the hero she is now, and it's thanks to them that she is now friends with Kirby.

It's like a chapter of her life is closing.

But, now that the Dark Matters are gone, what will come next? She thinks back to all those artefacts created by the Ancients, and to this Dark God. Will her next adventure have something to do with them again?

And... now that she thinks about this, does Kirby have something to do with them? The Dark Matters have called him the Incarnation. Zero knew something about Kirby, and with Zero being a creation of the Dark God, what does that mean for Kirby?

Wait a minute. Gooey is like Kirby, but he is a Dark Matter that has gained a soul, a heart, and the capacity to have dreams. A Dark Matter, a being that doesn't possess any of the three Great Forces of this universe, becomes like Kirby when he gains those three Great Forces.

She looks at Kirby in wonder. Could Kirby be the incarnation of those three Great Forces? But then, how was he born? Is he a creation of the Dark God too? But then... what does it mean for Meta Knight? He looks like Kirby. The only two differences are that he possesses hands, and that he is dark blue.

She decides to directly ask him. As she approaches him, he sees her, and wait for her to say something.

"Meta Knight..." She looks around at the crowd, and whispers "Do you know something about the Dark God?"




"Follow me."

At this, Meta Knight turns around, and Sweetie Belle does as he has just told. A few minutes later, they reach the arena where they have fought earlier, now empty, excepted for a butterfly. Once they reach the center, he finally starts speaking without turning to look at the filly.

"How have you learned about the God's existence?"

"On Ripple Star. Queen Ripple shown me a book about the Ancients and the Dark God. She explained to me the three Great Forces of this universe, how the God created them, how he became the Dark God he is now... Thanks to her, I now understand that Zero was a creation of this God, and... and I now think that Kirby may be another of his creations."

Meta Knight looks at her at this. "Why do you think that?"

"Do you know Gooey? He is a Dark Matter that obtained the three Great Forces thanks to the Fountain of Dreams. What is weird is that by obtaining them, he gained the same ability to copy than Kirby. Besides, when I was possessed by a Dark Matter, back when Zero attacked Popstar, they named Kirby the Incarnation, which I now think is the incarnation of the three Great Forces. And the God created the three Great Forces."

"And so, because the God created the Great Forces, and Kirby is the incarnation of them, you concluded that he was created by the God too."

"Yes. And this makes me question about you too. I mean, you are of the same species as Kirby, right? I... I saw you, without your mask, and you really look like him."

Meta Knight chuckles. "Am I a creation of the God too?" He removes his mask, and looks Sweetie Belle in the eyes. "You can say that, in a way, I am indeed a creation of this God."

"So, am I right for Kirby?"

Meta Knight looks down, thoughtful. "You are right to say that me and Kirby are similar. However, I can't confirm if you are right about him being the incarnation of the three Great Forces. But it's a good theory, and with the Dark Matters calling him the Incarnation, I think that this is a strong possibility. This is enforced by him possessing this ability to copy, ability that I do not possess, despite the two of us being similar."

"So, you don't know?"

He shakes his head. "I wasn't present at the time of the God, I was born only many centuries later. So I don't know everything about that time."

"But you said that you are a creation of the God!"

"'In a way,'' I said. Queen Ripple told you about the God and the Ancients, but as she talked to you about anything else? Has she told you how the God became the Destructor?"

"Erh..." She tilts her head, trying to remember what Ripple has told her. "She told me that there were two clans of the Ancients, and that after some crisis, they started a war between the two clans, which caused the God to become like that."

He nods. "What did she told you about this crisis that started everything?"

"That... That this was caused by... I think she said 'one of the children of the God' going into a rampage. Wait..." She looks back at Meta Knight. "Are you implying that you are one of those children?"

He nods again. "The Children of the God. We were created by him using the three Great Forces, making us the most powerful people in the universe. We were the Guardians, and the Messengers." He sighs. "And then, the crisis happened, one of us, for some reason, went into a rampage, destroyed many worlds, killed countless people, almost exterminated us, before he was finally sealed. The few of us that survived then separated, and we were forgotten, and we forgot. Of course, the survivors continued their life, and generations passed, until I was born. What I just told you is all that remains of our History." He puts his mask back on his face. "Now, all I can do is continue the duty of my ancestors and being the Guardian of this world that incarns the very Dreams that the God created."

Sweetie Belle smiles at him. "And remember that you can count on me and Kirby to help you defend Popstar."

He huffs. "You even have done a better job than me so far. You have been able to eliminate the Dark Matters, while I could do nothing."

"Well... If that wasn't for Gooey telling me that Zero's main weakness was love, I don't think that even Kirby could have done anything. It was a teamwork. As for the most recent problem with Zero Two, I'm sure that if we had found you, you would have joined us to save Ripple Star. You are a Guardian, but so are me, Kirby, Dedede, Bandana Dee, Rick, Coo, Kine, Chuchu, Nago, Pitch, Gooey, and Adeleine. Even Marx will probably defend Popstar if he has the occasion. It's together that we will stop beings like Nightmare or Zero from plunging Popstar into darkness, despair, or whatever." She suddenly gasps. "Nightmare! I remember! Kirby was able to use the Star Rod to stop him! And nobody could use it until now! Maybe he could use it because he incarnates Dreams! This would confirm that he is really the incarnation of the Great Forces! So, does that mean that he was directly created by the God, rather than being born like you?"

"It seems like it. But Kirby is so young, so this doesn't make sense, or else, he would be centuries old, and he should know about everything that we have just talked about."

"And yet, he was as surprised as me at seeing the Dark Matter the first time, and he didn't know anything about Zero or the Dark God before I told him about them. He doesn't even know that he is the incarnation of the Great Forces. You are right, this doesn't make sense."

Meta Knights sighs. "We seem to be in a dead end there. In the end, it doesn't matter how Kirby has come to life. What matters is that he is effectively the incarnation of Dreams, Heart, and Soul, and that means that he will be our biggest ally against whatever spawn of the Dark God we may fight in the future."

She nods. "There are also the artefacts of the Ancients. Queen Ripple shown me a few of them, and apparently, some of them are corrupted by the Dark God."

"Yes. And there are always the power hungry overlords wannabe that will try to conquer Popstar."

"And the Dark God himself. Me and Ripple think that we may end up fighting him."

He chuckles. "Looks like we may be busy in the future."

She giggles. "Yes. It looks like."

They then look at each other, and nod, saying at the same time "But together, we will stop them."

Author's Note:

So, I have tried my hand in a fight free-for-all, and at writing lyrics for Green Greens. I hope that they are good.

Also, I have added links to the theme of the Heavy Lobster at the start of the fight against them, both in chapter 18 and in chapter 22.

Speaking of the Heavy Lobster, I just got an idea absolutely brillant !

You will fear the Sweetie Lobster Armor !

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